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Best Play Sand Sets For Kids for Backyard Fun

  1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dinosaur Play Sand
  2. CoolSand Blue 14 Ounce Pack
  3. Kinetic Sand Shimmering Purple Amethyst Magic Sand
  4. ESSENSON Play Construction Sand Kit

Kids can explore their imagination and create fantastic shapes with a set of play sand. These sets provide a hands-on experience that allows kids to develop motor skills and express their artistic side. Not only is play sand easy to clean, but it also never dries out. Here are some of the best play sand sets for kids in 2022 to consider for their colorful designs and inclusion of molds and toys.

What are the best sand sets for kids of 2022?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dinosaur Play Sand - Most Imaginative

Complete with a volcano backdrop and multiple dinosaur figurines, this play sand set truly captures the imagination and allows kids to transport themselves to another world in a hands-on way.

  • Includes six dinosaur molds for kids to create their own dinosaur shapes
  • Comes with an informational pamphlet to learn more about dinosaurs
  • May be a bit dry at first, but becomes more workable with play

Not only does this National Geographic play sand set include dinosaur-shaped molds, figurines, and sand, it also includes a real dinosaur fossil for kids to examine and add to their collection. This set comes with a sandbox for keeping a tidy play area and containing messes. The sand is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and is designed to never dry out.

CoolSand Blue 14 Ounce Pack - Easy to Clean

No need to worry about messes with this play sand. It has the feel of wet sand without sticking to clothes, hands, or tables and comes with a resealable plastic pouch for convenient storage.

  • Vibrant blue color stimulates the brain
  • Completely non-toxic and gluten-free
  • May occasionally need a spritz of water above the sand to keep pliable

Even if kids forget to put this Coolsand play sand away after playtime, it won’t dry out. It can be molded into different shapes with gentle squeezes with your hands. The kit comes with 14 ounces of sand to create a large variety of shapes.

Kinetic Sand Shimmering Purple Amethyst Magic Sand - Most Fun Features

Kids are sure to be dazzled by the shimmering designs of this play sand. It comes in an amethyst purple color that holds its shape after molding with your hands.

  • Sand never dries out
  • Only sticks to itself, not other materials or surfaces
  • Some color may rub off on hands and surfaces, but it easily wipes clean

This Kinetic Sand play sand is free of harmful materials and is safe for kids ages 3 and up. The moldable textures allow for kids to explore their imagination and experiment with new shapes and designs. It's designed to stick to itself, so it cleans up extremely easily.

ESSENSON Play Construction Sand Kit - Best Complete Set

Featuring a collection of construction toys, modeling tools, and a foldable sandbox, this play sand set has kids playing for hours as soon as the kit arrives in the mail.

  • Collection of cranes, trucks, and signs helps kids to set up imaginative scenes
  • Sand can be shaped and engraved
  • Some pieces on the plastic toys may occasionally pop off

The set comes with three pounds of sand for plenty of material to play with and shape. This Essenson play sand kit is made with non-toxic materials and is safe for kids ages 3 and up. The sand won’t dry out or stick to hands or surfaces.

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