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The Best Snow Blower to Combat Inches of Snow

  1. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch 48-Volt 4.0-Ah Cordless Snow Blower
  2. PowerSmart Snow Blower
  3. Toro Power Curve Snow Blower
  4. Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower
  5. Snow Joe ION13SS-CT (Core Tool) 40-Volt Cordless 13-Inch Brushless Snow Blower
  6. Greenworks 8 Amp 12 inch Electric Snow Blower
  7. Craftsman 21" 208-cu Single-stage w/ push button Electric Start Snow Blower
  8. Cab Snow Blower
  9. Hattomen Snow Thrower, 18 Inch Electric Snow Blower
  10. Remington 31AS2S5E583 21" Single-Stage Snow Blower
  11. Ariens Path-Pro 21-in 208-cu cm Single-stage with Auger Assistance and Push-button Electric StartGas Snow Blower
  12. Buyer's Guide

Snowblowers come in two types. There are the single stage models that collect and then throw the snow with one blade, or auger as it is sometimes called. Then there are the two stage models that use a dedicated auger to funnel snow back into an impeller that throws the snow out of the machine.

Single stage units are best used for lighter snow falls and smaller areas where the snowfall doesn't exceed 6 to 10 inches. They don't work well clearing snow drifts or very deep snow. Two stage units, on the other hand, are made for clearing deep snow deposits and high drifts. These types are the big high-horsepower self-propelled blowers that will clear huge swaths down driveways or sidewalks.

Gas powered units come in either single stage types or two stage types, while electrics generally only come as single stage or electrically powered snow shovels. Even though electric single stage blowers rival their gas powered brethren for power, always having to be attached by a cord limits their effectiveness over longer or larger areas. The upside is that an electric type has virtually zero maintenance and always starts with the push of a button. Conversely, having to start a gas powered snow blower in the dead of winter can be a serious chore. For many city or suburban homesteads, the hassle free aspect of using an electric is a winner every time, but for those with long driveways or walkways, a gas powered blower is the way to go. We've compiled the best snow blower in 2022.

Best Snow Blowers Worth Considering in 2022

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch 48-Volt 4.0-Ah Cordless Snow Blower - Best Snow Blower Overall

The Snow Joe iON (18") 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Snow Blower is the game changer when it comes to snow blowers as it’s fully battery powered, giving you 50 minutes of run time with a three hour recharge time. Even if you purchase an extra battery to extend the run time to nearly 2 hours, the price is still comparable to a gas powered unit.

With no cord, gas, or oil involved, you just flip a switch and go. The blower will cut a swath 18-inches wide by 8-inches deep, and it will throw snow up to 20 feet away. A joystick auto rotates the discharge chute and there's even a light for blowing snow at night. At 32 pounds, this blower easy to maneuver as well as being Energy Star rated and comes with a two year warranty.

Perfect for about 85 percent of all snowfall conditions, this blower demonstrates that battery power can compete with gasoline at every level, which makes this Snow Joe the best of the best, bar none.

PowerSmart Snow Blower - Self-Propelled System

Clearing out snow for your backyard just got easier with the PowerSmart Snow Blower. This amazing piece of machinery runs on a powerful 212cc engine and is equipped with a strong all-steel auger to cut through that pesky tough layer of snow and diverts it away from the chute to make sure it doesn’t clog it up. Plus, its max clearing width of 24-inches and a clearing depth of 20-inches makes it ideal for clearing up even a 10-car driveway and about 6 to 10-inches of snow.

Six adjustable forward speeds also make it perfect for clearing out snow according to your requirements, along with two reverse speeds that are easily controllable for even the most inexperienced driver.

Toro Power Curve Snow Blower - Runner Up

If you want a light electric snowblower with the biggest amp motor, look no farther than the Toro 1800 Power Curve Electric (18") 15 Amp Snow Blower. At 15 amps of power, it’s the most in this class, capable of taking on 10-inch deep snow with an 18-inch width, making it just about as powerful and effective as some of the larger gas powered units.

