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Get a Surprising Workout with the Best Jump Rope

  1. Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope
  2. Rx Black Ops Handles Jump Rope
  3. Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Rope Master Hyperformance Jump Rope
  4. Whph Jump Rope
  5. Rogue SR-1 Jump Rope
  6. Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope
  7. Peak Win Athletics Professional Jump Rope
  8. Buyer's Guide

The jump rope is a pretty impressive piece of exercise equipment for how simple it is and to the inexperienced person it may seem as though a jump rope is merely just a a jump rope. However, this could not be further from the truth as there are many defining factors that make one jump rope better than another. These best jump ropes in 2022 have all been chosen as the best because of their impressive defining factors like quality manufacturing materials, bearing systems that keep them turning smoothly, and a few X factors like adjustability and innovative grips for better and more comfortable holds.

Best Jump Ropes Worth Considering in 2022

Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope - Best Overall

Still stuck on single rope jumps when the whole world has moved on to the doubles? Need a jump rope that has easy adjustability and customizability? Look no further than the Wod Nation Speed jump rope. This marvelous piece of exercise equipment includes wire cutters that you can use for easy customization that should take you on your way to doing multiple double unders.

The rope is durable and extremely strong surgical steel and ABS, which should last you for at least one year, even if you plan on using it every day. The grips themselves are also increasingly comfortable while having the same durability as the rope itself due to their strong and flexible urethane material.

Rx Black Ops Handles Jump Rope - Runner Up

There is no other jump rope like the RX Jump Rope because it is completely customizable to your exact fitness needs. There's no need to mess around with adjusting the cord because you can order the perfect length for your height. This is also the only jump rope on the market that gives you an option of cable weight to perfectly match the jump rope’s intended use. Both the handles and the rope cover are customizable in tones of different colors and patterns to show the users style and really stand out. The handles don’t just look cool either as their spiraled texture are soft on the hands but offer the perfect amount of grip. The multi-directional axis bearing allows this rope to turn in any direction almost as if there were no rope there at all. With all of these great features one would think that RX Jump Rope has to skimp somewhere, but they really don’t; if there were a downside to this jump rope it would be the price, but it is well worth what you'll be paying for it.

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Rope Master Hyperformance Jump Rope - Most Durable

Buddy Lee is easily the most famous jump roper of all time so it only makes sense that one of the best jump ropes of all time would have his name on it. The patented swivel bearing technology not only makes this rope fast, but prevents it from catching or tangling. The Aero Speed rope is adjustable to suite most adults as well as pretty easy to adjust. The PVC cord not only swings super-fast, but it's also designed to be easy on wood and rubber gym surfaces. The handles are made of a solid aluminum and covered with foam which helps you maintain grip without added fatigue. One of the many features that makes this jump rope special is the bearings can be replaced to infinitely extend the life of the rope; however, it does require a special tool for this which can leave you out of luck if you lose it. Another fun feature which makes this item unique it's available in multiple colors to match your personal style.

Whph Jump Rope - Most Flexible

The Whph Jump Rope is the perfect equipment for beginners that want to advance their cross fitness exercises or MMA training. Plus, they will even help you burn calories and contour your muscles. The entire rope is made out of steel and is covered in a PVC coating to provide environmental and health protection. Both of the handles are pretty sturdy, so you can easily hold them without losing any grip. And, unlike some models, this rope is fully adjustable. You can choose between 1 foot and up to 8.5 feet — this will mainly depend on your demands and preferences.

best Rogue SR-1 Jump Rope

Rogue SR-1 Jump Rope - Best Value

This is a super simple rope which is what makes it so awesome. It's made by Rogue which automatically makes it one of my favorites as this manufacturer has never put out a bad product in my opinion. The hand grip is a Rogue special glass filled nylon resin which makes it soft to the touch, but nearly indestructible and the tapered design makes it easy to keep your grip. The steel rope is a nice weight and coated in red vinyl to protect the environment around the user. The cable is easily adjustable, but once you adjust it's difficult turning back so be careful. For this product Rogue uses bearings that you can actually see which is a nice touch, and the bearings themselves swivel like a dream.

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope - Honorable Mention

This jump rope lives up to its name as possibly the fastest speed rope on the market. It achieves speed through a patent pending bearing system which is super smooth, to the point where it is almost hard to tell if the rope is turning or not. The speed is also aided by the rope itself which offer a thin, but weighted stainless steel rope covered in PVC to reduce friction. The cable is fully adjustable for users all the way up to 6’9 feet and as short as 4’6 feet and won't tangle no matter what you do to it. The handles are crafted with stainless steel and covered with a super comfortable sweat bands which aid in keeping grip without exhausting the users forearms. Because of these quality parts it's not surprising that this jump rope comes with a lifetime guarantee which offers peace of mind that it will always be there for you.

best athletics professional jump rope

Peak Win Athletics Professional Jump Rope - Consider

The defining feature of this particular jump rope is its 10 foot length which can accommodate users over 7 feet tall. Adjusting the length of this rope is super simple and only takes a few seconds while the stainless steel rope is both heavy and durable which makes it fast and long lasting. This jump rope boasts an innovative bearing system which is as smooth as butter and never gets caught or tangled. The one downside to this jump rope is that the handles aren't very impressive since they feel like cheap plastic and don’t do much for grip besides the wider end which stop for hand from flying off the handle. The Peak Win jump rope doesn't try to be anything but a solid, fast, and reliable, jump rope for fitness and training purposes which is why they also include a detailed training manual to get you started.

