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The Best Pull-Up Bar for a Simple Yet Effective Workout

  1. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  2. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition
  3. Stud Bar Pull Up Bar
  4. Maximum Muscle Trainer Pull Up Bar
  5. Rogue Fitness PV-6 Garage Pull Up System
  6. Buyer's Guide

One may think a pull up bar is simply a pull up bar but the truth is subtle differences can make the difference between a viable piece of exercise equipment and another waste of money and space. There are multiple versions of pull up bars to suit the needs of any user whether they’re apartment dwellers, home owners, or garage exercisers. The pull up bars on this list made the cut because of their ease of installation, a minimum 300lb weight bearing capacity, safe and comfortable hand grips, and a suitable amount of options for grip placement.

Here are the best pull-up bars of 2022

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Best Pull-Up Bar

The Ultimate Body Press pull up bar comes with very few parts and the mounts are perfectly spaced to fit most walls. It’s incredibly easy to install this pull up bar and if there was a complaint to be made it’s this pull up bar is only tested up to 300 pounds. Otherwise this pull up bar can sustain an exceptional amount of weight for something attached to your wall. This bar offer three different grip positions to maximize your pull ups and padded foam handles offer both exceptional grip and comfort during your workout.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition - Best Pull-Up Bar

The Iron Gym functions as a pull up bar, goes easy on your surroundings, and compact enough for easy storage or taking with you anywhere. It only takes a few minutes to put the Iron Gym together and a few seconds to mount it in a doorway. The Iron Gym features steel manufacture and should support up to 300 pounds, but just keep the durability and strength of your doorway in mind.

The grips on this pull up bar are extremely comfortable with padded ends and the three grip positions increase your range of pull up possibilities. Another benefit to the Iron Gym is it can also double as a push up bar and foot holder for sit ups. The Iron Gym also comes in cheaper than most other pull up bars on the market.

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar - Best Pull-Up Bar

While the Stud Bar comes in only one shape, it comes in three different sizes. In order to ensure structural integrity, Stud Bar offers versions for 8, 9, and 10 foot ceilings instead of making a single adjustable version which could make the bar unstable. The solid 14 gauge steel construction paired with 14 gauge steel is guaranteed to support up to 600 pounds which is a serious amount of weight.

It’s relatively easy to construct and mount this pull up bar with an average time from box to ceiling in about 1/2 an hour. The powder coating on this bar makes it smooth and comfortable on your hands while allowing a safe and comfortable grip. The only real downside to the Stud Bar is it’s only a single straight rod but this can be overcome by adding some rings or bands.

Maximum Muscle Trainer Pull Up Bar - Best Pull-Up Bar

The Maximum Muscle Trainer is a solid, wall mounted pull up bar which is surprisingly easy to put together. It mounts to the wall with just a few lag bolts and can hold up to 300 pounds as long as you bolt it into the wall studs. It has a straight bar for traditional pull ups, powder coating for a smooth and comfortable grip as well as specialized foam-covered grip handles for comfortable neutral grip pull ups. What this pull up bar lacks in weight capacity it makes up for in price as one of the least expensive wall mounted pull up bars you’ll find.

Rogue Fitness PV-6 Garage Pull Up System

Rogue Fitness PV-6 Garage Pull Up System - Best Pull-Up Bar

Rogue Fitness specializes in products for the serious weight lifter and the PV-6 is one of them. This mounted pull up bar can be easily mounted to the wall or ceiling joists with a few lag screws. The PV-6 has been weight tested to 1000 pounds which means even the Hulk can do a pull up on this thing. This model is 30 inches from the mount meaning even on 8 foot ceilings most individuals will have enough space to do a proper pull up. While it’s just a single straight bar, this is easily remedied by using supplementary bands or rings. The bar is comfortable but a little too smooth, making it difficult to maintain grip with sweaty hands.

Buyer's Guide

Pull-up bars can challenge other pieces of gym equipment because they can target your upper body muscles and help you gain strength at your home's comfort. However, determining whether your pull-up equipment will provide you intended results or not will depend on your purchase. Read this guide to know everything about this piece of workout equipment and select the most suitable one for you.

Why Should You Install A Pull-up Bar At Home?