This snow blower will throw snow up to 30 feet, and all you do is plug it in, flip it on and move it out. The unit weighs about 25 pounds, and coupled with an ergonomic handle, it’s easy to maneuver in any snowy condition, and comes with a two year warranty. This is not an inexpensive corded snow blower, and you'll have to make sure you plug it into either a dedicated 15 amp circuit or a 20 amp circuit, or you'll be blowing breakers. But if you want the most powerful electric corded snowblower available, this is the beast for you.

Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower - Honorable Mention

The Power Smart DB5023 18" 13 amp Corded Snow Blower is one of the lower-priced, full-featured snow blowers on this list. The 13 amps of power will make short work of the majority of snow fall situations as it cuts an 18-inch swath and can tackle 9-inches of deep snow. Weighing in at about 30 pounds, it will throw snow up to 30 feet away.

This snow blower comes with a foam handle for comfort, and an oversize adjustment handle on the chute to make turning it easy. There are no bells or whistles on this unit, just a good solid electric snow blower at a good price, protected by a two year warranty. Most situations won't need more snow blower than this one, and with 13 amps, there’s plenty of power to get the job done.

Snow Joe ION13SS-CT (Core Tool) 40-Volt Cordless 13-Inch Brushless Snow Blower - Consider

There is no easier to use or lighter snow blower than the Snow Joe iON 40-Volt Cordless 13-Inch Brushless Snow Shovel w/Rechargeable Ecosharp Lithium-Ion Battery. This small, battery-powered blower uses the same Lithium ion battery as the top rated Snow Joe, but it comes in a much smaller package. This blower weighs only 12 pounds but has the capability of blowing 6-inch deep snow in a 13-inch swath, throwing it up to 25 feet.

Realistically, this snow blower better suited for decks, patios, porches and smaller walkways, but since there’s no cord, virtually anyone can use it. The battery will run for up to 50 minutes on a 3 hour charge, and although not inexpensive, it’s the most convenient and easiest to use as far as these lightweight blowers go. It comes with a two year warranty and is also Energy Star certified.

Greenworks 8 Amp 12 inch Electric Snow Blower - Best Electric Snow Blower

For lightweight convenience on those smaller jobs, the Greenworks 8 Amp 12 Inch Corded Snow Thrower is the least expensive blower on this list. The 8 amps of power are rated to clear up to a 12-inch swath at 4-inches deep, but this machine is better suited to porches, patios, decks and walkways.

Weighing in at about 10 pounds, this may be the perfect lightweight, inexpensive electric snow blower if you live where snowfall is always light to moderate. Granted, you'll always be tethered to a cord, but you can plug it into virtually any home outlet without having to worry about this model blowing a breaker. The blowers handle is both padded for comfort and adjustable for height so that virtually anyone can employ it. It’s also protected by the best warranty in the business at four years.

best snow blower

Craftsman 21" 208-cu Single-stage w/ push button Electric Start Snow Blower - Best Gas Snow Blower

With a 4-cycle engine and electric start, the Sears Craftsman 21" 179cc Single-Stage Snowblower w/ Electric Start comes out on top. It will cut a 21-inch swath through 13-inches of snow, the 179cc engine puts out about 4 horsepower, and it comes protected by a two year warranty. For a single stage unit, it is packed with features like an electric start so you don't have to mess around with a pull cord, and it's also self-propelled to make it easier to blow snow with.

At 98 pounds, it’s one of the lighter units here, so it will be easier to maneuver as you’re blowing and drifting snow. There’s also a handle on the discharge chute allowing you to turn the blower one way or another. Although this is one of the more expensive units on this list, it’s one of the best equipped. For about 85 percent of all snowfalls, you'll never need more than this.

Cab Snow Blower - Best Gas Snow Blower

The biggest and baddest snowblower to make this list is the Ariens Hydro Pro Track (28") 420cc Two-Stage Snow Blower. There are no wheels here, just tracks which will tear through virtually any size snowfall without working up a sweat. This unit blows snow like a true beast with a near 10 horsepower Briggs engine which will cut a massive 28-inch swath through snow at nearly 24-inches deep before throwing it 50 feet away.

