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How To Build The Best Viewing Experience For Big Games

How To Build The Best Viewing Experience For Big Games

This year, large gatherings with friends and family to watch the game might not be happening. The coronavirus has really kicked us in the teeth, and it seems to be loving it. Luckily there are other exciting ways to catch the game. And maybe these alternatives might not be the same as a physical viewing; we know some ways that you can get the absolute best out of them. Here are a few tips on how to build the best viewing experience for big games.

Set up your TV

Your TV is the ultimate factor for a good Big Game viewing experience. You need a proper TV so you can catch all the action as clearly as possible. When considering the perfect TV, an excellent place to start will be picture quality. The latest TV technology (4K, HDR) helps you get the most precise picture quality, so you'll feel like you're actually on the field. You'll also want to look for a TV with a 120 Hz panel refresh rate, as this will help render fast-moving scenes much more clearly. They're more expensive, but you definitely deserve a quality TV.

Next, think about the size. If good quality TV takes you to the game, a large screen TV gets you a front row seat on the field. A 65-70 inches is the sweet spot for a Big Game TV. Don't worry about the size; we can't think of a single instance where anyone wishes they had bought a smaller TV a couple years down the road.

Finally, factors beyond the TV itself also matter. The room's lighting, the angle of your furniture, the position of your couch, and simple things like a mini fridge can all affect your viewing experience. Think big when it comes to picking a TV. You want images to look life-sized and realistic, so try to set up the entire space to let your TV really shine.

Set up your home theatre system

You might not be able to watch the game in person, but you can at least make it sound like you're in the stadium. Hearing the ref's whistle, the trash talk among players, and the coaches screaming instructions bring your whole viewing experience to life. And because TVs have less room for built-in, high-quality speakers, you need to build your sound. At the very minimum, we recommend adding a soundbar to your setup. An even better option is a full surround sound system, but setting one up is a lot more involved. If you plan to build one, you'll need an A/V receiver and a good home theater system to go along with your TV.

Get your tech on

Getting up to adjust the thermostat or to turn up the volume of your audio equipment can be distracting. You don't want to do anything that will remove you from your couch. Innovative home technology can be a great way to elevate your Big Game watching experience. Look out for smart home technology options that you can use, so you never miss a moment.

Many newer kitchen appliances can also be linked to phone apps, so you don't have to miss any plays while cooking. Voice assistance is also present in many TVs, so you can control everything without even getting up. You don't want to leave your couch for anything except celebratory laps around the room. It is also essential to have a strong Wi-Fi network if you're using smart technology, so make sure your router is up to the task.

Game-time snacks

Nothing beats great food. Tailgating and snacks are some of the best parts of a great game-day. Whatever your favorite game-time snack is, make sure you order it or prepare it before the game, so there are no distractions.

Connect with friends (virtually)

Never say never! There's still a chance to cheer your favorite team on with friends and fans. You can set up game meetings by scheduling video calls with a group of friends. There are so many apps to pick or choose from for video calling. Just keep things simple. Sometimes, streaming services have "watch parties." So you can watch the game with fellow fans and chat as you do.

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