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Cut Your Lawn with Little Effort with the Best Riding Lawn Mower

  1. Cub Cadet 22HP 46 in. Riding Lawn Mower
  2. John Deere 42 in. Riding Lawn Mower
  3. Snapper 24HP Riding Lawn Mower
  4. Husqvarna Garden Riding Mower
  5. Buyer's Guide

Lawn mowers are about as American as apple pie. They come in all shapes and sizes, with horsepower ratings to match. Virtually every hardware store, department store, and small engine shop will sell some type or brand of lawn mower, yet picking the best one of the bunch can turn into a confusing jumble.

First and foremost, a riding mower should be reliable and easy to use. Cutting grass is almost an afterthought because they were made to do just that. Each one will give a good account of themselves if you just want a lawn tractor to cut grass, but it just may come down to all of the other variables that might make or break a lawn tractor on anyone's best list.

Price, performance and bang for the buck are what to look for here in the top rated mowers, and the best lawn mower in 2022 will feature a combination of all three. After all, they will all cut grass, but what you get for the money is going to make the biggest difference.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers Worth Considering in 2022

best riding lawn mower

Cub Cadet 22HP 46 in. Riding Lawn Mower - Best Riding Lawn Mower Overall

You may find more expensive lawn tractors, you may find some with more options, but no other tractor gives you performance, price and superior user friendly operation than the Cub Cadet 22HP Kawasaki Lawn Tractor. The 22 horsepower engine is near bullet proof with power to spare, the hydrostatic tranny means no shifting, three cutting blades mounted to a 46-inch deck means a superior cut that gets you on and off the lawn faster. Add in a high back seat for comfort, available accessories for year round use at a price that won't break the bank, plus an optional 5 year limited warranty, and you have a winner here.

best lawn tractors

John Deere 42 in. Riding Lawn Mower - Runner Up

If you want the baddest of the bad, the best that money can buy, with price being no object, than the John Deere Lawn Tractor will suit your needs. The 22 horsepower engine has legendary reliability, it powers 3 blades for exceptional lawn cutting, and you can get an optional 62-inch deck that will finish any cutting job faster than any other. John Deere lawn tractors are the most heavy-duty units made, and refuse to break down under any situation. They also feature the most add-on accessories, from snow blowers to plows, lawn and garden tools and everything in between. And, this 4-wheel steering model will get you in and out of the tightest spaces with ease. If you have the money, you can't do better than this.

best riding lawn tractor

Snapper 24HP Riding Lawn Mower - Honorable Mention

If you want a lawn tractor with a name that has been synonymous with quality lawn care, look no further than the Snapper 24HP Lawn Tractor. It features an American legend Briggs & Stratton 24 horse engine, in its Pro Series V-Twin OHV configuration that gives you better fuel economy than most of the others. You'll get more cutting done for each gallon of gas you burn. The engine is hooked to a big 56-inch 3 blade mower deck, to get you on and off the lawn fast. It has a shiftless hydrostatic transmission, there are optional accessories like a bagger and wheel weights, and the high backed seat keeps you comfortable all day. A solid lawn tractor at a solid price.

Husqvarna Garden Riding Mower - Consider

The Husqvarna 24HP Lawn Tractor is made for smaller to medium sized lawns, but realistically, this is what most suburbanites looking for lawn tractors really need. It features a 24 horse Kawasaki engine, with bulletproof reliability in an OHV package that gives you a longer cutting time for each gallon of gas you use. You can accessorize this tractor with the most popular lawn tools, like a rake, bagger and even a sun shade. The hydrostatic transmission means no shifting, the twin cutting blades do a decent job on your lawn, and the high back seat means comfort all cutting day long.

Buyer's Guide

Most gardeners dream of having a verdant and leafy green lawn. Since a beautiful lawn enhances appearance, adds elegance, and increase monetary value to the property. To give a professional finish to a lawn and keep it in good condition, one of the best gardening tools is the lawn tractor.

A lawn tractor is a vehicle that you can ride to cut the grass off your lawn. There are several things to look for when you are looking for a lawn tractor, so it can be overwhelming and even a bit stressful at times. In this guide, we will shed light on a few considerations that can help you purchase the best grass cutting equipment for your lawn.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing the Best Lawn Mower?

