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Work in Comfort: Best Office Chairs

  1. Furmax Computer Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
  2. Dowinx Office Chair With Lumbar Support
  3. BestOffice Adjustable Mid Back Task Office Chair
  4. Hbada Home Comfort Office Chair
  5. Amazon Basics Ergonomic Office Chair
  6. Yaheetech Mid-Back Big Cheap Office Chair
  7. Buyer's Guide

Global work patterns have changed since 2020. We’ve witnessed an era where workspaces have been redefined, where you might not need to work in a cubicle; instead, you might be asked to work from home. While your environment might have changed, your comfort shouldn’t. So, we bring to you the best office chairs in 2022.

Be it a stiff back, sore arms, or a tight neck, all you need is good, comfortable seating that can help you to relax and relieve the physical strain of work. This also means you’ll be able to put your mind to the task at hand and be far more productive. Don’t stress out about finding the right fit for you — we've compiled detailed reviews of our favorite office chairs.

Compare The Best Office Chairs Of 2022

Furmax Computer Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair - Best Overall

Our first pick is ideal for people looking for soft back support. This Furmax chair comes with a very comfortable padded seat, and its ergonomic design makes it an ideal fit for almost any work environment. We personally love how adjustable this product is. The armrests come unattached and allow you to choose whether to put them on or not. The mesh back provides support and airflow while working, and the soft surface ensures back support to help avoid any strain or stiffness. You can even adjust the height of the chair, making the seat comfortable for all.

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Can support up to 265 pounds of weight
  • Heavy-duty base and 360-degree swivel wheels allow for convenient movement
  • Armrests cannot be lowered or raised

Dowinx Office Chair With Lumbar Support - Another Top Pick

If you work from home, you probably spend hours hunched over a laptop. An uncomfortable work chair can leave you with back pain or a strained neck. This office chair has a built-in massager that will keep your back from aching, even after long shifts.

  • Has built-in massager
  • Leg rest to rest your feet on
  • Optimal lumbar support
  • Leather might be squeaky

It’s got smooth wheels so you can easily maneuver it around. Not only does it provide you with optimal lumbar support, but it also has a footrest. In fact, this office chair is so comfortable that you can even take a nap on it. This brilliant office chair will help you improve your posture as well. It is durable and will last you a long time, allowing you to work while being comfortable.

BestOffice Adjustable Mid Back Task Office Chair - Runner Up

This home office chair is one of the most premium products available in this price range. It comes with a high-density sponge cushion which provides a relaxing surface for you to rest on. The mesh back design alongside the lumbar support also makes for ideal back cushioning. This chair is perfectly engineered — the foam even adjusts to your seating position over time. With adequate support, you can stay seated for hours without discomfort. The armrests are optional to add and the height is also adjustable, so you tailor the chair's configuration to your workspace.

  • Strong base allows raising the chair by 3.5 inches
  • Solid support for 250 pounds
  • Seat feels like comfortable memory foam
  • Does make squeaking sounds at times

Hbada Home Comfort Office Chair - Honorable Mention

The back design is very crucial for any chair, and this pick has a mid-style ergonomic backrest that adjusts to the natural curve of your back. It helps you sit in a comfortable position and relaxes all the muscles in your back. The backrest is also made of mesh to allow for breathability and flexibility. We also love how you can conveniently flip the armrests around so you can push the chair under your desk. Or, flip up the armrests when you would like more space while sitting down. Its base is well-balanced to avoid any accidental slides or flips and the swivel wheels make it easy to move the chair around without making a lot of noise.

  • Wheels move around easily
  • At an adequate height for most users
  • Has rounded corners for safety
  • Only available in two standard colors

Amazon Basics Ergonomic Office Chair - Contender

A mesh back design doesn’t suit everyone, so our next pick is an upholstered high-back chair that is ideal for people with back issues. Its backrest and seating cushion have been designed using polyurethane bonded leather, making it highly comfortable as well as durable. The armrests are also padded to provide for a relaxing work experience. With a durable base standing on five legs, you can swivel 360-degrees. We also love the additional features that allow for adjustments in the height, position, and motion of this chair. It is also available in three color choices.

  • Gives your office a more professional look
  • Leather used is highly durable and long-lasting
  • Uses dual caster wheels to minimize the chances of skidding or flipping
  • Depth of this chair is slightly less compared to other options

Yaheetech Mid-Back Big Cheap Office Chair - Consider

Our final pick is ideal for seating arrangements in smaller spaces. Yaheetech's office chair comes with two distinctive features that make it very comfortable. First, the backrest comes with lumbar support to relax your lower back. Its unique design also ensures minimum perspiration, even in a stuffy room, because of the breathable mesh back. Second, its high-density foam relaxes your bottom and helps you pull off longer hours seated at work. The lever attached with a gas lift cylinder lets you adjust the rise and tilt of the seat so you can be positioned perfectly. Just like any other option on this list, the 5 swivel wheels make it more convenient to move across your office.

