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Best Hair Relaxing Balm for Uncooperative Hair

  1. PHYTO Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm
  2. Paul Mitchell Straight Works Hair Relaxing Balm
  3. L'Anza Healing Smooth Straightening Hair Relaxing Balm
  4. Julien Farel Zero Frizz Hair Relaxing Balm
  5. The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Hair Relaxing Balm
  6. Buyer's Guide

Hair relaxing balms come in handy whenever your hair doesn't want to cooperate. Using conditioning agents like proteins, vitamins, emollients, and natural oils, they help tame and control frizzy, puffy, and static-charged hair. Strands become smoother and texture is more defined, leaving your hair much easier to manage. Some hair relaxing balms are heat-activated while others work when simply rubbed through clean, damp hair.

The following hair relaxing balms feature revolutionary smoothing technologies, are the most effective at controlling frizz, and keep hair relaxed the longest amount of time. No matter what you need it for, we have a list of best hair relaxing balms in 2022 for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Comparing the Best Hair Relaxing Balms for 2022

PHYTO Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm - Best Hair Relaxing Balm Overall

As a beauty award winner, Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm works great at smoothing and relaxing hair. Whether you have unruly frizz or soft waves, this botanical formula hydrates hair and straightens strands using natural plant extracts. There are no chemicals, silicones, or parabens in this 99% plant-based formula. Hair actually becomes straighter with each use, so users can expect on-going results with every application. This balm is very lightweight and provides a non-greasy finish preparing hair for blow-drying or straightening. Users highly recommend Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm, claiming it relaxes coarse, frizzy hair in any weather including humid conditions.

Paul Mitchell Straight Works Hair Relaxing Balm - Runner Up

Relax even the most rebellious hair with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, awarded 'Best Hair Balm' by Self in 2008. This unique formula combats frizz, leaving hair smoother and more manageable using vegetable and wheat proteins along with conditioning agents. It also features Super Skinny Complex, which promotes faster hair drying while speeding up the styling process. Super Skinny Relaxing Balm also resists humidity to allow fantastic hair memory. Users are impressed with the results, claiming this balm makes hair silky, shiny, and natural looking. Apply it to towel-dried hair for best results.

L'Anza Healing Smooth Straightening Hair Relaxing Balm - Honorable Mention

Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm is part of L'Anza's Healing Smooth Collection featuring keratin for smoothing effects. This revolutionary formula heals, seals, and protects each strand to straighten, soften, and add radiance. It relaxes curls and waves using organic coix seed, leaving strands super smooth and shiny. Users claim L'Anza Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm feels very lightweight and keeps hair straight even in humid weather. Only a small amount of this balm is needed for results; applying too much product can leave hair looking greasy.

Julien Farel Zero Frizz Hair Relaxing Balm - Consider

Julien Farel Zero Frizz Relaxing Balm controls your hair without weighing it down. This nourishing balm replenishes your hair with moisture, vitamins, linseed oil, and omega to smooth strands, block humidity, fight frizz, and enhance shine. It also features breakthrough anti-aging technology infusing your scalp and hair with bioactives for targeted repair and protection against damage. Hair also becomes smoother with improved texture and flexibility. Julien Farel Zero Frizz Relaxing Balm is a paraben-free formula designed for all hair types, and works best in damp hair.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Hair Relaxing Balm - Best Hair Relaxing Balm

Relax curly and wavy hair with this creamy, lightweight straightening balm from The Body Shop. Macadamia Straightening Balm is designed to tame frizz and leave hair smoother and straighter. It's heat-activated, so your hair remains protected from heat damage while you’re using a blow dryer or straighteners. Hair remains frizz-free and relaxed for around 18 hours, and users state this balm leaves hair and roots smooth, straight, and slightly shiny with no greasy finish. One bottle of this balm is very long lasting with a light, nutty scent many users love.

Buyer's Guide

More often than we want to, we find ourselves having to deal with difficult, frizzy, and puffy hair. When this happens, the right hair relaxing balm goes a long way in bringing quick soothe to your hair strands. Hair relaxing balms, also known as hair straightening balms contain proteins, natural oils, vitamins, and emollients that control your hair, making it smoother and way easier to deal with. The end product of this is that your frustration and pain are reduced drastically, and you’re left with happier hair.

