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Review: Best Walking Shoes

Having the proper walking shoe is important. They are great for serious walking enthusiasts or simply for getting you from the train to the office. When searching for that perfect walking shoe, there are several factors to consider including support, traction and durability. The physical appearance is just as important. Be sure to consider size, color and for those budget conscious consumers, price. Here are our top 5 picks for the Women's Best Walking Shoe in 2021.

Best Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's Toning Walking Shoes

This is one of two new lines recently created by the New Balance corporation. These shoes are designed for fitness walking and everyday wear. They are made from a high-quality material for natural comfort, durability and breathability. Features include cushioned insoles, solid rubber outsoles and an ultra-light midsole. Popular styles include the women's WW850, WW1442 and WW1100. This shoe is aimed at the budget-conscious shopper with a price in the area of $70. For those that are looking for a higher-end New Balance shoe with more features, prices begin in the $95 range.

Rockport World Tour Classic Men's for Standing Walking Shoes

The Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is a comfortable and stylish shoe. It looks more like a casual shoe than an athletic shoe, so they can be worn with a wide range of clothing. The shoe is leather with a rubber sole that provides some stability, but is soft and flexible enough to be comfortable on long walks. It has a removable rubberized EVA footbed to encourage drying for more healthy feet. This is a good shoe for walking around the mall, amusement park or the fitness trails.

New Balance Men's MW967 Country Walking Shoes

The New Balance Men's MW967 Country Walking Shoe seems like a compromise between a hiking shoe and a running shoe. The combination of the two types results in a versatile walking shoe. A combination of leather and mesh construction provide support and durability. The mesh is particularly important in these shoes and makes the otherwise fully leather shoe breathable to keep your feet dry. Use of dual density collar foam in the MW967 helps make them more comfortable than they may appear.

Buyer's Guide

Best Walking Shoes Buyer's Guide

Walking is an activity performed by the majority of individuals regularly in various kinds of shoes. Due to improper usage of shoes, individuals face problems like foot pain, injury, instability, and discomfort. It would be best to find the finest quality walking shoes that are comfortable and a perfect fit for your feet. Indeed, you will have to invest money in buying the best walking shoes, but they are an essential accessory required for walking without damaging or hurting your feet. But with so many kinds of shoes, you may not distinguish which ones are walking shoes and what factors make them the best ones. Therefore, here is our guide that will help you purchase the best walking shoes in 2021 that will make your long-distance walk enjoyable.

What Features to Look for in Walking shoes?


: The uppermost of the walking shoe, which is above the sole, should be designed using a combination of light-weight fabric such as leather and mesh, enabling shoes to be light-weight and flexible. The usage of such material also enhances ventilation. The stiffened heel cups will provide extra support and cushioning to your feet and help you keep your foot in place.


: Find the shoes with sturdy soles that offer fantastic grip in both dry and wet circumstances. Also, the sole must be strong yet flexible with the ability to survive in mixed terrain.

Mid Sole

: The part of shoes situated on the top of the sole must be comfortable and should offer proper cushioning to assist in the absorption of shock. However, the cushioning in walking shoes is lesser than the walking boots, as walking shoes permit your feet to stay close to the ground for better stability.

Waterproof Lining

:In wet situations, walking shoes with waterproof lining helps keep your feet dry and keep the sweat within the shoes. On the other hand, walking shoes without waterproof lining are more breathable as they allow more air to pass through; hence are the ideal choice for you if you live in drier conditions. Therefore, you need first identify the climate where you are planning to walk and then decide whether to buy shoes with waterproof lining or without.


: Laces are an essential element of walking shoes as they make walking comfortable for you and help keep your feet in place. Also, the shoes will fit in a better way if your laces are tied up properly.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Purchasing the Ideal Walking Shoes for Myself?

There are a few things that you must consider to find the best walking shoe pair for yourself.

Identify your Usage:

-If you are looking for all-day wear walking shoes, look for very comfortable shoes whose soles can withstand any terrain.
-For traveling, you can select breathable slip-on design walking shoes that are easy to wear and take off. Look for the shoes with an excellent cushioning feature, so you can comfortably stand in long queues at the airport, amusement parks, and other sightseeing spots.
-Are you looking for walking shoes that can make walking easier and painless during work? See the category of leather shoes as they require minimal maintenance and are long-lasting. You can also look for the feature of slip-resistant to find shoes with remarkable gripping power.

Consider The Shape and Size of your Feet

It is essential to identify the shape of your feet to prevent painful problems. Find shoes that are the best fit for your feet' shape.

Length and Width

Painful blisters and calluses can occur if you purchase shoes that are too wide or narrow. Also, a low toe box and insufficient space for your toes can result in bunions and hammertoes. To avoid painful disorders, get your hands on shoes that fit your feet appropriately.

Feet shape Neutral-arched feet

if your feet shape is neutrally arched (somewhere between flat and overly arched), then you must look for shoes that have a firm midsole, straight or semi-curved shape of the sole, and moderate rear-foot stability. Individuals with flat feet encounter muscle stress and joint problems. To make your walks painless, consider buying walking shoes with a straight sole and a footprint on which the shoe is designed. Also, look for the feature of motion control for better stability. People with high arched feet experience issues like an excessive strain on joints and muscles and the inability to absorb shock. If you also have high arched feet, you must buy walking shoes with decent cushioning capabilities to assist in shock absorption.

Types of Walking Shoes

There are three types of walking shoes:

Stability walking shoes

stability shoes with added motion control are ideal for individuals with stability issues.

Performance trainers

these are light-weight shoes. It is an excellent option for individuals who do not require the feature of added motion control.

Cushioned shoes

perfect choice for individuals who want to walk long distances as they provide extra comfort and the ability to absorb shock.

How to Find Walking Shoes That Fit Correctly?

-To get the maximum benefits like comfort and ultimate performance from the selected shoes, look for the size that fits your feet perfectly. Or else, there is no point investing money in walking shoes if they are not of the right size.

Below are a few valuable tips that can help you find the best fit of walking shoes:

-Ensure that your toes are not pressing on the front of the shoe. There must be sufficient space for your foot to make slight movements. While wearing the shoe, push your toe to the front; simultaneously, try to squeeze a finger down behind your Achilles tendon. If you are successful in doing so, then it is clear that the selected shoes are of perfect length.
-Unlike the uppers, the midsole does not get soft with time. Therefore, while trying the shoes, you must notice that the midsole must hold your feet at all edges, and the upper should keep your foot in place. Ensure that the shoes are not too broad or narrow. Or else look for another size.
-Your feet expand slightly in hot and warm weather, so wear your shoes in the afternoon to get a better idea about their fit and comfort.
-Wear and walk the shoes to get an idea about the selected shoes' performance and comfort.

Walking Shoe FAQ

Q: What is the approximate price range of walking shoes?
A: An approximate price range of a decent pair of walking shoes ranges from $60 to $120. If the shoes cost higher than $120, it might be because it is a designer-shoe or very stylish.

Q: Are Walking boots and walking shoes the same thing?
A: No, they are quite different with different benefits. To prevent ankle injuries, walkers prefer walking boots. However, individuals prefer walking shoes because they are lighter, comfortable, and more breathable.

Q: Which walking shoe is better: leather or non-leather?
A: Non-leather shoes are more breathable and light-weight. On the other hand, leather shoes are very tough, long-lasting, and do not allow dirt, debris, or other elements to enter the shoes. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain.

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