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Best HDMI Extension Cables To Stream Anywhere

  1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Extension Cable
  2. OREI HDMI Extension Cable
  3. Ultra Clarity High-Speed HDMI Extension Cable
  4. UGREEN 4K HDMI Extension Cable
  5. Highwings High Speed 4K HDMI Extension Cable
  6. Zeskit Cinema Plus 4K HDMI Extension Cable
  7. Extractme High Speed HDMI Extension Cable
  8. Cable Matters 2-Pack High Speed HDMI Extension Cable
  9. Buyer's Guide

These days, HDMI cables are an absolute necessity. In comparison to older connection styles, HDMI is simpler to use and connect; it sends video and audio signals through the same cable, eliminating messy tangles of cords everywhere. But what do you do when your cable isn’t as long as it needs to be?

Enter HDMI extension cables: they provide extra length and reach to help quickly connect your devices. When your cord length simply doesn’t cut it, then getting yourself a decent HDMI extension cable is the next step. However, most times it can be a bit of a bother to research the extension cable that's best.

To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a buyer's guide and a list of the best HDMI extension cables in 2022. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

Comparing the Best HDMI Extension Cables for 2022

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Extension Cable - Best Overall

This HDMI extension cable provides added reach to connect your home entertainment system without breaking the bank. It's an AmazonBasics product, so it speaks for itself - it's a high-quality HDMI extension cable without the extortionate price tags seen elsewhere. This cable easily connects to any HDMI-compatible device such as TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming sticks, or gaming consoles and supports all sorts of high-quality picture and audio codecs for the best gaming, streaming, and viewing experiences. It features a ferrite core and gold-plated connectors for added durability and quality, and can be purchased in four different lengths as well as three different quantity packs.

OREI HDMI Extension Cable - Best Quality

If you are in search of an HDMI extension cable, this extension cable by OREI is a great option. This HDMITECH Extension cable by OREI transmits a high-definition video signal over a single CAT5 or CAT6 cable, allowing you to extend the length of your HDMI cable. With a range of 165 feet, this extender is great for use in test bench facilities, data centers, and help desks. In addition to extending the length of your connection, it also allows you to mirror your display on multiple devices using the same cable - a feature not offered by most other extenders.

Ultra Clarity High-Speed HDMI Extension Cable - Runner Up

These Ultra Clarity high speed HDMI extension cables are available in many lengths so you can easily connect your devices. These extension cables are available in 2-packs of 1.5', 3', and 6' in length, but we recommend going with the minimum length you can get away with. They support all advanced HDMI features and allow for perfect audio/visual synchronization. This cable is backward compatible with all previous versions of HDMI so all of your devices have the best HDMI features that they can support.

UGREEN 4K HDMI Extension Cable - Honorable Mention

The UGREEN extension cable will provide extra reach without sacrificing picture quality, and supports Full HD to 4K. It is compatible with a very wide range of devices, from media players to streaming devices to game consoles. This extension cable is also backward compatible, so you can use it with older devices as well. The materials used in the build provide super conductivity and protects against interference for a more stable connection. This extension is compatible with any standard HDMI device and can be purchased in four lengths: 1.5', 3', 6', and 10'.

Highwings High Speed 4K HDMI Extension Cable - Contender

If you need to extend your HDMI cable by 3 feet or less, here's a great option. The Highwings HDMI extension cable is offered in 1-foot, 1.5-foot, and 3-foot lengths, and is compatible with all existing HDMI standards and will not compromise picture quality. They're also backwards-compatible with older HDMI devices that are more likely to be placed further away from the TV to begin with. They're a bit pricey for the given length, but the robust construction means they'll last longer than most other extension cables.

Zeskit Cinema Plus 4K HDMI Extension Cable - Consider

If you tend to change your A/V equipment often and need a sturdy cable for longer runs, the Zeskit Cinema Plus Series 4K HDMI Extension Cable is one of the better options available. It's offered in various lengths from 1.5 feet all the way to 10 feet, and it won't compromise your viewing experience because it's capable of delivering 22.28 Gbps in bandwidth. Zeskit's Cinema Plus series extension cables support enhanced video and audio codecs such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and it's also backwards-compatible in case you want to use it with older equipment.

Extractme High Speed HDMI Extension Cable - Consider

Sometimes, you need a specialty extension cable because there simply isn't enough room to connect an HDMI device directly to the TV. In this case, a short-but-flexible HDMI extension cable like this Extractme offers the most practical solution. Because it's so short, there's no risk of compromising signal quality. The gold-plated connectors are durable and resist corrosion, and the cable itself is pliable enough to offer 360 degrees worth of adjustability.

