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Upgrade Your Next Wine Night with The Best Wine Glasses

  1. Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Wine Glass
  2. