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5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio More Comfortable

The patio is one part of the house that stands for maximum relaxation whether it is late spring, summer, or early fall. Everyone loves spending time out on the patio. There’s just something about sitting under the shade and listening to music with the birds singing, leaves and trees rustling, and the cool wind caressing your entire body. Pure bliss!

Since you enjoy spending most of your time there, you may as well turn it into an outdoor living space. It doesn’t matter if it is a big patio or a small one, the looks can be changed just by adding a few things to it. With the right accessories and furniture, the most mundane patios can turn into an inviting private escape away from everything. Here are some ideas on how to make your patio look beautiful.

Create Comfort

Create layers of comfort from top to bottom. Add soft cushions that you’d love to curl up on to read a book or have a chat with friends.

Colorful rugs and throw pillows should be added to the mix. Hang pretty curtains - this is an inexpensive yet decorative way of creating walls and ensuring privacy.

Aside from the couch, you may also want to provide extra seating such as floor pillows. These don’t take up much space and can easily be pulled out when you have people visiting.

Having a place to lounge on lazy days is something you might look forward to. A hammock or a daybed is perfect for days when you want to put your feet up and relax.

When choosing furniture, you should go with one that is multifunctional. For instance, a side table can also serve as extra seating if you’re hosting people.

Flowers and greenery create a beautiful ambiance that help you relax. Hanging greenery, potted plants, and colorful flowers will turn any bland-looking patio into a magical one.

A small dining area can be set up; if you're working with a smaller space, bistro tables are the perfect solution. These can be folded and stored away, and you can bring them out only when you need to use them.


When decorating a patio, you need to make a statement with lighting. LED lights, outdoor cords, and light bulbs are perfect for the patio. When the sun goes down and you're not ready to head back inside yet, good lighting comes to the rescue to ensure that you can stay comfy on your patio until you decide you're done.

Play around with the lighting and find what works best for you. Soft glows are relaxing and won’t take away from nature’s ambiance.

Patio Misting

During summer, it can sometimes get unbearably hot! Even when you’re outside trying to steal a breeze or two, the air still feels stifling and you’re sweating all over. Patio misting may be the best solution for times like these.

Patio misters are like sprinklers but operate in a more controlled manner. Instead of creating streams of water, they're designed to let out mist-like water to lower the surrounding air temperature and help you cool off. Patio misters are easy to install and operate, and will last for a long time if properly maintained.

Patio Heater

No matter what season, it can get chilly during the evenings. On some days, you may want to go relax on your patio but you're afraid that you might catch a cold. A patio heater solves either problem completely.

A patio heater can be either gas or electric. Each has its benefits and drawbacks - a gas-powered system is generally more portable, but the canister will have to be replaced periodically. Electric patio heaters don't rely on a power source that needs to be replaced, but the power cord limits how far you can place it away from an outlet. When the temperature drops, you can continue to enjoy your patio in comfort with a heating system to keep you warm.


Winter weather shouldn't stop you from enjoying your patio if you have the right equipment. If you are more into the traditional style of heating or you want to combine two heating systems, consider adding a fire pit to your patio. Aside from its ability to get you warmed up, the glow from a fire pit draws people together and creates a beautiful outdoorsy ambiance, completing your patio décor.

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