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12 Most Useful Kitchen Tools When Cooking

12 Most Useful Kitchen Tools When Cooking

What’s a kitchen without its tools? Even without fancy kitchen appliances, you can still make delicious and beautiful meals with simple tools. Kitchen tools are essential in just about any meal that you prepare, and we’ve ranked some of the most vital ones that you’ll be needing every day.


This is, without a doubt, the most important tool you need to have in your kitchen. Kitchen knives are used in almost every cooking recipe out there, whether it be to chop vegetables or slice meat. They can also be used as makeshift can openers, though we wouldn’t really recommend using them as such. They’re about as useful as duct tape is to DIY projects, so be sure to have a set of different sizes at home if you don’t have one already.

Non-Stick Frying Pan

Frying is one of the most common methods of cooking today. It’s quick, it’s easy, and many meals cooked this way taste great. So it’s no surprise that the non-stick frying pan is on this list. The non-stick factor allows you to work with ease, as the ingredients don’t get stuck on the pan as you cook them. They’re also pretty easy to clean, too, making them a vital companion in any kitchen. The only real issue you’ll have with these pans is that the oil can sometimes fly towards you while cooking, but you’ll get used to it.

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are perfect for people who prefer following recipes rather than eyeballing them themselves. Measuring cups come in different materials, shapes, and colors, so you’ll probably be able to find one that matches the overall theme of your kitchen.

Measuring Spoons

Just like measuring cups, measuring spoons are useful for sticking to the recipe book. Spoons are arguably more important than cups, however, as many substances, such as vanilla extract, require precise amounts. Any more or less could severely impact the flavor and smell of your dish, so measuring spoons are great if you’re unsure of how much you should be adding.

Microwaveable Baking Dish

Glass baking dishes are a wonder. Not only are they great for presenting meals such as lasagna, but they’re also microwave and oven resistant. You can really do anything with them if you have the ingredients. You don’t even need to use the entire space of the dish - you can simply place a leftover pizza slice in one and place it in the oven, and it’ll heat up just fine.

Wooden spoon

Wooden spoons have the aesthetic trait to them, but they’re also great for cooking as they don’t scratch or damage other utensils as much as other materials. The only issue is that you really can’t (or shouldn’t) put one in a dishwasher. As long as you’re fine washing them by hand, though, get one as soon as you can.


When was the last time you cut your fingers with a peeler? Many people still prefer using knives to peel fruits and vegetables, but it’s no doubt that peelers have made the process easier and safer for many novice cooks. Of course, you can still cut yourself with a peeler, but it’s way better than doing so with a sharp knife. There are different types and shapes of peelers, so pick one that suits your style.


When cooking, food can get really, really hot. In fact, in many cases, it can get too hot to touch by hand. So, if you want to reposition your food without hurting yourself, you’ll need a pair of tongs. Tongs are great for cooking, though you may want a separate set of tongs if you'll be serving salads frequently.

Can Opener

Can openers are a modern-day miracle. Without them, you’d have to open cans with a knife, which is not only dangerous but incredibly tiring. With a can opener, even a child could open one (though they really shouldn’t). Can openers do get dull over time, though, so be sure to buy one that’s of high quality so you don’t have to replace it that often.


The colander is vital if you want to cook any sort of pasta or noodle dish. Separating hot water from food can be difficult without one. Of course, they’re not just for pasta. If you have a bunch of freshly washed vegetables or a can of beans, for example, then the colander is perfect for getting them separated. Just be sure that the colander’s holes are small enough that the food doesn’t fall out below.

Salad Spinner

Salad spinners look like a lazy tool at first. You could just toss the salad yourself, right? While you most certainly could, a salad spinner makes the job a lot easier and less tiresome. Tossing salads isn’t easy for everyone, and a spinner can make the difference. We recommend getting a salad spinner if you’re a big fan of eating salads on a regular basis. You’ll find that spinning salad can just be as fun as tossing it.


Whisks are one of the most important tools you could have if you’re doing any form of baking or making pastries. In the absence of a mixer, whisks allow you to beat and mix ingredients in ways that no other tool could. Their unique shape is what makes them so important to any baker. And even if you don’t bake yourself, whisks are useful when dealing with egg-based recipes. They’re not that expensive, especially when compared to other tools on this list, so it wouldn’t hurt to buy one just in case.


Depending on what type of food you cook, there’s a tool that can help you out. For baking, whisks and baking dishes are great. For cooking, a non-stick frying pan is important. There are also tools that are generally useful, such as measuring cups and spoons and even knives. If you want to step up your cooking game, you’ll need the right tools for the job, and these 12 do just that.

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