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Win with the Best Table Tennis Paddle

  1. Killerspin Table Tennis Paddle
  2. Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddle
  3. PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Paddle
  4. Cornilleau Excell Table Tennis Paddle
  5. JOOLA Rosskopf Classic Table Tennis Paddle
  6. Butterfly Shakehand Table Tennis Paddle
  7. STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket
  8. Buyer's Guide

The right table tennis paddle can be tailored to your style of play or pre-assembled. Most professional players pay hundreds of dollars to get the perfect blade and rubber, but luckily you don't have to, and why would you if you're not interested in a career on the tour circuit. For the casual player, a pre-assembled paddle should do the trick just fine and these best picks were chosen along two very specific and crucial components, the rubber and the blade.

The rubber is that spongy layer on either one or both sides of the racket and for the purposes of this list, we selected only double sided models. Double-sided foam is better suited for players who aren't professionals and these rackets all come with smooth rubber, which afford greater control on the ball. That makes it easier to put it where you want and the stickier the rubber, the more spin you can achieve.

The thickness of the rubber is a matter of personal preference, the thicker it is the more speed you get, the thinner it is the more control you'll have. You might want to try a few out but the rackets on our list stay within the sweet spot of 1.8mm-2.1 mm which affords a good amount of both.

The other component, the blade, is just as important and you want something that uses a number of layers in its composition, Five ply is commonly preferred by most players but you can find as much as seven. Much like with the rubber thickness, blade thickness also affects ball performance with thinner blades offering better control and thicker blades offering up more power. Now that you know all the vitals, give our best table tennis paddles in 2022 picks a look and then try a few out to find the perfect balance that's right for you.

Best Table Tennis Paddles of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Killerspin Table Tennis Paddle - Best Table Tennis Paddles Overall

Killerspin has made the JET200 for giving players some killer spin on the ball. The blade is 5-ply wood, comes with a 1.8mm sponge and measures 5.9mm thick for a racket that’s all about delivering powerful spin while maintaining firm control. The rubber isn't overly tacky but the JET200 has been built for just enough grip to hold the ball for that split second impact and deliver it back at your opponent with speed and precision, especially on topspin forehands. This paddle is aggressive and lightweight, but best of all, it's priced affordably enough to let burgeoning players enjoy its advantages at a price of around $30.

Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddle - Best Control

With high-quality rubber padding, these ping pong paddles offer powerful spin and excellent control. They are perfectly suitable for any kind of table — both inside and outside. The handles are made from first-grade wood and are glued together with premium adhesive for better longevity. They are sweat-proof and have outstanding craftsmanship. With this purchase, you will also receive eight different white and orange table tennis balls that are crafted from durable ABS material. They are perfectly suitable for amateurs and super-professional ping pong players. On top of everything, both of the paddles and balls come packed in quality packaging as well — making it a perfect fit opportunity for some of your closest friends.

PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Paddle - Highest Quality

Made with ultra-smooth handles and high-quality material, Pro-Spin offers professional-grade ping pong paddles that deliver high-performance with added spin and control. The paddles have custom-designed triple-sanded handles that enable you to play your best game in comfort and style. The paddle face has a high-quality rubber surface that gives a good spin on returns and facilitates solid contact. In addition to good playing quality, these ping pong paddles have a good feel and aesthetics.

You will get a 1-year warranty with these paddles. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor ping pong settings for both kids and adult players. So no matter what your age group is, you can hit smashes and confidently serve with these high-quality paddles. Get the perfect combo of quality and style with Pro-Spin ping pong paddles!

Cornilleau Excell Table Tennis Paddle - Runner Up

Every component of the Excell 3000 has been carefully considered and designed to help make your shot response quicker with greater stability and accurate precision. It all starts with the 5-ply wooden blade that uses carbon inserts which add stiffness to the paddle. Then, a 2mm thick covering of Fast Sponge backing is laid down beneath Cornilleau's ITTF approved Performa 2 rubber. These three elements combine to add speed on your topspin and power to every shot.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the Excell's handle, which has been perforated with two circular channels running through it. These modifications provide better handling and performance by pushing all of the energy of your blade into the head of the paddle. This feature, combined with the perpendicular positioning of the fibers in each ply of the blade itself, results in a paddle that affords you maximum control alongside all that speed and strength. This paddle truly is a triple threat.

JOOLA Rosskopf Classic Table Tennis Paddle - Honorable Mention

The Rosskopf Classic is an advanced paddle that uses a 5-ply wooden blade with a flared handle and 2.0mm soft sponge laid under JOOLA's ITTF rated "4 You" inverted rubber. The 4 You is an offensive-minded rubber that has inverted pips and a smooth, sticky top surface that brings higher spin and top speed to your shot. This also affords improved control, even in a paddle that feels heavier than some of the other picks on our list. You'll feel the difference after just a few games and despite the steep price, retailing around $100, this is a great racket for any emerging player who thinks they're ready to take their game to the next level.

