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Keep Comfortable with the Right Footwear: Best Softball Socks

  1. MadSportsStuff Softball Socks
  2. Youper Softball Socks Combo Set
  3. Franklin Sports Softball Socks
  4. TCK Elite Performance Softball Socks
  5. Buyer's Guide

The faster pace of softball means the player’s footwear is everything. And while shoes get the most attention, the right pair of softball socks will keep the player comfortable, wick away sweat, ensure the shoes last long, and just make the player’s feet look great.

When scouting for a pair or set of softball socks, you want one that is very stylish, soft, comes with dynamic support designs, is very comfortable, and is easy to maintain. We have compiled a list of the best softball socks that check all these boxes and don’t cost a fortune.

The Best Softball Socks Compared

MadSportsStuff Softball Socks - Best Softball Socks Overall

This set comes as three pairs of over-the-calf softball socks with cool flame designs.

  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Pricey for the set

Each sock pair reaches just below the knee, comes with arch and ankle compression, and features a composite blend infused with antibacterial properties. They also each come with a thickened hem, and are designed to wick moisture away from the skin.

Youper Softball Socks Combo Set - Best Set

This set comes as two pairs of socks and a matching belt combo in nearly solid colors.

  • Comes as a combo set
  • Comes in beautiful solid colors
  • Not much color variety

These socks come in purple with hidden grey patterns, feature a composite blend, and are well-cushioned for overall comfort. The belt comes with a rustproof alloy buckle closure and matches the color of the socks.

Franklin Sports Softball Socks - Best Budget

These softball socks come in a solid color, with black, royal blue, navy, and red color options. All of them feature grey stripes at the delicate zones. We selected the red version simply due to its bright color, but the other colors should perform identically.

  • Very affordable
  • Great for matching with uniforms
  • Not the most durable option

Each softball sock is very lightweight; they're built with a cushioned foot and provide sufficient arch support. Because of their low price and quality construction, these are the ideal budget option.

TCK Elite Performance Softball Socks - Best Color Options

These softball socks come in solid colors with stripe designs and are perfect for outfitting entire teams.

  • Great for teams
  • Available in a large number of color options
  • Not ideal for people who want low-profile socks

Each pair of socks features a blend of materials optimized for durability, hits just below the knee, and comes with a cushioned sole for comfort. They also boast excellent moisture wicking properties, compression points, and are infused with antibacterial treatment for odor control.

Buyer's Guide

Softball socks are a major accessory for any softball player. They keep your feet warm, protect them from rocks and dirt on the field, and they prevent blisters. Regardless of the length of your softball season, you will need to have at least two pairs of socks in your bag. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right equipment for the game. This guide will help you decide what the best softball sock is for you, what you should look for when purchasing a pair, and how to care for them. So, let's dig in!

What Makes Softball Socks So Special?

Softball socks are exactly what they sound like -- socks made specifically for softball players. They are padded to help absorb shock and extra cushioning, which is especially important when playing on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. These days you can even find softball socks that have built-in cleats, providing grip without having to wear shoes with spikes, which can be a great substitute for wearing in leagues.

You will find them in every color imaginable (other than white), with limitless options for customization. Team logos can be stitched onto the exterior of the socks or printed directly onto them, allowing players to represent companies they endorse or simply make a fashion statement with their choice of colors and patterns.

What Should You Look for When Picking a New Pair of Softball Socks?

Availability of Sizes

Some brands have more sizes than others, so take a look at what's available before buying. It's important to know your foot size, so you don't risk getting socks that are either too loose or too tight on your feet. This causes discomfort and even pain after prolonged periods of wearing them. You also want to keep in mind how much space there will be between the toe and the end because too much space creates the perfect environment to grow bacteria.


If you're used to playing in thin socks, then the first time you wear thick ones, it will feel like your feet are stuck in concrete. However, after wearing softball socks with cushioning for a few games, they'll start to feel great, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Try getting socks with a terry cushioning sole if you play indoors as they absorb impact and protect your feet from injury.

The same goes for outdoor hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt; purchase high-quality running socks made of wicking fibers with good arch support to save yourself from foot fatigue.


Another important factor that you should consider is the fabric of socks. Socks are made from materials like polyester, nylon, rubber, spandex, etc. The right material can help wick away moisture and prevent any injury during the game. If you're looking for socks that provide cushioning support, then look for ones that have a percentage of cotton in them because cotton absorbs sweat. This also helps keep blisters at bay!

Fit and Feel

When it comes to fit and feel, one type of sock will not be the same as any other. Choose the socks made with higher denier count material, as they're better at protecting your feet from injuries such as blisters, cuts, and scrapes and keep you comfortable throughout the game. However, the downside of higher denier count socks is that they are less breathable, so your feet can get sweaty inside them quickly. If this happens, you should remove the socks to let your feet air out for a bit.


Softball socks come in all kinds of different colors and designs these days, so have fun with them and choose one that reflects your personality.

Ease of Washing

You may not be able to play softball all year round, and that means you'll need socks for other seasons too. So, look for a pair that's easy to wash and won't fall apart after several washes, as some do.


In general, more expensive socks are made with high-quality material, which means they're less likely to fall apart after a few washes. However, you don't need to break the bank to find a quality pair of softball socks.

How Much Should You Be Paying For A Pair Of Softball Socks?

Softball socks can range in price from $5 per pair to around $20. It all depends on the style, material, and how many pairs you want. Remember that cheap softball socks are cheap for a reason (they usually wear out fast or don't fit well). So, it is always better to get a pair made from high-quality material that might last you a season or two.

How To Maintain Softball Socks for Long-lasting Use?

Socks are an important part of not only a player's uniform but also their gear. They help protect from blisters and provide cushioning from cleats. Muddy feet can ruin all that hard work put in by players during practices and games. Keep them clean, dry, and odor-free with these tips:

1. Bleach Stains Off Socks

One of the most tried and tested ways to get rid of dirty or smelly socks is through bleaching. The bleach removes the stain and kills any pesky bacteria, leaving your socks looking new again. However, before laundering dyed socks, check their care first for directions on washing procedures and whether or not bleach should be avoided. Since some colors can fade when exposed to chemicals, always check for dye-ability before using bleach.

2. Use Vinegar to Remove Odor

Avoid putting dirty socks into a hamper or drawer if possible. Instead, place them under your bed or couch. To remove any lingering odor on smelly sports socks, add one tablespoon of white Vinegar in a standard washing machine during the last rinse cycle. This will be helpful in removing the stinky smell.

3. Keep Socks Dry and Clean During Travel

Store your dirty sports socks directly into zippered plastic bags before putting them into luggage or another type of travel bag. This will prevent clothes from getting dirty or wet when traveling, making it easier for laundry day preparations when you return home.

People Also Ask

Q: How Many Pairs of Socks Do I Need?

This depends on how many games you are playing in a week/season. If you are playing more, the number of socks needed will be higher.

Q: Is It Compulsory to Wear Socks While Playing Softball?

If you are playing in an official game, yes! The NCAA and NFHS both require them since they help prevent injuries.

Q: What Sizes Do Softball Socks Come In?

That varies by brand and product, but most companies generally offer them for adult and youth athletes (in many cases, girls' youth). They also make them to fit most shoe sizes, but not all brands or companies do that. So, you might have to try them out before buying.

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