Cable Matters 2-Pack High Speed HDMI Extension Cable - Consider

If you are in need of a solution for your home setup of DVD players, game consoles, or streaming devices, take a look at this 2-pack of extension cables. There are five lengths available, ranging from 0.5 feet to 10 feet long. Cable Matters states that their HDMI extension cable supports 3D images and video up to 4K resolution; while the former is more or less irrelevant these days, the latter is very useful when it comes to longer extension cables. This convenient 2-Pack gives you plenty of ability to connect many devices without losing reliability. You can choose from 0.5', 1.5', 3', 6', or 10' lengths depending on your setup, though we always recommend going with the minimum length that will allow you to comfortably connect your devices.

Buyer's Guide

HDMI Extension Cable Buyer's Guide

An HDMI extension cable enables you to reach further between your TV and devices without depleting the quality of your audio and video.

In situations where your HDMI cable isn’t long enough, an extender helps you to easily link up and extend your cable's reach. There are a bunch of them on the market and it can be difficult to know which cable to buy with the different price options and choices available.

Because we want to ensure you buy the highest-quality HDMI extension cable, take a look at our buying guide below, which examines the major things you may come across.

What are the things to note when buying an HDMI extension cable?

Here are some of the qualities you’ll want to keep in mind as you search:


The length of cable you choose ultimately depends on where your devices are located, but you also want to consider what you'll be using the cables for. 4K content should never be used with a cable longer than 10 feet, otherwise, you run the risk of the TV being unable to display anything resembling a viewable image.

If you just need the cable for viewing television media, then you probably shouldn’t worry about this too much because standard broadcasts don't take up the same kind of bandwidth. But, if you require this for gaming or tasks that require higher framerates, then you should probably take note. Also, always measure the distance between devices so you have a rough idea of the length you need before purchasing. If anything, it is smarter to buy a longer cable than a shorter one, just in case.

Format and Features

Even if your current devices don't use certain features, it is still important to keep them in mind. This is called futureproofing and allows you to make sure you can still use your newly-purchased HDMI extension cables with newer devices that have advanced technologies. You should pay attention to the features the cable offers even if you’re not currently using one of these HDMI-specific features. Even though these features aren’t really important for everyone, they’re noteworthy for consideration.


HDMI cables don't vary that much when it comes to quality. As long as you don't get a cable too long for your needs, you won't see any differences in picture or audio quality. Especially on this list, we have featured high quality products that are sure to be great for any purpose. An extension cable that has the features you require and fits well within your budget will be the best purchase.

Build Material

HDMI extension cables often include copper wires and gold plating for conductivity and have a safety coating that prevents damage. Some cables are made differently due to their lengths, such as some being designed to provide strong signal over longer distances.

The connecting material used in the build of male to female HDMI extender cables is very important. You don't want copper, as it could corrode, so get one with a quality, gold-plated piece.


"High-speed" HDMI cables can produce higher bandwidth signals, meaning information is transferred between devices quicker, allowing them to carry 4K signals. These high-speed HDMI cables can carry these higher bandwidths for up to 10 feet, with some claiming to work up to 15 feet. HDMI 2.0 increases previous bandwidth capabilities from 10.2 Gbps of bandwidth to a whopping 18 Gbps. Opt for an "active" HDMI cable for when you need to cover over 15 feet, as these HDMI cables were made for these kinds of situations and distances.

Some Tips and Advice when buying HDMI Extender Cables

  • When you are looking for an HDMI extender cable, always try to pay attention to the length. You will find extender cables in a lot of various lengths, so choose appropriately.
  • Some extender cables have gold-plated connectors. Non-gold-plated connectors are more likely to corrode, so you should opt for an extender cable with a gold-plated connector if you can.
  • Always opt for a high-speed HDMI cable. Anything but high-speed runs the risk of not adequately supporting current technologies. Most high-speed HDMI cables also offer other features, like 4K or even 8K video signals.
  • While there may not necessarily be a limit to the distance your HDMI cable can run, it is advisable to not have it be over 10 feet long. At this point, it can still carry a signal, but it could be poorer quality or can possibly lose some features.
  • Ninety-degree connectors take up less space, making them a smart choice if you're looking to save some space and keep your cords tidy and closer to the wall.

HDMI Extension Cable FAQ

Q: What does HDMI mean?

A: HDMI means High-Definition Multimedia Interface. They are designed to carry digital video and audio signals and can connect to Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, streaming devices, cable boxes and more.

Q: How many types of HDMI cables are out there?

A: There are four types of HDMI cables. You have either standard speed or high-speed, and either with or without Ethernet, leaving you with: standard speed without Ethernet, standard speed with Ethernet, high-speed without Ethernet, and high-speed with Ethernet. In almost all situations, high-speed cables are better as they can support more features and modern technology.

Q: Does my choice of HDMI affect my media quality?

A: HDMI is a digital standard. Because of this, a higher-quality cable won't really get you better results; the quality of the cable may just impact how long it lasts and stands up to wear and tear.

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