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Best Toddler Learning Kits for Curious Kids

  1. Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart
  2. 3 Bees & Me Wooden Pattern Blocks
  3. Melissa & Doug Toddler Learning Kit
  4. Sproutbrite Educational Posters for Toddlers
  5. Animal 123 and ABC Flash Cards
  6. Merka Toddler Learning Kit
  7. TOY CASTLE English Alphabet Flash Cards
  8. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit
  9. Learning Resources All Ready For Toddler Time Activity Set
  10. Buyer's Guide

Toddlers are capable of learning in a variety of ways. Although being a toddler is just a quick span of a child's life, this is the time when they achieve several developmental milestones. They are insatiably curious and enjoy touching, playing, moving, and pushing boundaries. Some tots will sit and play quietly, while others prefer tactile learning or simply moving their little bodies around. That’s why finding toys that correspond to your kid’s developmental preferences and needs can be challenging.

To help you start your tot on a lifelong learning journey, we have reviewed the best toddler learning kits in 2022 that prove learning doesn't have to be boring. If you're looking for additional information before making a purchasing decision, we've put together a buyer's guide for you as well.

Compare The Best Toddler Learning Kit Of 2022

Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart - Best Toddler Learning Kit Overall

The initial years are pretty crucial for the mental development of a child. The Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart plays a vital role in promoting the learning capacity of the toddler by making learning fun. This wall chart has a variety of buttons that sound out letters and words when pressed.

Not only does this poster help children with pronunciation, but it is interactive in other ways. There are favorite children's songs, games to play when pressing the correct word or letter, and more. This wall chart is perfect because it doesn't take up much space and is a fun interactive educational activity.

3 Bees & Me Wooden Pattern Blocks - Versatile Colors

With 3 Bee & Me’s Pattern Blocks’ 130 wooden pieces and 24 different designs, children are free to recreate any of the 24 included tangrams or use their creativity to make their own. The cards used in tangram puzzles are full size, not sticky note sizes. Allowing children to draw their patterns outside of the card or just put the shapes straight on the cards. Wooden pattern blocks are available in various shapes, including trapezoids, triangles, parallelograms, squares, hexagons, and hexagons. These six shapes come in a broad range of colors to teach kids about geometric forms, colors, and spatial relationships, as well as to help them improve their fine motor skills. A convenient storage bag eliminates the hassle of losing track of any pieces.

Melissa & Doug Toddler Learning Kit - Best Toddler Learning Kit

Blue's clues is a show loved by many kids and adults worldwide. Give your child the ultimate learning experience with this toddler learning kit. It includes a blues clues house with a fun shape sorting activity.

Your child will experience sensory play by sorting different colorful shapes into the correct slots. This toddler play kit includes a dual side puzzle featuring beloved blue and magenta. Your kid will have hours of endless fun with this toddler house activity kit. After playtime is over, you can easily empty out the shapes by opening the roof of the house. This puzzle playhouse will help develop your child’s problem-solving skills and boost their creativity as well.

Sproutbrite Educational Posters for Toddlers - Runner Up

This early learning kit has eleven educational posters that are easy to read from a distance thanks to the large font and bold colors. These posters include the alphabet, two sets of numbers from 1-10 and 1-100, body parts, colors, 2-D and 3-D shapes, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, emotions, and time.

Sproutbrite Educational Posters have attractive colors and graphics that will appeal to your kids, allowing you to teach them important basic skills easily. These charts can be mounted on the wall and are ideal to use in homes, learning centers, and classrooms. These posters include plenty of vital information and foundational concepts that will help your toddler excel in preschool and kindergarten.

Animal 123 and ABC Flash Cards - Honorable Mention

Flash cards have been proven to help toddlers and younger children retain more information. These cards allow your kid to explore numbers and the full alphabet, with both upper- and lowercase letters, with colorful animals.

Animal 123 and ABC Flash cards are made of high-quality thick material, which enables them to withstand mild spills, biting, and prevents them from being flimsy. The print on each card is visually attractive and encourages your toddler to learn more while playing with them. Numbers 1-20 have a corresponding number of animals to count as well as the number's spelling. The ABC cards have upper- and lowercase letters and the spelling of the animal that is on the card.

Merka Toddler Learning Kit - Consider

The Merka toddler learning kit is loaded with many basics to teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colors to your toddler. This kit offers an array of tools that include 58 flashcards, a practice book with 58 exercises, 35 colorful stickers, and a set of 4 posters.

Toddlers can use the tools of this kit to learn to identify letters of the alphabet, build vocabulary, recognize colors, and develop early reading skills as well as language skills. They can also learn math skills like counting, identifying numbers, recognizing shapes, adding, subtracting, and solving problems in an engaging way.

TOY CASTLE English Alphabet Flash Cards - Best Toddler Learning Kit

The Toy Castle English Alphabet Flash Cards are the best gift you can give to your toddler. There are 26 double-sided colorful alphabet cards and 26 wooden letter blocks. These two-sided boards include pictures of cartoon animals on one side and a writable area on the other, helping your tots to read the alphabet, build letter recognition skills, and improve their memory activity.

One side has a large letter and a cartoon animal, helping reinforce spelling and corresponding words to letters. The large letter has a dotted line that is perfect for tracing with the included marker. This letter is also great to practice sorting shapes as toddlers can fit the correct wooden letter block into this slot. On the backside of each card is space to practice writing each letter, essential for building motor skills and starting proper handwriting.

