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For Traveling, Camping, Or Prepping, These Are The Best On-The-Go Solar Solutions of 2022

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Keep all your devices charged and ready with clean, renewable solar power.

The average U.S. adult now has 25 connected devices, according to the Connectivity & Mobile Trends 2021 Survey from Deloitte. While some of those devices stay plugged in, such as TVs and smart home hubs, most are mobile devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. That’s a lot of stuff to keep charged. But the good news is that there’s also been a dramatic increase in the number of innovative products designed to keep these devices powered up while you’re on the go. And the most promising products are ones that make use of the latest advancements in solar power.

Of course, when you were a kid, you probably figured the whole world would run on solar power by now. Unfortunately, we all know that reality has not kept pace with our expectations. However, things are getting better. Every year, more and more products run on solar power, and some of them are real game-changers.

Want to make clean, renewable solar power a more prominent part of your lifestyle? Below you’ll find our picks for the best on-the-go solar solutions.

Solgaard Lifepack Backpack

The Lifepack Backpack from Solgaard is a stylish backpack that will help keep your devices charged on the go. Constructed from upcycled ocean plastic, the thoughtfully designed Lifepack has a built-in solar panel that charges its built-in power bank. When fully charged, the power bank has enough juice for five charges of your smartphone, and two hours of sunlight is enough for a 50-percent charge. Last but not least, its laptop sleeve and built-in anti-theft lock make it the ultimate backpack for the modern nomad.

SunJack 25 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Charger

A solar backpack is great for moving around the city. But for longer adventures in the great outdoors or during emergencies, you need something that can provide a little more juice. That’s where the SunJack 25 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Charger comes in. This portable solar panel is durable, 100-percent weatherproof, weighs just three pounds, and folds up to the size of a tablet. However, in full sunlight, it's capable of putting out up to two amps of power per USB port - enough to charge a phone as fast as a household wall outlet. The Sunjack 25 also comes with two 10,000 mAh power banks that can hold enough juice for about ten charges, and its carabiner clips make it easy to strap on to backpacks, tent lines, or anything else.

Luci Solar Bike Light Set

Not all solar products charge other devices. Sometimes they’re just intended to charge themselves. Such is the case with the Luci Solar Bike Light Set. Most bike lights use either standard double- or triple-A batteries. Otherwise, you have to detach them from your bike and recharge them with a USB cable. However, the brilliantly designed Luci Solar Bike Light Set charges itself while you ride, thanks to a built-in solar panel. A full charge requires about eight hours of sunlight and produces roughly 15 hours of light at 100 lumens. So anybody who rides their bike more than two hours a week should have no problem keeping their lights charged. These lights can fit any size handlebar or seatpost. And yes, there is an option to recharge via USB as well.

GoSun SolarTable 60

The GoSun SolarTable 60 is exactly what the name suggests: a portable table with a built-in solar panel that pumps out a whopping 60W of electricity. That’s enough juice to power laptops, cameras, phones, lights, speakers, or even portable coolers. It’s 48-inches long, 28-inches wide, and weighs just 24 pounds. The GoSun SolarTable 60 is also durable and water-resistant, making it perfect for camping trips, pool parties, beach outings, and a dozen other activities.

GoSun Fusion™ Hybrid Solar Oven

The Fusion™ Hybrid Solar Oven from GoSun takes mobile cooking to the next level without impacting the environment. It can go as hot as 550ºF, meaning it's one of the most capable solar ovens on the market (and possibly your kitchen oven as well). The tray is large enough to hold up to 101 ounces of food, so you have the option to provide enough food to feed a party of five. It sets up in minutes, and it collapses into a compact 14-pound tube when not in use. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your campsite fare or you want to prepare for the apocalypse, the Fusion Hybrid Solar Over is a must-have. Oh, and it can also run on a 12V power source in a pinch. So if you want to plug it into your car, boat, or RV, go nuts.

Generark Solar Generator (HomePower ONE Series)

Our last recommendation is a solar product designed to power… well, everything. The Generark Solar Generator is a high-powered portable emergency system capable of powering mobile devices, home appliances, tools, medical devices, and more. It has eight different outputs providing both AC and DC power and can hold a charge for up to one year. As for performance, the Generark Solar Generator can power a refrigerator for 5-14 hours, a microwave for 1-7 days, a computer for a week, a router for 5-14 days, and two cell phones for a week. Best of all, it takes just eight hours to charge with the included solar panels. If you’re the kind of person who likes to prepare for anything, the Generark Solar Generator system is for you.

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