This machine weighs nearly 400 pounds but literally no snow fall will stand in its way. It can even conquer plow mountains left at the end of your driveway without too much trouble. It comes with an electric start, a halogen headlight for late night blowing, drift cutters to make short work of high drifts, and you can even add on optional weights for more stability. There's even hand warmers for all-day blowing.

Needless to say, this thing works best for the big jobs, and it’s the most expensive unit on this list. But if you want the best big snow blower and willing to pay the price, this is the monster for you.

Hattomen Snow Thrower, 18 Inch Electric Snow Blower - Best Gas Snow Blower

If you want a 2 stage snow blower but don't want to lay out some serious cash, then this MTD 22" Compact Two-Stage Snow Thrower is tops. There are no bells and whistles here, just a 4 horsepower engine that gives this MTD enough power to get the job done. This is a pull starter snow blower that will clear a 23-inch swath through snow up to 16-inches deep. It weighs about 100 pounds so it’s relatively easy to maneuver and is also self propelled with one speed forward. Protected by a two year warranty, the reality is that this snow blower is hard to beat for the price.

Remington 31AS2S5E583 21" Single-Stage Snow Blower - Best Gas Snow Blower

With the Simplicity SS7522E (22") 163cc Single Stage Snow Blower w/ Electric Start, you'll get the best bang for the buck snow blower right here. Offering the right combination of price, performance and features, you can't go wrong with this model. The manual chute rotation is easy to use, with a 22-inch clearing width that will take on snow 12-inches deep before throwing it up to 30 feet away while the auger helps pull it along for easier snow blowing.

This unit is single stage operation means less hassle when blowing, it’s lightweight at just 91 pounds, and features an electric start so you don't have to worry about pulling on a rope. The nearly 4 horsepower engine is a quality Briggs unit which will keep going year after year, and the whole machine is covered by a three year warranty.


Ariens Path-Pro 21-in 208-cu cm Single-stage with Auger Assistance and Push-button Electric StartGas Snow Blower - Best Gas Snow Blower

Once again, it all comes down to practicality, and the Poulan Pro PR100 21 in. Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower is the most practical selection here. Perfect for the occasional snowfall, this blower is able to cut a 21-inch swath through 13-inch deep snow, and throw it 30 feet away.

This pull starter unit has decent engine power at 3 horsepower, the 4-cycle engine means no gas or oil to mix, and it's light and maneuverable at only 80 pounds. It has one self-propelled speed and comes with a two year warranty. Although it won't tackle the heaviest snow out there, it’s ease of use and the lowest price on our list make this an extremely worthy choice.

Buyer's Guide

In winters, nothing can be worse than moving 12 inches of heavy snow with a shovel. It will not only frustrate you but also lead to blisters in your hands and ache in your back. Humans are not made to clear snow. That’s why snow blowers are designed to lift heavy snow and make your job easier and even a little fun, too. Besides, this is a faster and safer alternative to a shovel that risks serious injury.

However, people often have to face a battle of wits while choosing a thrower as a plethora of machines are already out there in the market. This guide is created to help you facilitate your hunt for the best snow blower depending on the size of your property, average snow accumulation, and the surface you need to clear. So let’s dive in!

Which Type of Snow Blower is Ideal For You?

Single-Stage Electric Snow Blowers

These blowers have the potential to clear snow levels of less than 12 inches from decks, sideways, and walkways. These small and lightweight machines are quiet and easiest to use. Since these are electric-powered throwers, they eliminate the need for changing fuel and engine oil. All you need is an extension cord and an outlet to start this blower and clear your path in a couple of seconds.

>Single-Stage Battery-Powered Snow BlowersBattery-powered throwers are getting better with each passing year. These devices operate similar to electric snow blowers but clear 9 inches of snow while proving maximum portability because they are cordless. Besides, some manufactures have engineered interchangeable batteries that can also be used for powering a chainsaw or leaf blower.

