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Get Precision Cuts with the Best Hair Cutting Scissors

  1. Equinox International Hair Cutting Scissor
  2. ULG Barber Hair Cutting Scissor
  3. Jecudi Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set
  4. Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissor
  5. HIMART Professional Hair Cutting Scissor
  6. Utopia Care Barber Hair Cutting Scissor
  7. JAVENPROLIU Rainbow Color Hair Cutting Scissor
  8. FATHABY Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissor
  9. Buyer's Guide

Cutting your own hair can be a great way to save money— especially if you just want a trim and not an entire restyle. A lot of people even cut their own hair because they have had too many experiences where the hairdresser has cut off more hair than they wanted. Sure, it can be a risky procedure that could leave you looking worse than you started, but if you have the time to watch a YouTube tutorial, you’ll discover giving yourself a trim is much easier than you initially thought.

That said, the type of person most likely to be looking for a pair of hair cutting scissors is a hairdresser themselves. If you work in a barbershop or salon and you are looking for the best pair of hair cutting scissors, you have come to the right place! We have done plenty of research to help both the average consumer and professional hairdressers find their perfect pair of shears. Check out our buyer's guide and a list of the best hair cutting scissors in 2022 below!

Comparing the Best Hair Cutting Scissors of 2022

Equinox International Hair Cutting Scissor - Best Overall

Available in two colors, stainless steel, and titanium blue, the Equinox Barber Shears are perfect for professional hairdressers who want a genuinely cool-looking pair of hair cutting scissors in their barbershop or salon. That being said, we totally recommend these scissors for home use as well. The Japanese stainless steel construction and hard-sharpened cutting edges lend themselves to fabulous results after every use… as long as you know what you are doing of course!

  • Blade is 6.5 inches long
  • Versatile and handy in a variety of hairdressing situations
  • Lots of positive reviews
  • If they are going to offer more than one color, why stop at just blue?

ULG Barber Hair Cutting Scissor - Runner Up

Hair cutting scissors don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These ULG Hair Cutting Scissors are an affordable yet reliable tool for most hairdressing needs. Much like the aforementioned Equinox, these shears are 6.5 inches long and made with Japanese stainless steel. What sets them apart are the handy detachable finger inserts, which allow for a comfortable fit and greater usability. The off-set grip also helps with flexibility and prevents overextension.

  • Handle is specifically designed to protect your fingers and wrists
  • Finish is attractive and easy on the eye
  • Excellent in both the salon and at home
  • Not as durable as other more expensive scissors

Jecudi Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set - Best Ergonomic Design

This all-in-one hair cutting kit comes with everything you'll need to keep your hair and beard looking great at home. It's everything neatly packaged in a lovely gift box. It's ideal for both experienced barbers and amateurs who want to try their hand at DIY haircuts!

  • Luxurious design with a well-balanced feel
  • Reduced hand fatigue for more comfortable use
  • The blades can be of better quality

It is composed entirely of Japanese stainless steel of the greatest grade. These professional-grade polished hair cutting scissors and shears are razor-sharp, providing a smooth, clean cut that won't damage or split your hair. It has an ergonomic form that allows for easy control. The non-slip grips and detachable rubber inserts in the finger rest. These scissors provide a stress-free, ultra-precise hair cutting experience.

Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissor - Honorable Mention

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking the Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors was the same as the ULG Hair Cutting Scissors. The design is very similar, as are the Japanese steel materials used to make the blade. They even have a blue highlight. However, the Coolala comes with an included comb. Sure, this may not be a dealbreaker, but you’ll find yourself losing combs more often than you would like, so it is always good to have a spare.

  • Simple yet pleasing design and finish
  • Adjustable screw allows for adaptability
  • Included comb is a nice touch
  • Not as sharp as other scissors on our list

HIMART Professional Hair Cutting Scissor - Contender

If you know anything about hairdressing, you know you’ll need a number of shears to achieve a variety of looks. The HIMART Hair Cutting Kit comes with two different pairs of hair cutting scissors - straight blades and thinning scissors - which lend themselves to professional cuts, even when you are at home. The kit also comes with two hairpins, a cleaning cloth, and a styling comb, all of which can be stored in the complimentary carry case.

  • Lots of added extras make this great value for money
  • Two types of scissors allow for professional-quality cuts
  • Included case is a nice addition
  • Scissors are quick to rust if you not properly maintained

Utopia Care Barber Hair Cutting Scissor - Consider

If you want a cheap pair of hair cutting scissors that’ll still give good results, look no further than the Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors. Costing a little over $6, these hair cutting scissors are made with durable stainless steel and feature non-slip handles. The build is generally lightweight, which helps you glide through hair and achieve an efficient yet smooth cut. Don’t let the name fool you - if you are a professional barber, you’ll want a more expensive pair of scissors. However, these are great for both beginners and trainee hairdressers.

  • Very reliable for such a cheap pair of scissors
  • Durable construction
  • Non-slip handles allow for more control
  • Do not stay sharp for very long

JAVENPROLIU Rainbow Color Hair Cutting Scissor - Consider

The JAVENPROLIU Professional Hair Cutting Shears might be the best-looking hair cutting scissors on our recommendations list. The purple, blue, and yellow combination makes for a very attractive set of blades, which are only enhanced by the Japanese steel material used to make them. Add this to the comfortably curved handles and affordable price, you have an overall excellent pair of hair cutting scissors that look great in your salon or at home.

