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Avoid Pick Pockets With The Best Money Belts

  1. Longwu Travel Security Money Belt
  2. PacSafe Coversafe V100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Waist Wallet, Money Belt
  3. Gearbay6 RFID Money Belt Gray for Travel and Outdoor Activities Money Belt
  4. MYCARBON Money Belt for Travel,Secure Fanny Pack Money Belt
  5. Buyer's Guide

Tourists are often the targets of skilled pickpockets. If you’re traveling to a new area and want to be sure to keep your money and valuables safe, a money belt is a good investment. A money belt can be a pouch worn at the waist that holds documents, credit cards and money, or can be a literal belt that conceals cash with a zipper pocket. The best money belts in 2022 are discreet and easy to remove quickly, when you need to access the money. They are slim, undetectable to thieves and will give you peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

The Best Money Belts Models of 2022 in Detail

Longwu Travel Security Money Belt - Best Money Belt Overall

Eagle Creek’s Money Belt will surely fool all the pickpockets. All of your currency is hidden inside a normal looking belt. This discreet belt can conceal a whole lot of cash with a smart zippered pocket opening. It looks just like a regular sporty belt and doesn’t look bulky even when stuffed full. The All Terrain Money Belt is made of tough nylon that will last for years. It is also one size fits all – you can easily cut off the excess material to make it fit your waist perfectly. This belt is unisex and available in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

PacSafe Coversafe V100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Waist Wallet, Money Belt - Runner Up

The PacSafe CoverSafe Waist Wallet is a great money belt that is worn under pants for the ultimate protection against thieves. It’s solidly constructed of thick nylon that will last for years and is also comfortable to wear on long trips. The belt also features a removable water-resistant liner, which is great for trips to rainy climates. It has 2 zippers, made to carry cash, cards, passports and travel tickets in one small place. The waistband is wire reinforced, making it hard for someone to cut it off. It fits waist sizes 28-46 inches. The belt is available in both black and tan.

Gearbay6 RFID Money Belt Gray for Travel and Outdoor Activities Money Belt - Consider

Rick Steves is the popular host of the public television series, Rick Steves Europe and author of many travel books. This money belt is from his well-liked travel accessory collection. Countless reviewers praise this simple belt for its practicality and security during their travels. It is thin and fits easily under the pants or at the waist. It is invisible under clothing and provides the ultimate protection against pickpockets. The belt is made of silk and is comfortable and won’t be hot in warmer climates.

MYCARBON Money Belt for Travel,Secure Fanny Pack Money Belt - Best Money Belt

The Under Cover Silk Money Belt is a perfect belt to conceal cash, cards and other documents such as plane tickets and a passport. It fits slim under clothing and can be worn under pants or a shirt at the waist. It is made of silk and very comfortable against the skin. It has a soft elastic waistband that won't cut into the skin or irritate. It is great for long travels and makes your cash and documents easily accessible. This Under Cover belt has a main zippered compartment as well as a mesh organizational pocket for small goods.

Buyer's Guide

How To Find The Best Money Belt

Travel really does bring one back to life. It refreshes the mind and gets you in an entirely different zone. But let’s not kid ourselves; it isn’t always the most comfortable experience. You really don’t want to add an extra nuisance of constantly worrying about your cash and important documents. We look after you, and thus bring to your attention some of the key factors that should be considered before opting for the best money belt as your travel partner!

Where Are You Travelling To

Some people love the sight of adventure. This entails exploring new places that are not always the safest for tourists. Robberies and scams are very common and one has to be careful while walking down the streets. If you’re planning to visit one such place this year we suggest a good normal looking belt. This helps avoid excessive attention towards you and keeps your cash and cards safe at all times!

Some Key Features To Look Into

Materials Used

The cloth used to design your bag upfront will determine its durability and capability to hold important items. Your itinerary might consist of a long trek or a dusty drive down a desert safari. Well, you can sit back and relax as the premium nylon and silk bags can withstand the harshest of temperatures, pressure and movement. Their color and texture do not fade away and the things inside stay safe and in place!

Adjustable Waistband

A good money belt should fit people of all sizes. You might feel like taking it off at times and handing the carry duty over to your partner. An adjustable strap helps the bag easily grip around various waist sizes. So don’t worry about the extra loose or tight straps. You can walk around comfortably without worrying about dropping your personal items! Just fit the band according to your waist size and you’re ready for a good day of travel.


This might not sound important for a money belt at first but it does concern your security. You’d need a bag that can be camouflaged by your shirt and hence not attract excessive attention for a regular outing. If you’re visiting the mall or a safer festival a funky color would do no harm! We generally suggest opting for darker colors such as black and gray as they suit the travel attire and also keep the attention off of you.

RFID Blocking Technology

The advent of digital wallets and single card transactions have made travelling far more convenient. It’s always safer to carry a credit card rather than loads of cash. However, certain hackers have come up with means of electronic pickpocketing. Most of the brand new money belts come with an RFID blocking technology that insulates the emission of wireless information from your chips. They generally protect your money from digital theft!

Space And Compartments

Cash isn’t the only thing you want to protect while travelling! Tourists generally require carrying around their passports and important documents. All these items can be safely placed in a good money belt. This does not necessarily mean buying a bigger belt; you should go for options that are mid-sized and have a good storage capacity! We personally love the products that provide separate compartments for papers, cash, cards, phone and accessories! It makes your task way more convenient.

Other Options

You’re paying for a product! Thus always look for options that give you the best features. Some additions can include a water resistant surface or an additional linen to wrap the bag during a rainfall. Similarly some belts provide an additional loop for wired headphones. This helps you soothe to some relaxing music while taking a stroll.

Convenience And Comfort Come First

As we said travelling can take some physical toll. You might have to wear the belt for longer periods and thus the quality of the waistband becomes very important. A softer material like silk will help avoid excessive rubbing and sweating. Besides, you should not fill up the bag as a heavy weight around the waist can be very tiresome.

If you’re buying a zipper belt be very careful about the smoothness of the zips. If damaged, it can cause discomfort and inconvenience. The belt will in fact become useless with a broken zip.

Price Ranges

These belts will generally cost under 30 dollars. You can go for much cheaper options but a poor quality strap or a poor holding capacity can spill water over those beautiful outings. We suggest mid-range bags from reliable brands like Hiwego and Pacsafe to provide the best value for your money.


Q: What do you put in a money belt?
You can keep your cash, cards, and all other documents in a money belt. Some travellers also prefer tucking their phones inside. You should ideally separate various items through compartments. This helps in grabbing documents such as tickets and passports without disrupting the cash section.

Q: here do you wear a money belt?
Many travellers wear the belts above their waist lines. This attracts more attention and hence isn’t the safest option. We recommend tucking the belt under the pants. The soft grip doesn’t cause discomfort and your items stay hidden from any scammers or robbers.

Q: Are money belts easy to wear?
Yes, the best picks are very convenient to strap and take off. We know you might have to go through some checking at the airport security and thus bring you the most feasible picks!

Q: Is RFID blocking necessary?
This is a highly debatable topic. Many financial wizards believe that RFID scamming does not exist. We avoid the technicalities and suggest playing extra safe. There’s no harm in taking some precautions right?

Q: Are money belts comfortable?
Like any other product the comfort level will vary from one model to another. The best money belts are not only highly durable but come with the softest waistbands/straps that are resistant to sweat. It’s not just their grip that’s unmatched but also the stability.

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