There are several different hair products in the market today, and sadly but truly not all of them are good for your hair. In the long run, most prove to have disastrous effects on your hair growth and healthiness. It is for this reason that you need to ensure that whatever products you are perfectly suited for your type of hair, and contain the right kind of ingredients. This buying guide has been compiled to keep you informed on everything you need to know about hair relaxing balms and the right ones to purchase.

Why Do You Need a Hair Relaxing Balm?


Hair relaxing balms make it very easy to manage your hair. They remove frizz, curls, and waves, giving you a chance to style it in whatever design that you want.


With the use of hair relaxing balms, you save a whole lot of time that you would have spent trying to comb or straighten out your strands. These balms are easy to apply and produce instant results.


Hair relaxing balms provide your hair strands and scalp with nutrients from the ingredients they are made of. These special ingredients are combined to straighten, soften and enhance the shine and general outlook of your hair.


Unlike hair relaxers, which once applied, effect long-lasting changes on your hair and need to be reapplied often, hair relaxing balms are only effective for a short period. They are mostly designed to last hours, or at most a day on your hair. This means that you could apply a relaxing balm for that date you have tonight, and by tomorrow morning, your hair is back in its usual shape in time for work.

What are The Types of Hair Relaxing Balms?

Hair relaxing balms differ based on their mode of application. They are:

Heat-activated Hair Relaxing Balm

Hair relaxing balms that are heat activated, meaning that after applying the product on your hair, you need to subject it to some heat before results start to take place. You could easily use a straightener or a blow dryer to provide enough heat to activate.

Moisture Activated Hair Relaxing Balm

Moisture-activated hair relaxing balms produce results when they are applied through damp hair. They are straightforward to use, and you need not waste any time running your hair through a heat source.

What Should You Look for in a Hair Relaxing Balm?

Natural ingredients

The best hair relaxing balms should be made up completely of natural products, such as vegetables, wheat proteins, and other plant extracts. This is because the excessive use of chemicals or silicones on your hair could lead to the damaging of your strands. To be on the safer side, opt for products with less chemical composition and more natural ingredients. Other ingredients to look out for are vitamins, linseed oil, organic coix seed, omega, etc.


Another thing to be very particular about when purchasing a hair relaxing balm is how thick or light its content is. You should generally go for lightweight balms, because not only are they easy to apply, but the ingredients also sink into your roots quicker. They leave no mess, dry up easily, and more often than not, provide a non-greasy finish.


Studies have shown that lye, which is usually present in a lot of hair relaxing products, is in fact, harmful to both your hair and scalp. It can destroy your hair by making it dull and brittle which is the exact opposite of what you want. When shopping for a hair relaxing balm, go through the ingredients list to be sure that it is lye-free.


Hydration is very important if you’re looking to keep your hair healthy and strong. It ensures that there is enough moisture in your hair strands to keep them from breaking or falling out. Examples of hydrating ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc.

How Much do Hair Relaxing Balms Usually Cost?

Like most hair and beauty products, hair relaxing balms have a wide price range. Some products are very affordable, costing no more than $15-$25, while others that exist in the average price range cost about $25-$50. Generally, the difference between these two categories would be in the product quality, which is best showcased by the brand name, and reviews from customers.

The most expensive hair relaxing balms should cost $50 and above. They would usually be distinguished by the ingredients used in producing them, and the speed effect they have on hair. Whatever product you choose to purchase, ensure that it is not cheap, at the expense of its quality. Remember, any mistakes you make will be paid for dearly by your hair, and that is a position you do not want to be in.

Hair Relaxing Balms FAQ

Q. Are hair relaxing balms the same as hair relaxers?

A. No, they aren’t. Hair relaxers are made up of chemicals that have a longer-lasting effect on the hair than hair straightening balms, which only last a shorter period.

Q. Should I shampoo and condition my hair before straightening it?

A. Yes, it is advisable to wash your hair clean with shampoo and some hair conditioner before adding straightening balm. This ensures that the hair is clean enough and still damp before application.

Q. Can I use a blow dryer or flat iron to straighten my hair?

A. Yes, you definitely can. This is more so if you are using a heat-activated straightening balm. However, ensure that the balm has a heat protectant to keep your hair safe, or better still, get a heat protectant spray for yourself.

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