Single-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

These snow blowers are ideal for handling 18 to 22 inches of snow in a single swath from midsized driveways or walkways. They are light in weight, easy to maneuver, and have a storage capacity similar to a lawnmower. It is recommended to use only gasoline without oil to maximize the performance of these snow throwers. However, they are not suitable for removing snow on steep slopes and driveways with pebbles and gravel.

Two-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

These powerful snow blowers are capable of clearing snow levels up to 23.5 inches from wide driveways with steep inclines. They can also remove snow on gravel easily as their auger is specifically manufactured to avoid touching the ground. Moreover, they feature an impeller to accelerate the snow throwing process out of the chute. They are also reinforced with engine drive wheels and are heavier and more expensive than the smaller models. On top of that, these throwers have a storage capacity similar to a lawn tractor, thanks to their bulkiness.

Three-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

They are advanced-level snow blowers engineered to cope with a snow level of 23.5 inches or deeper. These throwers are integrated with an accelerator, auger, and impeller. The accelerator expedites the snow removal process by collecting snow from the serrated augers and throwing it into the discharge impeller. Since they can easily remove thicker and heavier snow, they tend to be a bit pricier as well as heavier. Besides, they contain more storage capacity as compared to other gas-powered models.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Snow Blower?

Motor Power

Motor power refers to the capacity of a snow thrower. Different types of blowers have different motor power, and it is determined according to the power source.

  • Electric snow blowers have a motor power of 10A or 15A
  • Battery-powered snow blowers have a motor power of 40V or 60V
  • Gas-powered snow blowers have a motor power of 100cc or 300cc

The more the power, the better the performance. So, choose wisely!

Clearing Width

Clearing width refers to the width of snow that can be removed in a single swath. Akin to motor power, different snow blowers have different clearing widths.

  • A single-stage electric blower can clear a snow level of 15-22 inches.
  • A single-stage battery-powered blower can also clear a snow level of 15-22 inches.
  • A single-stage gas-powered blower can clear a snow level of 18-22inches.
  • A two-stage gas-powered blower can clear a snow level of 20-28 inches.
  • A two-stage gas-powered blower can clear a snow level of 24-30 inches.

The wider the snow level, the faster the snow removal process. So, choose the snow clearing width based on the width of your sideway or driveway.

Cutting Depth

As the name implies, cutting depth is the height of snow that can be cleared in one swath. While the cutting depth of single-stage electric and battery-powered blowers ranges from 7-12 inches, single-stage gas-powered models offer 18 inches of cutting depth. However, two-stage and three-stage gas-powered snow blowers feature a cutting depth of up to 23 inches. Pick a variant with more cutting depth if you encounter heavy snowfall every year.


Capacity is defined as the amount of snow a thrower can clear in a minute. Mostly, snow blowers come with a capacity of 700-800 lbs/minute.


Some snow throwers feature four blades, while others are reinforced with five blades. Besides deciding on the number of blades, also take their construction material into account. Usually, blades made of steel are deemed to be highly reliable and durable.


Few snow blowers offer a constant speed option. However, advanced models are integrated six forward and two reverse gears to help you quickly clear the troublesome.

Final Words

A snow blower or thrower can be an excellent investment that will save your time, efforts, and back. However, choosing the perfect one is not a child’s play. Taking the above factors and types into account can help you get your hands on the best snow blower that will suit your needs.

Snow Blower FAQ

Q: Which snow blower type is ideal for a driveway with gravel?
A: As the auger of a two-stage snow blower is designed not to touch the ground, this model is ideal for removing snow from a driveway with gravel. Besides, this blower features a bigger bucket to clear snowdrifts and pile-ups on the end of the driveways.

Q: What is the benefit of reverse gear in a snow blower?
A: The reverse gear allows you to move the blower backward to again clear the same area. While some machines have a single reverse gear, others offer dual reverse gears for better performance.

Q: How can I store a gas-powered snow blower during the offseason?
A: To keep the condition of your snow blower intact, make sure to drain the gasoline out from its tank. Failing to do so can lead to gunk buildup that can damage your machine.

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