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The Best Pizza Makers for Fresh-Baked Pizza in Minutes

  1. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Maker
  2. Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker
  3. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker
  4. Brevile Pizza Maker
  5. BakerStone O-AJLXX-O-000 Portable Gas Pizza Oven
  6. Buyer's Guide

In days gone by, true pizza chef’s utilized wood or coal fire to heat cast-iron baking ovens for making traditional pizzas. Most commercial pizzerias still use a similar setup with ovens manufactured with steel components and either electrical or gas fired. Of course, having an oven like that isn't really practical although the best home pizza ovens can mimic those baking conditions in a variety of ways. Since there are both gas and electrically powered pizza makers available, you'll also have to decide which type is right for your lifestyle.

Any dedicated pizza oven will consume less energy than your regular kitchen oven. This is especially appealing if you throw pizza parties, have a large family to feed, or have simply have kids who enjoy a couple of pizzas per week. The more pizza baked, the greater the savings over using your kitchen oven to cook them in. Whether you’re preparing a frozen pizza, one you make from scratch, or a take-and-bake type, you’re likely to end up with a perfectly baked pizza with one of our following picks we’ve chosen.

Making pizza should be as hassle free as possible so we’ve ensured each of these pizza ovens will either have a non-stick surface if it’s a plate-type pizza maker, or a removable drip try if it’s modeled after a more traditional oven. Each pizza maker will be capable of reaching 400 degrees or higher to ensure baked crust, perfectly melted cheese, and fully cooked toppings. These picks of the best pizza makers in 2022 are also all portable and depending on the type, you'll be able to set them up on a counter top, a patio, take them camping, or to even to the ball game for tailgating. Their portability also ensures that when you’re finished making pizza, you'll be able to store them in a convenient, out of the way place.

Best Pizza Makers Worth Considering in 2022

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Maker - Best Pizza Maker Overall

For the most authentic pizza possible that correctly imitates the way a brick oven cooks pizza, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is the top of the pops. Nothing makes preformed or artisan pizzas as delicious as this. This pizza maker runs on natural gas, either from a small lantern cylinder which makes it incredibly portable (think camping, tailgating or any other outdoor activity) or you can hook it up to a bulk propane tank for RV's or patio cooking.

This outdoor pizza oven produces 17,000 BTU's of heat, making it capable of reaching about 700 degrees for nearly perfect crust and top cooking. The heat settings are adjustable and after about a 10-15 minute warming period, you'll be able to make pizza in less than 15 minutes. With a pizza stone included, you can cook a couple of 10 inch round pizzas inside. Alternately, if you like making artisan pizzas, you'll be good to go as long as they fit on the 13.25 by 20-inch stone. When it comes to pizza makers, you won't get better results than with the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven.

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker - Runner Up

For cooking frozen pizza to perfection, the Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven is one-of-a-kind. Electrically powered and made to fit on virtually any counter top, this may be the perfect sleep-over or kid’s party pizza. With zero warm-up time needed, all you do is just put the pizza on the plate, turn it on and the unit instantly begins cooking, even if the pizza itself is frozen solid. This pizza maker is large enough to hold a single 12-inch pizza, and they will be done in less than 15 minutes. Nothing could be easier, and you can make pizza after pizza to satisfy the hunger of you and the gang.

The non-stick cooking plate is damp-wipe clean, it comes with two burners (one for the plate and one overhead to effectively melt the cheese and cook the toppings) and it's versatile enough to make other party favorites like wings, pizza rolls, and jalapeño poppers. Better still, it comes with a two year warranty, and if purchased at a department store you may be able to get an extended warranty for a few extra bucks. For the most fun when making a pizza, and one that the kids will love to watch rotating and cooking, the Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven is a winner.

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker - Honorable Mention

For a more versatile pizza maker that can make a variety of items, including nachos, quesadillas, tostadas and even giant chocolate chip cookies, the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker is a good choice.

After about a 10 minute warm-up to 400 degrees, the indicator light comes on to let you know this pizza maker is ready to prepare a 12-inch frozen pizza for you in about eight minutes. It's the easiest unit to use on our list; just open the top, put the pizza on the plate, close it up and that's all there is. While you'll need to monitor the cooking, the crust will come out crispy and the top will come out gooey. This appliance cleans up with a damp cloth as well as being lightweight and compact in size so it’s easy to store.

The Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker is the least expensive pizza maker on this list and it is also the simplest to use. If you want no-brainer pizza making, this will be your best choice.

Brevile Pizza Maker - Consider

Sometimes making pizza is all about the "fun factor," and no other pizza maker comes close to the CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven in this regard. This electric pizza making oven is shaped and designed like a square pizza delivery box, which is large enough to hold a 12-inch frozen pizza. The top and bottom cooking elements work to make a crispy crust and a melted top, it rotates inside for even and complete cooking, and there’s even enough room inside for a rising crust pizza. This unit has a timer and a temperature gauge on the front, so all you have to do it “set it and forget it”.

This pizza maker takes the longest of our picks to prepare a pizza at just around 20 minutes or so, but the fun factor can't be overstated. Kids of all ages will love to make pizza in the "box" as well as the simple novelty and uniqueness of its appearance. The fact that this fun little unit turns out wonderfully cooked pizza makes the CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven a keeper for any kitchen countertop.

BakerStone O-AJLXX-O-000 Portable Gas Pizza Oven - Best Pizza Maker

If you’re someone who wants their pizza in a hurry (with emphasis on “hurry”), the Blackstone 1575 Patio Oven has you covered. This outdoor pizza oven runs on natural gas and puts out a tremendous 60,000 BTU's/1000 degrees of adjustable heat. At full pizza cooking power it will make a hot, fresh pizza ready to eat in just in under 1 minute! Plainly put, if you need to crank out pizzas in a hurry, nothing cooks them faster than this baby, right here.

