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Best Home Gym Equipment for Cardio

Best Home Gym Equipment for Cardio

Waking up each day and having to go all the way to the gym isn’t something most people look forward to. Having to pack a bag and head off to a gym filled with lots of fit people who may seem intimidating wouldn’t be anybody’s first choice. If you fall under this category, then you should consider setting up a home gym.

There are a lot of benefits to having a home gym. For one, you can do your workouts without feeling like you need to keep up with anyone else. You can work out to any music of your taste and not a general soundtrack as it usually is in the gym. A home gym is a pressure-free zone and the only competition you have is between you and yourself.

Cardio exercises are great for our health and wellbeing. Cardio workouts accelerate the heart and burn calories in the process. These types of workouts can be done inside the confines of your home or garage, so there's not much of a reason to head out to a gym to begin with.

Setting up a home gym for cardio workouts can be a daunting task. There are a lot of factors to consider. Factors such as the best home gym equipment, how much space you have to fit them in, etc. all need to be considered to create the ideal environment. We’ve listed below the best home gym equipment that won’t occupy so much space and is great for cardio workouts.

Exercise Mat

This is must-have gym equipment. Working out on the bare floor isn’t as convenient or comfortable as you may think. An exercise mat provides a cushion against the hardness of the floor. This equipment is important if you don’t want to damage your floor or worse, injure yourself while working out on a slippery floor.

Jump Rope

Do you vaguely remember using jump ropes in physical education classes? Remember how exhausted you were afterward? A jump rope is a great tool for a cardio workout. High-intensity jumps improve your coordination, boost your metabolism, make you sweat like crazy, and burn calories and fat. Jump ropes are easy to store and barely take up any space in your home.

Exercise Bike

There are a lot of machines used for cardio, but only a few can rival the intensity of an exercise bike. Think of the exercise bike as your regular bike but one that is stuck in one place. Working out with an exercise bike is safer than cycling on the road; even so, it strengthens your leg muscles and is an excellent way to get your blood pumping. They don’t take up a lot of space and most are reasonably affordable to boot.


The treadmill is an easy piece of workout equipment to use and is great for cardio workouts. It has a reasonably predictable surface that is a lot safer than running on the sidewalk and risking a fall and potentially injuring yourself. All workouts done on the treadmill can be controlled by the user; warm-up, speed, cool-down period, and the time spent working out on the machine.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is an indoor workout machine that is relatively new but very challenging. It takes a lot of effort to get used to it and get it right. To row correctly, one has to use their upper and lower body almost simultaneously. Aside from cardio, a rowing machine works out muscles in the core, along with the upper and lower body.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is one of the most sought-after pieces of gym equipment because of its high-intensity cardio workouts. Having one in your home gym means that you don’t have to wait your turn to use one. This trainer boosts metabolism, improves balance, burns fat, strengthens muscles, and gets you a complete upper and lower body workout.

Indoor Bicycle

The indoor bicycle mimics the dynamics of a regular bicycle but is stationary and used indoors. They also typically come with varying resistance levels that can be set for different intensity levels. Indoor bicycles emphasize a lower body workout and build the legs and core.


You really don’t need any equipment for this workout. All you need is a flight of stairs. You can decide to run up and down, walk up and down, or jump the stairs. Anything that gets your blood racing and your heart pumping is a cardio workout.

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