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Review: Best Umbrellas

While traveling, the importance of having a travel umbrella handy is astronomical. You never know what kind of weather you are going to endure, and it is ALWAYS better to be prepared than to be sorry. After all, umbrellas don’t just protect us from the rain, but the sun and wind as well.

Whenever I am shopping for a travel umbrella, I pay most attention to the size (it must be easily portable), durability, and if it is wind resistant. I hope my list serves your travels well! For more information on what to look at in selecting the best umbrella in 2021, we have listed below what product is best to buy.

Best Umbrella

Samsonite Umbrellas Windguard Mini Auto Open/Close Umbrella

This Samsonite travel umbrella is best because it has all of the features that I am looking for in one umbrella! It is first a mini umbrella that will easily fit into a purse or brief case while you are traveling. Second, it comes with wind guard protection that keeps the umbrella from flipping in the opposite direction during a storm leaving you vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. It is also very durable overall.

As a plus, this umbrella has an automatic open and close. Definitely a #1 pick!

Totes Micro 'brella Auto Open/Close Folding Umbrella

Totes is one of the most known brands whenever it comes to well crafted umbrellas. They have a great reputation due to their great products. This Mico Umbrella is great for so many reasons! It is perfect for traveling due to its size, it opens and closes with the push of one button, and it comes in many different colors! It is highly durable and will last you a very long time!

The only downfall of this Totes umbrella is that does not have the wind protection that I typically look for.

Tumi Small Automatic Umbrella

This umbrella from Tumi is a great option whenever traveling. It offers many different attributes such as a rubber wrist strap, push button open and close, and storage sleeve that make using it easy and effective. The canopy is not only durable, but highly visible whenever you are walking around. It is also small in size for whenever traveling.

The only downfall about this umbrella again is the lack of wind protection. Otherwise, a great choice.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Titanium Travel Umbrella

This travel umbrella is perfect for people who are traveling to warmer regions and have extra sensitive skin that they want to protect. This Coolibar Titanium Travel Umbrella is equipped with the technology that maximizes your sun protection as well as warding off any rain that may come your way! This is accomplished through a high tech coating that is on the outside of the umbrella.

Overall, I think that this is a great umbrella especially with the extra sun protection. The only thing it is missing that I am looking for is the wind protection.

GoLite Half Dome Travel Umbrella

If you are always on the go between traveling and many different outdoor activities, then this umbrella is for you. You will never have to be worried about getting caught in various different types of weather because you didn’t feel like carrying an umbrella. This Half Dome Travel Umbrella from GoLite is extra small, very light, and highly reliable.

Again, overall it is a great choice due to its many features, but doesn’t come equipped with wind protection technology.

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella

Ttested by the College of Aeronautics to resist wind speeds of over 55 mph, the Classic Gustbuster Umbrella is one that will stand up to the worst weather, and as such does its job best of all the umbrellas we reviewed. A sturdily-built umbrella that feels solid in the hand, the Gustbuster still feels lightweight and portable. A vented canopy allows wind to blow through, preventing warping and damage from high-speed gusts. The ribs are well-built of reinforced fiberglass, and the entire umbrella is designed to minimize or eliminate pinching. We like the classic style of the curved hardwood handle, which is masculine enough for men but still stylish enough for women. If you prefer a more portable umbrella, the Metro Umbrella from Gustbuster incorporates many of the patented design features of the Classic Umbrella, but folds up into a compact shape.

Classic Clear Bubble Stick Umbrella by Totes

A clear bubble umbrella has its benefits. The clear PVC material of the canopy allows you to see through it to navigate crowded streets with ease even in the worst of rains, and the deeper canopy protects you better from the wind and the rain. This clear bubble umbrella by Totes is a good quality, sturdy umbrella available for a very reasonable price. Many reviewers liked how the deeper canopy protected them from being poked by other people's umbrellas as they were walking by. However, we think that some men might dislike the cute bubbly silhouette of this umbrella, making it less universal. When purchasing this item, be aware that the inside of the canopy is coated with powder to protect it while being stored in the warehouse, and you will want to wipe off the powder before using the umbrella.

Samsonite Ultra-Mini Lightweight Umbrella

For those who prefer having a small compact umbrella that they can keep in their purse or car, the Samsonite Ultra Mini Lightweight Umbrella may be the best choice. Although it is tiny and light enough to stow in a handbag or a backpack while traveling, it opens up to a comfortable size, larger than many other mini umbrellas. It is relatively sturdy for a compact umbrella, and reviewers noted that it resisted being blown inside-out, although it is not as sturdy as a full-size umbrella. When it did turn inside-out, the frame was strong enough to withstand being manually reverted without warping. For a big rainstorm, the Samsonite Mini Umbrella probably won't be your first choice, but it is a good option to store in your bag just in case it rains.

Totes Superdome Auto Open/Auto Close Umbrella

The Totes Superdome Umbrella has a small size that opens up to a large 56 canopy, even bigger than many stick umbrellas and large enough for two people. This reasonably-priced umbrella is built of sturdy aluminum, with three sections in its canopy that allow it to fold up to such a small size. Although it does get blown out sometimes, the frame is built to snap back to its rightful shape. However, you do sacrifice some durability for its convenient portability. Reviewers found that it didn't hold up well over several months of being buffeted by strong winds. Nevertheless, if you want a big umbrella that can be thrown in your handbag or backpack, this may be it.

No Drip Rain Umbrella

We were intrigued by the design of the No-Drip Rain Umbrella, which solves one of the most common problems associated with umbrellas slippery wet floors. The No-Drip Rain Umbrella has a built-in plastic sheath that slides over the umbrella when folded, allowing water to drain into a reservoir at the tip. This is perfect for when you are visiting friends or going shopping and want to prevent a messy puddle all over the floor. However, while most reviewers loved the novelty of the no-drip design, some found this umbrella flimsy compared to similar models that did not have the no-drip system.

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