The units pizza stone rotates as it cooks your pizza, with the rotating unit inside operating under either battery power or you can use the included AC adapter if an outlet is available nearby. You'll be able to make a big 16-inch pizza or several smaller or artisan pizzas inside the oven, whichever you prefer. Granted, this pizza maker may be a bit overkill for daily use, but it's considerable abilities cannot be denied for parties or other large social functions when you want a lot of pizza cooked fast. The Blackstone 1575 Patio Oven isn’t inexpensive, but it makes terrific pizza in no time at all.

Buyer's Guide

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pizza Maker

Size and weight

The size of your pizza oven ultimately decides how large your pizza turns out to be. So if you have a large family to feed or enjoy a decent portion, then size should definitely be a priority when shopping for an oven. Generally, large-sized ovens possess space to comfortably accommodate 12 to 16-inch pizzas. That being said, if you live alone, then there’s no point in wasting money on extra-large ovens. Meanwhile, the portability of your pizza maker should also be taken into account. Unless the countertop or patio is its final home, you should aim for a lightweight oven that can easily be taken out for picnics and gatherings while ensuring efficient storage.


You’ll usually come across two types of models when oven hunting -indoor and outdoor. Depending on where you plan to house your appliance, you can choose a version that’s best suited to the environment. While indoor models have the perk of effortless, four-season access to the baking device, they are also perfect for people who don’t have the backyard real estate to house an entire outdoor pizza oven. On the other hand, an outdoor design is more befitting if you have a location outside planned. Keep in mind that contrary to indoor ovens which run on electricity, outdoor versions do require gas or wood as fuel sources to operate.

Countertop space

If you’re planning to keep your pizza maker in the kitchen then you should definitely consider the amount of countertop space you possess and are willing to lend the oven. Based on your availability, you can either opt for a compact or a more substantial design for larger pizzas.

Controls and extensions

The traditional process of making pizzas involved passing the pizzas through extremely high temperatures which would result in that robust flavor and aroma. Whilst these pizzas were made in classical brick ovens, it is still possible to attain those high temperatures and rich flavor in your modern pizza maker at home, if you pick wisely. To ensure this, look for an oven that has both top and bottom heating segments to establish high temperatures. As for accessories, it’s convenient to have prearranged cooking settings to avoid rough calculations, as well as trays and stones to make the experience more user-friendly.

What are the Different Types of Pizza Makers?


These outdoor pizza ovens perfectly encapsulate that char-grilled flavor while maintaining an old-fashioned approach for traditional folks. Furthermore, a coal-powered oven may be your best bet if you want authentic smoky tones in your pizza and baked goods, without ordering out.


Electricity-powered pizza makers are specifically designed for indoor use (the kitchen countertop to be exact). The two heating modules at the top and bottom ensure an even distribution of heat and can be adjusted to fit your desired level of crispiness on the crust and toppings, individually. People prefer electric models more due to their extremely portable nature, which limits the fuss of connecting separate gas sources (more on that later).

Natural gas or propane

The most popular and widely used pizza makers are the gas-fired ones. Specially curated for outdoor use, these ovens are quick to install and eliminate the possibility of any mess created by ashes or wood debris. The only drawback is the separate investment required in either propane or natural gas tanks which require professional maintenance and regular refilling to keep the oven functioning optimally.

How to Use an Electric Pizza Maker?

1. Begin by plugging your machine into a nearby socket and let the oven pre-heat for around three minutes at an average temperature setting.
2. Next, use a wooden or bamboo peel to carefully stow the pizza inside the oven.
3. Monitor the cooking time by setting a timer on your phone or the pizza maker of around 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your dough.
4. Once the color has turned lightly golden-brown and the cheese has visibly melted, it’s time to take the pizza out. Switch off the oven and dish out your pizza on a plate or board. (Remember to let the pizza maker cool down thoroughly before attempting to wash it).

Maintenance and Up

keepTo maximize longevity, outdoor pizza maker ovens should be properly sheltered from all inclement weather. Storing the oven in a garage or woodshed is ideal, however, covering the appliance with a tarp also gets the job done. The extreme internal temperatures of the ovens prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to cleaning and scouring out the pizza maker. Once the oven has cooled, the surface can simply be wiped down to remove any leftover debris and remnants. Also, take note to examine the chimney of your outdoor pizza oven every once in a while for soot build-up which can be removed by running your oven on high for 15 minutes to burn up all the extra material.

Pizza Maker FAQ

Q: What can be cooked using a pizza maker?

Not only do pizza ovens make excellent pizzas, but they are also perfect for cooking various other side dishes like roasted vegetables and meats like ribs and sausages. Aside from this, high-temperature friendly pastries such as sourdoughs may also be baked in these ovens.

Q: Are instant pizza makers better?

What makes instant pizza ovens stand out from regular ones is that they do not require any pre-heating whatsoever. Not only does this make the pizza-making process much more speedy, but it’s also a nifty feature to have if you like throwing parties and need impressive pizzas to be ready within 30 minutes.

Q: How do grill-insert pizza ovens work?

These ovens are non-powered and utilize the heat of the grill to bake pizzas. Grill-insert ovens are slightly on the pricier side but extremely efficient at saving space.

Q: What are pizza stones made of?

ceramic pizza stones are probably the most widely used and cost-effective ones in the market. Apart from this, you’ll come across materials like baking steel and cordierite-made stones which are slightly more expensive, however, due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures they go a long way without chipping or snapping.

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