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How To Remove Snow From a Driveway Without a Shovel

How To Remove Snow From a Driveway Without a Shovel

Shoveling snow is arduous work. As well as feeling cold and wet, you can easily slip and hurt yourself. Perform the job incorrectly and you could hurt your back. Shoveling snow might seem like a novelty if you have moved to a colder climate recently. Believe us - it gets old fast! Want a more convenient way to clear snow from your driveway? Here are some shovel-free ways that’ll save you time and effort. We’ll have you back inside and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with your back still intact in no time!

The preemptive measure

Buy a large piece of tarp from a DIY or camping store. Make sure it is large enough to cover your driveway. As the weather gets colder, keep an eye on weather reports. The night before it is due to snow, place your tarp over your driveway and weigh it down with a few rocks. The rocks need to be heavy enough to stop the tarp from blowing away in the wind but light enough to easily move. If you park your car on the driveway rather than in a garage, you can place the tarp over your car and driveway. This will require a larger piece of tarp.

When the snow falls, you can pull the tarp and the snow away with it. It is important to note that the tarp might be heavy and you may need assistance. A pair of boots with ice cleats and gloves with a good grip are also recommended for this snow removing technique.

Another preemptive measure is investing in a heated driveway. This is a much more expensive option than the tarp but requires no physical effort whatsoever. Heated driveways have an electrical circuit underneath the surface to help melt the snow. This is a sound investment if you have mobility issues.


Snowblowers are costly but can save you hours of hard labor by moving snow quickly and easily. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB Cordless Blower is an electric snow blower with all the features you could ever want or need. It has a powerful 1200 W motor and a 18-inch clearing width, capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet away. The battery power of the Snow Joe Blower competes easily with gas blowers. You can run it for 50 minutes after a three hour charge. Hands down, this is the best snow blower we have come across.

Electric snow blowers may not be quite as powerful as their gas-run counterparts but they require less maintenance and run on cleaner energy. The Toro Power Curve Snow Blower is another great electric option. This blower is light and easy to handle. It's ideal for sidewalks and driveways, and it can clear 700-pounds of snow per minute.


There is not much difference between a snowblower and a snow thrower. Snow throwers are usually smaller and lighter, taking up less space in your garage. Snowthrowers perform better when used on lighter snowfall. They don’t throw snow as far as a snowblower, which is great if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors. Quite often, the industry will use the terms snowblower and snow thrower interchangeably.

Some of the best “snow throwers” on the market are the Earthwise SN74022 and the Greenworks Pro 80V 12-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower.

The GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower can dig into 6 inches of snow, and throw it up to 20 feet away. It can clear paths up to 12-inches wide, so it's great for clearing walkways. It is easily maneuverable and light, weighing only 13 pounds.

The Earthwise SN74022 can clear widths of up to 22-inches and depths of up to 12-inches. The 60V motor can move 600lbs of snow in only a minute. Both snow throwers have comfortable handles and have positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Heavy snow can ruin your day. It may stop you from getting to work on time or prevent you from going to the store. You shouldn’t let these adverse weather conditions give you more difficulties than necessary. Try one of these devices - they may make your life a whole lot easier!

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