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Best Insoles For Running

  1. Aetrex Lynco Memory Foam Orthotics
  2. Sole Regular Softec Series Insoles
  3. Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Sport Replacement Insoles
  4. Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Insoles
  5. Road Runner Sports R-Gear Custom Insole

Running is a sport of endurance and discipline, and these two components require a key accessory in order to be attained- comfort. No matter the length of time you run, or the frequency, it is important to be comfortable and accommodate your muscles and joints. Common complaints from runners include shin splints, sore ankles, and runner’s knee. These three ailments can be avoided by initiating proper care and support of the feet. With insoles, runners can remove repetitive strain from the ankles and knees. Ultimately, feet need to be supported to avoid the risk of long-term injuries, and insoles provide a world of difference for all foot shapes and sizes.

Best Insoles For Running

Aetrex Lynco Memory Foam Orthotics - Best Insoles For Running

The Aetrex Lynco Custom Select Orthotics have a number of features to give runners plenty of cushioning and support. The GS3 Gel System provides different gels based on the specific requirements of your feet. The high-tech copper fibers help to suppress the bacteria and odor that comes with hard training. Stability and balance are optimized with the Cobra Support System to reduce fatigue and injuries. A deep heel cup minimizes over pronation for a more efficient stride.

Sole Regular Softec Series Insoles - Best Insoles For Running

The Sole Regular Softec Series insoles have 1.6 mm of shock absorbing material to help protect your feet while running, hiking and biking. These are good for flat footed runners because they provide the arch with extra cushioning. The key feature of these is that they are heat moldable. This is an easy process that starts with putting the insoles in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 minutes. Then place the insoles in your running shoes and step into them and stand still for 2 minutes so the insoles will conform to your feet and shoes.

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Sport Replacement Insoles - Best Insoles For Running

Dr. Scholl's has massaging gel waves in the forefoot and heel. This technology provides extra shock absorption and cushioning. These insoles will help reduce stress on the ankle and knee joints, whether you are running, hiking or playing basketball. They are designed for an optimal fit in running shoes, court shoes and athletic shoes.

Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Insoles - Best Insoles For Running

The Spenco Polysorb insole gives you extra support and cushioning, especially in the rear foot area for less stressful heel strikes. This increased support for your feet helps lessen fatigue during training and races. The insoles reduce friction on the foot, minimizing the onset of blisters. They also have a Silpure antimicrobial material to reduce the odor that comes with heavy use.

road runner sports r-gear custom insole.jpg

Road Runner Sports R-Gear Custom Insole - Best Custom Insole

Road Runner Sports R-Gear Custom Insoles are shaped in-store according to a scan of your foot to provide you with custom-made, personalized performance. Choose from the type of performance you’re looking for – run faster, fix your strike alignment, or create a more cushioned ride – these insoles are made to fit within your shoe perfectly. Other enhancements include a deep heel cup to protect the soft tissue from shock and an anti-odor coating to help eliminate odor-causing bacteria. These custom-made insoles cost more than a pair off the store rack, but if you want the ultimate insole, the R-Gear Custom Insole can help elevate your performance to the next level.

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