Buyer's Guide

Nowadays, rope jumping has become the first and most common choice of aerobic exercise for several fitness activists, whether in or outside the gym. Years ago, getting a skipping rope was a pretty easy process, however, with the various new designs that have stormed the market, thanks to an increase in its popularity, the choice of what jump rope to get could be a very confusing one, especially for a new rope jumper. Choosing a jump rope made with the right materials of high quality would not only prevent you from experiencing injuries caused as a result of poor equipment but would also prevent wastage of your energy and resources.

This buying guide contains useful information such as the types of jump rope, features to look out for, and their price range. Read on.

What are the Different Types of Jump Ropes?

The types of jump ropes are divided into two main categories: design and function. The design category has to do with the general outlook of the jump rope, and the materials used in making it. The function category, on the other hand, deals with the specific functions each rope offers.

Based on Design:

Fabric Jump Ropes

These used to be the most common type of jump ropes. They come with plastic handles and fabric or nylon ropes. They are one of the cheapest jump ropes and have the least quality. Also, they are heavy and slow, which makes them the worst for speed rope jumping, and are most advisable to be used in dry areas.

Beaded Jump Ropes

These ropes have plastic beads arranged on them, rather than a cord. They are great for beginners, as they are fun to use, help to establish a consistent rhythm, and have a good weight. However, with time, the beads tend to get broken due to the pressure from hitting the ground frequently.

Leather Jump Ropes

Leather jump ropes are great for enhanced coordination and leg movement speed. They usually have plastic or wooden handles, but unlike fabric ropes, they are lighter and quicker.

Plastic/PVC Jump Ropes

These are currently the most popular jump ropes. They are great for beginners. However, they are not the best choice for speed jumping, as it would take a longer time to master. Plastic ropes can be used outdoors, without fear of damage.

Steel Cables Jump Ropes

These are made with steel cables for the main purpose of speed. They could be very tricky for beginners and are most advisable for use in competitions, as they are very light and place less pressure on the muscles.

Weighted Jump Ropes

These either come with weighted ropes, weighted handles or allow you to hang weights from the handles. They are mainly used for building endurance, power, and speed at the same time.

Based on Function:

Outdoor Jump Ropes

Outdoor skipping ropes are ropes that are made with extra durability to enable them last longer in the field. Examples are plastic/PVC jump ropes, beaded jump ropes.

Speed Jump Ropes

These ropes are specially built for speed. The cords are extra light to make for easier and quicker movement. Examples are steel cable jump ropes and leather jump ropes.

Workout Jump Ropes

Workout or gym jump ropes are usually used in the gym to help you get your sweat on. The perfect example of this is weighted jump ropes.

Kids Jump Ropes

These are skipping ropes that are fancy and fun to use. Examples of this are beaded jump ropes and fabric jump ropes.

What Should You Look Out for In A Jump Rope?

Thick Cord

The thickness of the cord is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a jump rope. If you are aiming at speed, you should get a rope with thin, dense ropes, and if you intend on working out mainly and building endurance, you should go for thicker ropes. As a beginner, you should go for ropes with low or medium density.

Comfortable Handles

You should make sure to get a jump rope with a comfortable handle that has a strong grip. This is important because if your hold is weak, you would not be able to make the most of your jumping.


A good jump rope should be made of strong and durable materials that would stand the test of time. those that are designed for outdoor use should be extra durable, and less susceptible to wear and tear.

How Much do Jump Ropes Cost?


Jump ropes in this category cost between $8-$30. Most of the jump ropes in this category are fabric or beaded ropes.


Jump ropes found in this category cost $40-$100. These jump ropes come with high quality, are durable, and are mostly suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses.


The jump ropes in this category usually cost above a hundred dollars. More often than not, they come with weights and are most suitable for workouts. Also, they could be fancy and include objects such as shatter-proof beds or steel cables.


Q. How do I determine the perfect length for me?

A. It is very important to work with a jump rope that has an ideal length for you. To determine your ideal length, stand on the rope with one foot and extend the handles to the height of your nipples.

Q. What are the benefits of rope jumping?

A. The benefits of rope jumping include coordination, quickness, agility, endurance, speed, fitness. Also, an added advantage is that rope jumping is so much fun and is mentally engaging as much as it is physically engaging.

Q. How long should I rope jump every day?

A. Consistent and extended rope jumping is a great aerobic exercise that helps in calorie loss and muscle endurance building. However, you have to put into consideration, the strain that would be placed on your legs and tissues. As a beginner, you could start with 20 minutes, and then slowly extend the time the better you get.

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