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Review: Best Shoes for Standing

When your job requires long periods of standing, you quickly learn the importance of having the right type of footwear. Best shoes for standing in 2021 are comfortable and light weight with superior arch support, and made with materials that breathe. While these basic features should be required in your search, you should also consider features such as slip-resistance and appearance. These features are more important if you are standing for long periods of time due to a job. If you are standing for long periods of time for recreational purposes, then appearance is less important than padded tongues. Today’s shoes have benefited from technological advances, therefore, the design and material of great shoes for standing is constantly evolving. So, even if you find something you like, don’t be afraid to consider newer versions or models. The best shoes for standing are usually not the cheapest; but, those who stand for long periods of time know that saving a few dollars upfront is not worth it in the end.

Best Shoes for Standing

Shoes for Crews - Evolution Shoes for Standing

The Shoes for Crews® is another favorite among workers of the world. However, this brand appeals to a wider variety of workers than the Standing Comfort™. So much so, that you may want to check to see if your company receives a discount for employees. These shoes boast an air piston heel support system, as well as a slip-resistant outsole that is also designed for shock absorption. The padded collar and removable cushioned insoles allow for additional comfort. Although this is a popular brand among workers, you should know that there are no wide options available, and finding larger sizes, such a size 16 may be difficult. Still, if you are standing for long periods, this is your best bet.

Standing Comfort Men's Glide Casual Velcro Shoes for Standing

The standing comfort brand is a favorite of professionals that are on their feet for long periods of time, such as doctors. When you combine the professional appearance of many of the Standing Comfort™ shoes with features like the Grip-Lock™ sole, full-grain, water resistant leather upper, and interior Drilex® linings you get a shoe that was designed for standing. Although these are the most basic features of the Standing Comfort™ shoes, additional features are present in within the brand. So, your dream pair may come equipped with the removable insoles, steel shank, or the mild rocker bottom. The Standing Comfort™ brand of shoe tends to be white or black. So, while this may not be the trendiest pick, these shoes are perfect for professionals.

Crocs Velocity Shoes for Standing

Usually, when considering a comfortable shoe, Crocs™ will make the list. Crocs™ have a variety of styles when it comes to comfortable standing shoes. We chose the Velocity due to its footbed and appearance. The footbed for the Velocity is equipped with circulation nubs that stimulate blood flow, and it’s designed to conform to your foot for a custom fit. Plus the Velocity has arch support. And, with the slip resistance of croslite™, this shoe is perfect for long days. Unlike the popular sandal design, the Velocity is a laced, closed toed shoe that is a favorite among nurses. If you are wondering why such a great shoe is so low on our list, it’s due to their reputation. Due to the original design, Crocs™ have been banned from numerous workplaces. So, if you are buying for work make sure this shoe is acceptable first.

Rockport World Tour Classic Men's for Standing Walking Shoes

The padded collar prevents excessive rubbing and helps fight the war against blisters. When you add this to the forefoot flexibility, Aero 3 footbed, and wide base, you get a comfortable supportive shoe with superior stability. The rubber outsole gives you durability and allows this shoe to grip different surfaces. And, if that were not enough, these shoes can be re-soled. Plus, these shoes are easy to keep clean, no matter where you take them. This shoe is available for both men and women, although, due to their design, the World Tour Classics are usually more popular among men.

The Chicane

The Chicane

Personally, I think of this as the spectator’s shoe. It has a look that lends it self to the outdoors, but it’s packed with features that will make standing for long periods of time much easier. The Orthotic HeelKradl gives direct heel support. When you pair this feature with Anatomical KuruSole, you get a shoe that is perfect for standing. The Lacing system allows the foot to feel as if it is in a comfort shell. Premium PORON® foam absorbs shock, while the rubber outsole and rand give added durability. Like others on our list, there is both a male and female version of this shoe. The biggest drawback with this shoe is the availability, finding this shoe in your actual size may be difficult since it has limited sizing options.

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