Butterfly Shakehand Table Tennis Paddle - Consider

The 401 is a shakehand paddle made of Butterfly's usual high quality wood and is layered in a 2.1 mm sponge, giving you enough control and spin on the ball without alienating the offensive player who likes having speed on their side. The blade has been enveloped in the company's Yuki rubber on both side, offering enough of a sticky texture to get some real power and spin on the ball. The handle they slapped on this one is a bit shorter than usual which might require an adjustment period for some players as they acclimate to the length. Maintenance on this paddle is key, otherwise the rubber might lose some of it's sticky texture, so make sure to store in in the included cover when the games are over.

STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket - Best Table Tennis Paddle

The Pure Color advance is certainly one of the more eye-catching choices on the list, equipped with a 5-ply blade with concave handle and the rubber they use on the 3 Star line, this is a racket for the beginner and intermediate players alike. That 3 Star rubber produces strong spin and elevated control. Using Stiga's ACS technology the rubber is made up of numerous microscopic air-capsules which keep it lightweight while still providing the right combination of elasticity and control. Stiga has also given it their Crystal tech which hardens the surface of the blade for increased speed and velocity combined with precision and control for accurate placement of your shot.

Buyer's Guide

When you’re going to buy a set of table tennis paddles, you need to make sure that you’re going for the best ones out there, unless you want to compromise on the playing experience. Even the most skilled of players would not be able to bring out their A-game, unless they have the right equipment to play with.

In order to make sure that you’re able to select the best table tennis rackets that are available out there, you should definitely follow the guide that we’ve prepared after taking into consideration tons of different products and what customers think about them. Here’s everything you need to know before being able to select the best table tennis paddles in 2022:

What are the most important components of ping pong rackets?

A ping pong racket consists of 4 major components: handle, blade, rubber, and sponge, it is important that you understand what each of them is used for, as you can opt for a different variety and variations amongst each of the component, to select the perfect ping pong paddle for yourself.

The perfect table tennis paddles for you would be the right combination of the above mentioned components. If you’re able to choose the components that suit your requirements, you would definitely be able to elevate your game.

What are the types of handles that should be considered while buying the best table tennis paddles?

The handle of a racket will determine how well you can grip and control the racket. There are three types of handles that are commonly utilized across the world:

  • Straight Handles:

As suggested by the name itself, the shape of straight handles is completely straight and the width is uniform across the entire handle. This type of handle allows the player to change how they grip the racket as they play. Straight handles are suitable for beginners that are not accustomed to different grips that might be required for the other two types of handles.

  • Flared Handles:

Flared handles are quite popular across the international community of players. These handles are narrow on the top while broader towards the bottom, forming a concave shape. Players believe that it provides them with better grip and control over the racket.

  • Anatomic Handles:

The anatomic handles are broader towards the middle of the handle and players that require more stability for their shots usually prefer handles with anatomic grips.

How to choose the Blade, Rubber, and Sponge when looking for the best ping pong paddles?

The Blade

You should always choose the right blade for your racket so that it compliments your style of playing. A blade can consist of up to 9 layers of wood, determining how thick your racket would be. Usually, thicker blades are more firm and are suitable for aggressive and fast strokes, while the thinner blades provide room to generate more spin. Depending upon your style of play, you can opt for the blade that suits your requirements.

The Rubber

The surface of a racket that makes contact with the ball is called the rubber. It is a layer of rubber over the sponge and it can have different variations that can influence a lot of aspects of your game. The rubber can vary in terms of how hard it is, which can dictate how much spin and control you can introduce into your game. A softer rubber allows you to generate more spin at lower speeds while the harder rubber allows you to get more spin at higher speeds. Beginners would usually find a softer rubber more suitable while professional players prefer a harder rubber.

The Sponge

The sponge that’s used in a table tennis racket can influence the control and power that you can introduce into your shots. Thinner sponge usually allows players to exert more control over their shots while compromising on the power of the shot. On the contrary, thicker sponge lets you increase the power of your shots while compromising on the control. As both variations have their pros and cons, the decision to opt for a thick or a thin sponge depends entirely on your style of play.

Which material should be preferred while looking for the best table tennis rackets?

The blade of a table tennis racket can either be made entirely out of wood or a combination of wood and carbon. Wood is usually the go-to blade material for beginners and a lot of professional players as well, as it provides better control and an overall feel. On the other hand, carbon blades are relatively faster, which makes them difficult to control for beginners but professional players that know how to use the speed to their advantage, would prefer carbon blades.

While most players would be using a blade that is made entirely out of wood, it is important to understand the type of wood that is being used in the blade, to ensure that you’re getting a racket that is reliable, durable, and suitable for your style of play.

The best types of wood that you can opt for include Balsa, Limba, Kiri, Spruce, and Koto. All of these types vary in terms of their weight and density, allowing you to opt for the one that is good enough for you.


Can Table Tennis Paddles be Customized?

Yes, You can get customized table tennis paddles, combining the features and components that you want. It is recommended that you opt for a reliable vendor/manufacturer while seeking customized table tennis rackets.

Which Table Tennis Paddles are suitable for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, you can choose any pre-assembled racket with a straight handle and wooden blade. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game and the equipment, you can experiment with different variations within the components.

How to care for your Table Tennis Racket?

As everything is prone to wear and tear, so are table tennis rackets. However, you can take some precautions to extend the usable life of your rackets and keep their condition better. It is recommended that you use a good quality racket case/cover and protect your rackets from direct sunlight, dirt, and liquid spills.

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