If your workout is not restricted to simple jogging but is more than that, you should go for a pull-up bar because it tones your body and helps you gain stamina. It is the best piece of equipment to gain muscle in your upper body, like arms, shoulders, and back. Since it allows you to target multiple muscles and lose extra calories with just one tool, it is worth buying. On comparing it with other gym equipment, we also found that pull-up bars are inexpensive, easy to install and require the least space for setup. Thus, you can reap most of the benefits of a gym in the comfort of your home.

Which Things Should You Consider To Purchase A Pull-up Bar?


There are different types of pull-up bars that you can install at your place. The most common ones are doorframe, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and joist-mounted.

  • You can go for a door-mounted bar if you want an easy setup. All you need to do is fit the bar against the door frame and adjust it according to the frame width. They are great for beginners. Additionally, a tall person can also use it by bending his knees. Not only is it simple to install but also affordable. However, if you are looking for perfect tools for wide grip pullups, then you can count on the following options.
  • If you are searching for a more durable option that you can rely upon, then wall-mounted bars are the best option to go for. This type of bar offers tough level pulling exercises for advanced users. One of its biggest advantages is that it doesn’t keep your door engaged like doorway pull-up rods.
  • Ceiling mounted rods are another type of pull-up bar that offers multiple grip options like underhand or chin-up grip. They are similar to wall-mounted ones, and the only difference is that they are fixed to the ceiling. So, they do not take space in your room like other rods.
  • Joint-mounted pull-up bars are great for both wall as well as the ceiling, so you have more multiple mounting options. They offer high durability at a reasonable price.


The installation process depends on the type of rod you are purchasing. So, look for one that is easy to set up. Also, double-check if your product contains all the parts or installation tools so that you don’t have to invest in them separately. If they come with an installation guide, it will be the icing on the cake.

Weight Capacity

The most crucial factor to look for is its weight-bearing capacity. If you are lean or have an average weight, go for a bar that can bear up to 300 pounds or more. However, a pull-up rod with 600 pounds weight-bearing capacity is excellent for a heavy person.


The grips of the pull-up bar you choose should have foam padding to protect your hands from friction. It also prevents the wall or door from getting damaged by absorbing impacts.


Imagine the wall coming off while you are hanging on the rod. It is no more than a nightmare. So, you need a strong rod that can bear extreme weight without breaking and should also provide stability. For this, rods made of steel work great.

How To Install A Pull-up Bar?

Installing a pull-up bar at your home or your personal space is easy if you have all the necessary tools with you. Besides, you don't have to be an expert to do this.

  • Firstly, check the type of pull bar you are using, then go to the required space. For instance, you can install a doorway bar on a doorway while the ceiling bar needs to be fixed at the ceiling of your house.
  • Measure the size of your bar along with the distance between its screws and how it sits on the wall.
  • Now mark the area using a marker you want to drill.
  • Drill holes on the markings.
  • Next, fix the pull-up bars and tighten their screws.
  • Test their stability by hanging on it. Don't give a burst of pressure at once. If it seems well, you can go for your next pullup reps.

What Are The Benefits of Pull-up Bars?

Here are the top reasons that prove how the pull-up bar helps your body.

  • It enables you to target several muscles at once, like the lats, traps, biceps, forearms, triceps, and more.
  • It helps you to improve your grip strength which later allows you to perform deadlifts, backcross, and other exercises conveniently at the gym.
  • Pull-up rods go easy on your joints and tendons. So if your body is prone to injuries, you can perform pull-up exercises without any fear.
  • You may not notice, but a pull-up bar saves you a lot of time because when you train your muscles without a pulling rod, it costs you big time.
  • These bars are portable. So you can use them at your home today and in your garage the other day.

Pull-up Bar FAQ

Q: Can I use a pull-up bar every day?

A: It depends on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, you should not perform pull-up exercises every day, but doing them every 2-3 days is safe and effective. You can gradually increase the frequency slowly.

Q: Does a pull-up bar ruin my door or wall?

A: A pull-up bar does not damage doors, ceilings, or walls if installed correctly. They have foam covers on the grip section to protect them from the impacts of damage. However, if you have a pretty old house where you can see a lot of cracks or rips, you should check it first by drilling. If the wall material doesn't come off, then you can install it.

Q: How many pull-ups are good for me?

A: Generally, men should be able to perform at least 8 reps. However, women can go for 1-3 reps in a single set. Besides, men who can do around 15 reps and women who can do around 7 reps are considered stronger and more fit.

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