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7 Products To Help You Style Your Hair

how to style hair

There are plenty of ways to style your hair, but the best way to do it is by using holding products. Each of the hairstyling products shown below can achieve a specific look you desire!

Hair Waxes

Hair waxes are a great all-rounder, being useful for most looks, are versatile, and have enough hold to accomplish many popular hairstyles. Hair wax isn’t shiny at all and can leave your hair with a nice matte finish. Since wax is easy to manipulate, you can go for a nice clean look to a more messy and frizzy style. Unfortunately, hair wax doesn’t hold very well, and you may have to apply it multiple times a day.

Hair Gels

Hair gels are a stark contrast to hair waxes. Instead of being matte, they achieve a very wet and shiny look, something you’d typically see during the early 2000s. It also has extreme holding capabilities, so expect it to stay that way for the whole day. Hair gel has fallen out of fashion for the most part and it can be very difficult to reshape your hair once the gel is in place.

Hair Mousses

Hair mousses, or styling foam, is a hairstyling product that keeps hair in place very effectively, much like gel. However, it's a foam that quickly dries. Unlike gel, it doesn’t give your hair that shiny and wet look. It can be a pain to restyle your hair, so be sure you know what you’re doing when you use hair mousse.

Hair Creams

Hair creams are used mainly to improve the overall quality and volume of your hair. It makes the hair appear a little healthier and shinier, while also making it seem less frizzy. However, don’t expect it to hold any sort of look for very long, as it doesn’t nearly have as much holding power as other products. As a result, hair creams are largely used by people with longer, thicker hair that doesn’t need excessive styling or forming.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is similar to hair cream in the sense that it improves the volume and look of your hair. Like hair creams, it doesn’t actually hold very well, so you can’t really keep your hair in one place for very long. If that isn’t an issue however, then you can use hair spray to keep your hair looking nice and fresh.

Hair Straightening Cream

As the name suggests, hair straightening cream is a type of hair cream that helps straighten out waves and curls. It can even straighten fairly curly hair, making it a great way to instantly achieve a sleek hairstyle.


Pomade is a hairstyling product that’s been around since the 20th century and is most well-known for its supreme hold. If you have short to medium hair, pomade can keep any hairstyle you want in place and it can be reshaped fairly easily too. However, keep in mind that pomade isn’t very good for the skin, especially if you have acne. Don’t expect it to be removed easily either, especially since it’s typically made of petroleum.

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