Make Gardening Easier With the Best Hose Nozzle

  1. Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle
  2. Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle
  3. Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle
  4. Nelson Multi Pattern Hose Nozzle
  5. Bend-and-Spray Hose Nozzle
  6. Buyer's Guide

A basic hose nozzle is made to concentrate a flow of water into a tight stream, much like the classic fire hose nozzles. Household hose nozzles are a bit more versatile and will allow you to adjust the stream into many spray patterns. For example, a stream works better for washing items down and a spray works better for watering gardens or lawns.

Versatility, ease of use, and construction for durability are how we evaluated the nozzles here, with price and design also taken into consideration. No matter what you need it for, we have a great list of the best hose nozzles in 2022 for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Comparing the Best Hose Nozzles of 2022

Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle - Best Hose Nozzle Overall

Made using aircraft-grade aluminum, with added steel and a fiberglass hand grip, the Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle ranks #1 here because it is easy to use, has five different sprayer settings for versatility and features a 2-way shut-off for added convenience. As far as nozzles go, it is not inexpensive, but you get a 1 year warranty, and the metal construction assures you of a durable and reliable nozzle that will last year after year.

Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle - Runner Up

The classic brass nozzle doesn't get any better than this, and that's exactly what the Dramm 12380 Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle is all about. It features an almost infinite adjustable spray pattern and water flow control, but it can shoot a steady powerful stream of water with the best of them. The heavy duty brass design assures you years of hard use and although not inexpensive for a brass nozzle, its versatility, ease of use and simple design are hard to beat.

Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle - Honorable Mention

For those that want an infinitely adjustable hose nozzle in a pistol grip configuration, the Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle with Threaded Front is the nozzle for you. It is made of zinc metal to be durable and reliable, and it comes with a brass valve stem that can be adjusted for spray or stream. The threaded front allows you to attach accessories and the pistol grip keeps the nozzle comfortable to use no mater what watering task you undertake.

Nelson Multi Pattern Hose Nozzle - Consider

Some people may claim that this is the best nozzle here, and if you had a need for the Nelson 50121 50121 Multi Pattern Nozzle, you would too. It is made of aluminum with a soft hand grip for comfort and it features an 8 pattern spray head which gives you a lot of versatility for watering or washing. The design is more exciting than anything else here, but that slightly long aluminum tube could get dinged or bent when dropped. If it wasn't for that, this nozzle might just have topped the list.

Bend-and-Spray Hose Nozzle - Consider

This may be the most versatile hose nozzle on this list, and although it doesn't come cheap, the Bend-and-Spray Hose Nozzle is rugged and nearly unbreakable. Made of brass and rubber, the nozzle is controlled by bending the hose tip. Maximum water pressure or minimum water pressure is controlled by pushing with your thumb. Although it can be used for watering the garden, this is best used as a utility nozzle to clean vehicles, homes or for filling buckets and bowls.

Buyer's Guide

If you love to haul buckets of water around your lawn this summer, then hose nozzles are not for you. Otherwise, you need a nozzle to reach the water to the secluded areas of your garden. You might use your thumb to control the water flow while watering the plants, but a nozzle provides you better control— not only over the flow— but over the spray patterns and speed too. That’s why you should get your hands on the best hose nozzle that will last for years.

Besides, choosing a suitable spray nozzle is of utmost importance because if your choice went wrong, you might end up wrapping plumbers' tape around dripping tears and cracks. This article aims to facilitate your hunt for a perfect fit without getting overwhelmed.

What Types of Hose Nozzles Are Available?

There are different types of nozzles and sprays available in the market. For your convenience, we have enumerated all of them to help you know what they can bring to the table.

Pistol grip nozzle

It's one of the best nozzles as it can control the amount of water flow with a trigger featured along with it. If you hold down the trigger, water comes out, and pressing it harder will increase water flow.

Dial nozzle

This one is a more advanced nozzle. A dial nozzle consists of a rotating dial of diverse spray patterns as it contains a pistol grip for comfort. You only need to hold down the trigger to start the water flow, whereas the dial settings will control the specific speed.

Firehouse-style nozzle

This one is similar to Dial Nozzle, but it has no pistol grip. You have to adjust the spray patterns manually, and they would not be distinct.

Watering wand

The watering wand is suitable for areas that are not within reach. It provides a long nozzle to extend the water flow. A sliding thumb control regulates it.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Hose Nozzle

Ease of use

It's the first thing you must keep in mind before buying a nozzle. Ensure to check the ease with which it would attach to the hose, how many spray options it has, and lastly, don't forget to prevent leakage.


Nozzle grip will determine the comfort level. If the grip is harsh, you won't be able to press it for a long time, and watering or washing can become a tiring process.

Water pressure

If you're buying a hose nozzle for power washing, a high water pressure nozzle will help you. Some nozzles are available with more than one spray setting. Check if the settings are low, high, or medium.

Spray distance

Buy the nozzle according to your garden area and the length of your pipe. Nozzles with a long spray distance will help you reach the muddy areas without getting dirty.


A nozzle should be rust-free and robust to last longer. If you have kids in your house, they may drop them, or you could forget the nozzle outdoors in the sun or rain. In such conditions, the nozzle should not wear and tear. Materials used to make a nozzle will help you determine the durability of the nozzle. Brass offers more durability than plastic ones. Choosing the mixed metal constructed nozzle will always be the best option.

Benefits of Having a Reliable Hose Nozzle

Saves efforts

A hose nozzle saves water as well as your efforts. If you have a long hose, there would be no need to run back and forth to the fixture. You can quickly turn the water flow on or off according to your ease.

Even water distribution

A nozzle also helps to distribute water evenly and in a controlled manner. The regular flow of the hose is not always preferable, but the different spray options available in the nozzle help you to control the flow according to your specific task.

Final Words

Buying a hose nozzle is always a good choice. However, with numerous nozzles available in the market, choosing the best one could be a tedious task. But, you must select the nozzle according to usage. If you're planning to use it for washing purposes only, then go with high-pressure nozzles, but if you want one for watering, a customizable one should be the best choice. We hope our article will help you decide on the best one for you.

Best Hose Nozzle FAQs

Q: What type of nozzle do you use for watering flowers or vegetable gardens?

A: For watering delicate flowers and kitchen gardens, use a flat spray or shower with a rain wand because the rain wand is the gentlest of all. Make sure to water along with the soil level. A watering vegetable garden will be best in the morning.

Q: What type of nozzle should I use for washing my car?

A: To wash a car, a jet spray with any nozzle will work except a rain wand. If you're in the mood for the full-blown car wash, then it will come in handy. However, a full shower nozzle will do the work if you're doing a light rinse.

Q: Why do I need a nozzle?

A: Garden hose nozzles help us customize the water flow and speed. You don't have to deal with the regular flow of hose. Also, the nozzle saves water because it doesn't let water out until you unlock it.

Q: Which nozzle is best for power washing my deck?

A: Power washing will need a strong water flow, so use a jet spray with any nozzle. Don't use a rain wand because its flow is not fast for power washing.

Q: Do I need a nozzle for watering trees?

A: No, a hose alone will go fine if you're watering trees. You can simply put down the hose at the foot of the tree to let the water out in the roots. There would be no actual use of a nozzle there.

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