  • Design is out-of-this-world and very trendy
  • Japanese steel construction is reliable and sharp
  • Comfortable to hold and maneuver
  • Color scheme may not be for everybody

FATHABY Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissor - Consider

If you’re looking for a hair cutting scissors kit that includes everything you need to get started as a hairdresser, you may be interested in this FATHABY Hair Cutting Scissors Kit. This 10-piece set comes with two pairs of scissors (straight and thinning), two combs, hairpins, a cleaning cloth and a carry case. You even get a hairdresser’s gown included. This kit is great for beginners and experienced hairdressers, especially if you need replacement equipment but don’t want to shell out for individual items.

  • Lots of things included for one affordable price
  • Quality, durable products
  • Scissors are not the sharpest, but still good considering how little you pay

Buyer's Guide

We believe that we have provided a list of hair cutting scissors that will suit most hair types and provide you with the tools you need for fabulous hair. If you are not sold on any of the above, or can’t access them in your area, you may want to do a little research to find your own perfect pair.

Below, we have listed several factors to consider to ensure you buy the right hair cutting scissors for your hair type and style.

Things to consider before buying hair cutting scissors

Types of scissors

Hair cutting shears are usually extremely sharp. They are perfect for straight cuts, where layering or thinning is not required.

Short-bladed cutting scissors: Short-bladed hair cutting scissors are a good all-rounder. They are great for trimming hair that doesn’t need a lot of styling, and due to their size, they are easy to maneuver. If you are an advanced hairdresser who knows their way around the human head, short-bladed cutting scissors allow you to create precise and detailed cuts. Short-bladed cutting scissors are the most affordable and widely available of all hair cutting scissors.

Texturizing shears: Texturizing shears consist of one regular blade, and one blade with “teeth”. Rather than cutting every strand of hair, the teeth grab it in a way that makes the hair thinner. If you want to thin your hair without losing length, these are the hair cutting scissors for you.

Be careful when using these scissors. If you are not an experienced hairdresser, you may end up with hair looking much thinner than you intended. You should only use texturizing shears to balance a haircut by removing some weight.

Thinning scissors: Thinning scissors are similar to texturizing shears but contain denser teeth. They are used to blend away demarcation. Demarcation is the difference in color between new hair growth and colored hair. It is also where your new hair growth meets your styled hair. Thinning scissors are used to blend the new hair growth into your current style. Thinning scissors soften lines and blend styles. Generally speaking, thinning scissors will only cut half of the hair in their grasp.

Long-bladed barber scissors: Long-bladed barber scissors will cut long, straight lines in your hair. You are more likely to achieve a straight cut with these scissors compared to if you were using some of the smaller blades previously mentioned. As the name suggests, long-bladed barber scissors are mostly used in barbers for styles involving comb-over techniques. They are the perfect tool for creating extreme asymmetrical styles.

Swivel scissors: If you suffer from any kind of hand pain, swivel scissors offer a more accessible hair cutting scissor. You can often get the type of scissors mentioned above in a swivel version— swivel scissors have a rotating thumb hole connected to the blade. The rotating thumb hole allows for more natural movement and will lower the chances of developing repetitive strain injury.

Left-handed scissors: If you are left-handed and use a right-handed pair of scissors, you run the risk of creating split ends. Using right-handed scissors will also make it difficult to achieve the style you desire. There are plenty of left-handed hair cutting scissors available online for left-handed stylists and DIYers.


If possible, is a good idea to hold the pair of scissors in your hand while searching to see if the handle is a comfortable fit— you don't want to make a purchase only to find out the scissors are uncomfortable. Some hair cutting scissors come with moving rings to reduce friction and pressure on your skin.

Adjustable screws

Adjustable screws are not a necessity when it comes to choosing hair cutting scissors, but they are useful if you want to adjust the tension of your blade.


Most decent hair cutting scissors are made from stainless steel, usually German or Japanese steel. Hair cutting scissors made from steel will last a very long time; you can find hair cutting scissors made with other metals but they won’t be as effective or durable.


If you are buying high-end hair cutting scissors, it won’t hurt to get them covered by a warranty. This is particularly important if you rely on quality hair cutting scissors for work.

Hair cutting kit

If you want to learn some new skills and experiment with new hairstyles, a hair cutting kit may be your best option. These kits normally contain at least two pairs of hair cutting scissors and a number of useful accessories.

Hair cutting scissors price range

You can buy a set of budget hair cutting scissors for as little as $5. However, if you are serious about getting the best of the best, you can easily spend up to $600. If you are not a professional and are just looking for top-quality hair cutting scissors, you should expect to spend about $30-$40.

How we choose our hair cutting scissors

There are lots of things we consider before compiling our hair-cutting scissors recommendation list. Before any product makes it into our top selections, we make sure it passes various tests. We keep in mind the price, durability, construction, and customer reviews. We also try to stay up-to-date and give you the most current advice and suggestions— after all, we want our buying guide to be one you can trust.

Hair Cutting Scissor FAQ

Q: How do I maintain hair cutting scissors?

A: There are several things you can do to ensure the longevity of your hair cutting scissors.

  • Oil your scissors every two to three days with a machine or scissor oil
  • Keep them wrapped when not in use to prevent damage
  • Never use your hair-cutting scissors to cut anything other than hair because you will blunt the blade
  • When cleaning your scissors, clean with a brush.

You should also only cut clean, wet hair. This is easier to cut than dry hair and will keep your blades sharper for longer.

Q: How often should I sharpen my hair cutting scissors?

A: If using your scissors regularly, you should sharpen their blade every 6-12 months. If you oil your scissors regularly, you may not need to sharpen them as often.

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