  • Back design supports the natural curve of your spine
  • Tilt tension knob on the base allows you to set the recline angle to your preferences
  • The wide seat allows for some room to move
  • Not as tall as other office chairs

Buyer's Guide

Furniture is a vital part of our personal and work lives. We spend the majority of our time at work sitting in front of a computer. You might be compiling a report, adjusting a PPT, or just going over the recent financials. In any case, one tends to feel a physical strain on their back, arms, and lower body after sitting for too long. According to a recent study, a desk job requires you to spend over 2,000 hours in front of a computer screen over the course of a year.

So, let’s help you enhance your overall productivity levels and provide the utmost comfort you deserve. If your office chair fits the following standards, you’re golden.

What are some features to look out for?

Back support

The primary reason to buy a good quality office chair is to support your back at work. Our sitting position defines our posture, which in turn affects the stability of the back muscles. The best chairs come with a comfortable backrest that provides support to the spinal cord and keeps your posture straight.

We suggest a mesh-back design for people working long hours while sitting in the same spot. The open structure allows for better airflow and keeps you sweat-free on hot afternoons. A high-back design is more suited to conference rooms.

Seat type

Well, if an office chair has the most premium back support but an uncomfortable bottom seat, it will eventually lose its purpose. We’ve opted for products that come with leather or sponge seats. These materials provide for a higher base and softer materials to rest the buttocks on.

The thick pad also allows for a better grip and movement. You won’t get tired of sitting for longer hours. Sponge cushions also ensure you’re not bothered by itching or sweating while focusing on work. Some of these cushions will contour to your body, further supporting you and keeping you comfortable at work.

Base strength

While you might be sitting on the cushion and resting against the backrest, the base of a chair defines its safety and durability. It comprises of the entire lower structure that provides support to the cushion while holding the legs in place. A strong base would ideally bear more than 250 pounds of weight, allowing one to safely use the seat without worrying about it collapsing.

Furthermore, it holds the chair in place while maintaining all wheels stay firmly on the ground. This, in turn, helps avoid any tripping incidents and ensures convenient, smooth movement across the workspace.

Design and theme

Well, we’re not all about comfort, are we? You’ve worked very hard to design your workplace and home office. We know how furniture equipment can either enhance or degrade that entire theme! Thus, the most suitable pick for you would provide a wide range of colors to choose from. The design of this chair should also be formal or casual and add to the overall appeal of your surroundings. You’ll notice how we’ve mentioned more suitable options for conference rooms, cubicles, and individual spaces in our picks.


A good product is versatile and allows for multiple adjustments to accommodate various users. An office chair is no different! The best options come with a lever that helps adjust the height and recline the angle of the chair. You might be suited to a high position at times, or just want to sit back and relax those back muscles. All you have to do is push or pull the lever and adjust your position accordingly. Other important features include a tilt tension knob and rounded corner design that make the product sturdier and safer to use around children.

We always suggest looking at the dimensions of an office chair before making a purchase. The length and width give you a better idea of the space you’ll be working with, whereas the height dictates the angle and posture you’ll maintain.

What is the price range of office chairs?


Furniture equipment comes in a lot of variety! The inexpensive category of office chairs ranges from $40 to $200. These include comfortable options that allow for slightly lesser adjustments. In case you’re looking for a product that does not eat up your entire paycheck, this is your go-to category.


This category includes chairs ranging from $200 to $500. They are slightly more comfortable and often allow for more adjustability and support. You also get additional features like armrest adjustment and motion locks with these chairs.


This is a premium list that comprises options ranging from $600 to over a grand. These chairs are highly customized and are generally used in media offices. The additional options allow for more comfort and you typically do get what you pay for.

Office Chair FAQ

Q: How do I choose a chair for back pain?

A: In this case, we recommend buying a high-back chair that provides the option of adjusting its recline angle as well as lumbar. The high back design provides additional support to your neck and spinal cord, thus helping to reduce any pain from stiff muscles.

Q: Are office chairs bad for your back?

A: We’d rather rephrase this question: poor quality office chairs are bad for your back! You will commonly come across such options that have the most uncomfortable back support, a hard cushion, and non-adjustable armrest. These chairs will eventually spoil your posture and lead to major back issues over time.

Q: Should my feet touch the ground on a chair?

A: Yes! That’s why we refer to adjustable options that help accommodate users with different heights. Grounded feet lead to better support and alignment and an even spread of weight across the muscles. Dangling feet can in fact put more pressure on the back as you overcompensate for lack of grounding support.

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