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Review: Best Ironing Boards

Ironing can be a thankless chore and when it's time to buy a new ironing board, it can be tempting just to pick up the cheapest model and be on your way. But buying the best ironing board in 2021 means finding a model that’s sturdy, well-made, and fits your laundry needs. If you spend a bit of extra time and money, the right ironing board should last for many years (and shirts) to come. For smaller jobs, touch-ups and crafts, a tabletop ironing board is convenient. But for everyday ironing, a full-sized ironing board will produce the best results.

The best ironing board is one that’s the largest size you can comfortably accommodate. The larger the ironing board, the easier it is to get crease-free results with minimal effort. This is why we’ve chosen to include ironing boards which have larger than average ironing surfaces. These models also feature mesh tops to allow steam to escape, they're height-adjustable to allow for use when standing or sitting, and have sturdy frames which stay stable and can stand up to years of use.

We’ve chosen models offering the above traits, with the exception of the magnetic ironing mat which is a great choice for when you don’t have the room for a traditional ironing board. We’ve also included a single tabletop ironing board for use when space is at a premium; while the height of this particular board might not be adjustable, its large ironing surface and retractable iron rest make it convenient and easy to use. Price on these ironing boards will vary, but we’ve prioritized design and quality over budget-friendly picks.

Best Ironing Board

Brabantia Solid Steam Ironing Board

This ironing board from Brabantia might seem expensive, but offers the potential to make ironing a much quicker and easier task. The board itself is extra wide and includes an iron rest at the end to reduce the risk of accidental burns. This sturdy and durable ironing board can be adjusted to four different heights, and locks in place to prevent it from collapsing while in use. It also has a lock to keep it securely folded during transport or storage. Non-slip caps keep the legs from sliding on the floor, continuing the theme with this ironing board of making ironing safe, easy, and quick. Multiple cover designs are available. Although the added expense might not be worth it if you iron only occasionally, for those who frequently have large ironing jobs this is a valuable investment.

Homz Professional Ironing Board

This well-made ironing board from Homz includes multiple features to help make the task of ironing easier. These include an iron rest and a shelf underneath, allowing you to create a self-contained ironing center. An extra large ironing board surface makes it easier to handle garments, while silicone pads keep the legs from slipping on hard floors. This ironing board also includes height adjustment options, as well as a leg lock for easy transportation. Durable and stable, this ironing board justifies its cost by making an often tedious task go by quickly.

Tabletop Ironing Board

If you’re looking for a compact tabletop ironing board, the Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board is an excellent choice. This ironing board has a large ironing surface and a retractable iron rest, making it easier to iron effectively in a small space. Its folding legs and light weight make it easy to store it away even when space is at a premium. While a smaller ironing board isn’t the best for large ironing jobs, it’s an excellent option for when you don’t iron regularly, or when you have limited space. Despite its affordable price, this ironing board is made with a quality wood top, foam pad, and a cotton cover.

Magnetic Ironing Board

This magnetic ironing mat offers a simple and affordable option for those who don’t have the space to accommodate a full ironing board. This can easily be used in places where space is limited, such as small apartments, dorms, or even in an RV. The magnets allow it to be placed on top of any metallic surface (such as a washer or dryer), and prevent the mat from sliding around during use. The magnets are inside of the mat itself so there is no risk of scratching any surfaces.

The mat doesn’t allow heat to come through so it can also be used on non-metallic surfaces such as a wooden table. When finished with ironing, simple fold or roll the ironing mat up and store it away; it’s also hand washable. Although an ironing mat is not suitable as a replacement for a dedicated ironing board when it comes to big jobs, it is great to have on hand for quick fixes or while you’re on-the-go.

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