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit - Most Handy

The Teach My Toddler Learning Kit contains 70 pieces, including 4 board books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles, and 55 flashcards to teach your tot the alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers. This all-in-one learning kit promotes spatial reasoning, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Puzzles are a fantastic way to work on spatial relationships and motor skills while simultaneously becoming familiar with the content of each puzzle, such as numbers or colors. This kit also comes with a teaching guide so you can ensure your child is learning in the most efficient and successful way.

Learning Resources All Ready For Toddler Time Activity Set - Most Educational

The Learning Resources All Ready For Toddler Time Activity Set not only focuses on alphabet and numbers but also helps the toddler learn skills related to 1:1 correspondence, shape and letter identification, counting, sorting, vocabulary building, and more. It has over 60 resources to teach numbers, letters, colors, and motor skills to your toddler.

This comprehensive set includes 10 jumbo farm animal counters, 10 counting cards, 26 alphabet image cards, and a parent guide. The farm theme is fun for young children and the colors are bright and bold. Toddlers can sort and stack to work on their grip and motor skills while becoming familiar with the shape and color of each block. The flash cards are perfect items to practice with anywhere, anytime.

Buyer's Guide

Learning kits can assist in the development of toddlers. They contain necessary tools such as colorful illustrations, learning techniques, and easy-to-handle material vital for enhancing a toddler’s mind and preparing them for school. Since there are ample learning kits for toddlers available in the market, we have shed light on some factors you should consider to choose the best one for your kid.

What Skill Sets Should You Teach Your Toddler Through Learning Kits?


The primary goal of many of these kits is to prepare your child for reading. It is ideal for a child to learn all 26 capital letters during this age. Exposure to lower case letters is also a must, as this will help them excel faster. Pre-reading practice should not only involve letters but rhyming and active listening, too.

Fine Motor Skills

Early writing skills in toddlers generally develop through different kinds of arts and crafts. Drawing, cutting, sticking, or gluing allows their hands to gain strength while also developing fine motor skills. In kits like these, the included puzzle activities and stacking or sorting blocks are also great at strengthening motor skills. These skills prep them to hold pencils or pens. Choose learning kits that will encourage these motions and also develop their literacy and writing skills down the line.


Daily activities, including learning numbers, creating & identifying shapes, and practicing counting can be helpful for toddlers. We also recommend learning kits that include blocks and puzzles to develop skills like manipulating objects and working with different shapes and sizes. The simple practice of recognizing numbers and their value is essential in setting toddlers up for success in preschool and kindergarten as they are exposed to more counting activities and early math.


Learning about specific topics like animals, plants, weather, and nature using demonstrations of actual objects, flash cards, or books can help engage children with pre-science. You can try getting toys such as clay or sandboxes to boost their interest.

What are the Types of Learning Kits For Toddlers?

There are essentially two types of learning kits for toddlers on the market — all-in-one or individual kits. We are going to explain the features of both of these products so that you can make the right decision for your toddler.

All-in-One Kits

Choosing a comprehensive toddler learning kit will ensure that you won’t have to look for more resources later. Most of the all-in-one kits will come packed with materials required for learning and practicing numbers, letters, and fine motor skills.

However, comprehensive learning kits are often in a higher price range than individual items, and in many cases, you might end up paying for materials that are not required for your toddler. Besides, comprehensive learning kits often don’t feature educational material for science or pretend play.

Some of the all-in-one learning kits will feature hard copies of fine motor materials, activities, and other hands-on products. At the same time, others include materials such as a DVD. The latter might be available at a lower-end price.

Individual Items

With individual learning items like books and flash cards, you will have the freedom to tailor your kid’s learning according to their interests. But, it requires investing more time and energy in selecting and sifting through these materials. Purchasing individual materials might also cost you more than getting an all-in-one type set. However, all of this effort is worth it when you’re building a personalized resource that your child will love.

What is the Price Range of Toddler Learning Kits?


A budget-friendly toddler kit cost between $5 to $10. Within this price range, you will be able to find resources that help reinforce fine motor skills and subject-specific workbooks.


Middle-tier toddler learning kits fall under the price range of $10 to $20. In this range, you will find comprehensive workbooks and some standalone learning material. However, you will probably not receive any hands-on material.


On the higher end, we have learning kits that cost between $25 to $30. When you’re paying this much, you should be able to get hands-on activities that work a wide range of skills and concepts to give your child a well-rounded overview of basic topics.

Final Words

Learning kits can significantly contribute to the mental development of your toddler. Whichever type of learning kit you choose, please keep the skills and interests of your child in mind so you can create the best learning experience. Besides, all of the products offered in the prices mentioned above have their advantages. If you are certain about your child’s preferences, filtering through these materials should be a piece of cake. However, when you want to let them explore their curiosity in this early stage, a few extra bucks won't hurt.

Toddler Learning Kit FAQ

Should I be concerned if my child has problems with letters and numbers?

Most children should be able to recognize or learn letters and numbers at this age. However, all children learn at their own pace, so unless you're really concerned about your child's overall development, it isn't a huge deal.

What are the important skill sets to teach a toddler?

A toddler must begin their learning journey by being able to go through the alphabet or recognizing numbers. Identifying colors, animals, or weather is the next step. At any rate, working on fine motor skills, reading, and science through educational learning kits is a great idea.

How high should a toddler count?

An average toddler should be able to count up to ten. However, you shouldn’t expect them to get the order of the numbers right every time. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can start helping them practice numbers between 11-20.

What are the different kinds of toddler learning kits?

Toddler learning kits available on the market feature both all-in-one and individual material. The all-in-one kits usually contain different learning materials, while individual kits can be subject-specific.

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