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7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here's a small selection of gift ideas that are sure to impress Dad for Father's Day.

Fathers are an important figure in our lives, and we have a special day in June set aside to show our admiration. We came up with a few gift ideas ranging from leisure activities to thoughtful gadgets to celebrate Dads across the country.

Classic Shaving Kit

Though there are all kinds of different ways to shave quickly and conveniently in this day and age, there's a special kind of satisfaction that comes from participating in the old ways. This deluxe wet shaving kit from Gentleman Jon comes with all of the tools necessary for an old-fashioned close shave; rather than taking shortcuts with canned shaving cream or gel, there's lathering shave soap and a badger brush that encourages users to take their time and enjoy the process. The weighted metal safety razor is a far cry from the plastic-intensive cartridge types commonly found in supermarkets, and the double-sided razors hold an edge many times longer than expensive multi-blade disposable cartridges. Thanks to the outstanding quality of construction, this shaving kit may well become a permanent fixture in dad's bathroom.

Retro Gaming

The 90s were an interesting time for video game manufacturers; before Sony and Microsoft dominated the market with the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively, there was intense rivalry between Sega and Nintendo. The Genesis Mini is a throwback to an era when Sega produced their own hardware. Despite its diminutive size, the Genesis Mini comes pre-loaded with 40 games and also includes a pair of 3-button controllers that connect via USB. The attention to detail is simply magnificent - the miniature version looks exactly like a scaled-down Genesis console, right down to the moving volume slider and spring-loaded cartridge flap. This is a great gift choice for any tech-loving dad, and the unabashedly retro nature means it'll still be relevant for years to come.

Alternative for Nintendo fans: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition

Noise Cancelling Headphones

It's become nearly impossible to escape from all of the noise of the daily grind, but noise cancelling headphones have created a tech-forward way of doing just that. These Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones cost a mere fraction of either the Bose QuietComfort 35 II or Sony WH1000XM3 but perform the exact same function. The Life Q20 is fully wireless and utilizes Bluetooth to pair to any source; when paired with a phone, it can even be used as a Bluetooth headset for hands-free calls. There's also an aux port for a wired connection if Bluetooth isn't an option, such as older media players or desktop computers. The memory foam ear cups provide a comfortable fit while remaining breathable, and a fully charged battery lasts up to 40 hours.

Hot Sauce

Gringo Bandito is a hot sauce that was created by Dexter Holland, the front man from The Offspring. Quirky name and celebrity connection aside, it's one of the most popular hot sauces on the market thanks to its great flavor, excellent consistency, and wide availability. Both the red and green variants are perennial favorites; for dads who like to turn up the heat, this particular variety pack includes a single bottle of Gringo Bandito Super Hot. Though it's priced at a slight premium compared to other off-the-shelf hot sauce brands, we feel that Gringo Bandito rightfully earns its place in the gourmet/foodie niche. Regardless, Gringo Bandito is a versatile gift that won't break the bank, and we're sure any dad will appreciate the extra spice brought to the dinner table.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are an extremely popular way to enjoy fried foods without the drawbacks of the traditional oil bath. While there's plenty of debate regarding whether the results are comparable to standard deep-frying, thousands of happy air fryer owners can vouch for the convenience as well as the health benefits. This Ultrean Air Fryer offers a compact footprint to minimize counter space usage, but carries a generous 4.2-quart capacity thanks to its flat basket. The basket inserts can be detached for washing, and they're completely dishwasher safe as well. It's a little spendy at $80, but this air fryer should provide years of reliable service.

Magnetic Tool Wrist Band

For dads who are DIY enthusiasts, the Magband is a lifesaver. This neat contraption combines a velcro wristband with strips of magnets located throughout the band. Rather than constantly bending down to pick up screws or switch tools, the magnets in the wristband are strong enough to hold everything in a convenient spot - right against whichever wrist it's worn on. It's especially handy when working in tough-to-reach areas that require a ladder or crawling through tight spaces; in many cases, it'll dramatically cut down on the amount of time spent on a project or task. Best of all, it's downright affordable, meaning it's not unreasonable to get several of these as an extra-special "thank you" gift.

Tool Organizer

Having a wide range of tools for any job is always a wonderful thing, but keeping them all handy while working on a project can quickly become overwhelming. Though there are standard tool boxes available, chances are pretty high that dad's already got several of them. A bucket-based tool organizer is a more practical alternative, and it also offers the benefit of upright storage for the most often-used tools. Bucket Boss offers an ingenious system that fits snugly over most standard 5-gallon plastic buckets, and the storage pockets extend to the inside of the bucket for bulkier items that can potentially roll away. It's a great addition to any tool set, and dad will certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the concept.

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