Property Size

Lawn size is the first thing that you must keep in mind before purchasing a lawn tractor. It will help you determine the amount of horsepower you will require to get the job done quickly and easily. if you have a huge lawn, you should get a lawn tractor with wider wheels and a powerful engine. However, there many other affordable options if you have a small lawn to take care of.

Size of Mower Deck

The size of the mower deck significantly impacts the performance of your lawn tractor. A larger deck will let you cut extra grass more rapidly, but a smaller one will provide more agility. When selecting the mower deck size, make sure your tractor will be able to fit where it needs to go when the mower deck is attached to it.

Storage Space

We know that lawn tractors have a huge footprint. To park a lawn tractor, you need ample and secure storage space. So, think about the parking space before buying a lawn tractor.

What are the Important Features to Look for in a Lawn Mowing Tractor?

Uniform Wheel Sizes

As some lawn tractors have rear wheels larger than their front wheels, you should look for one with uniform wheel sizes because such vehicles are easier to maneuver.

Electric Start

This functionality eliminates the trouble of pull-starting the engine. However, bear in mind that the lawn mower models with the electric start feature need external charging.

Gas Gauge

Some riding mowers have a gas gauge feature that allows you to check the fuel while mowing, while others have a see-through tank. However, if you choose a less expensive variant, you have to stop the vehicle while driving and lift the hood to check the fuel.

Electric Power Takeoff Switch

The electric power takeoff switch of lawn tractors allows you to engage the blades without pulling a lever, which extended the life of the belt.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Though riding mowers with hydrostatic transmission are quite pricey, this feature smoothens the operation of the machine. It enables you to change their ground speed quickly and effortlessly without moving any added controls. However, the majority of mowers are controlled with a pedal rather than a lever.


When you ride a new lawn tractor, there are chances that you will smack it in a wall or a tree someday and destroy your hood. Purchasing a tractor with a bumper or adding one later can protect your machine from damages and enhance its look.

Hour Meter

You should look for a riding lawn mower with an hour meter because it needs maintenance according to its hourly usage. Though you can also integrate an hour meter later, the inbuilt variants eliminate that hassle and prolong the life of your equipment.

Safety Switch for Reverse

Lawn mowers instantly stop the blade movement as soon as you shift into reverse. The safety switch for reverse function allows you to mow in reverse. All you have to do is hold the button constantly or turn the key from forward to the reverse position.

Engine Size

If you want to haul a cart or integrate a snow thrower or a snow blade accessory, buying a riding lawn tractor with a larger engine is significant. So, consider this feature when purchasing a new lawn tractor.

How are Riding Mowers Beneficial?

  • A riding lawn mower allows you to continuously take care of your lawn even if you have back issues.
  • With the riding lawn mowers, you can buy extra attachments that can help you do the other gardening jobs.
  • A riding lawn mower allows you to do a variety of jobs, such as you can cut short grass, tall grass, and brush too.
  • The most important benefit of a riding lawn mower is the ability to use the equipment for snow removal whenever the need arises.
  • Once you buy the riding lawn mower, you never need to rent another landscaping tool again.

Final Words

There is neither a one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing the best lawn tractor nor is there any specific brand or model that will suit everybody. But a high-quality vehicle can help you with a variety of tasks, making landscaping easier and even more pleasant. This guide aims to help you choose the best lawn tractor that meets your requirements and keeps your lawn cleaner.

Lawn Mower FAQ

Q. How often should I have my lawn tractor serviced?

A. Regular maintenance of your lawn tractor is the most important thing to ensure it works effectively. However, the service usually depends on the hours you have used your lawn tractor. Generally, lawn tractors demand service at least once a year.

Q. Can I use my lawn tractor to cut wet grass?

A: Many lawn tractors have blades that are equipped to cut wet grass, but it is not advisable. Since it’s a little bit difficult to cut the wet grass rather than dry grass, it would be a good idea to let the grass dry before cutting it.

Q. How to clean the riding lawn tractor after mowing?

A. You should spray your whole lawn tractor with hose water and get it soaked. After that, you must wipe down the external side with a soft, soapy cloth. Finally, clean the tires last with soapy water.

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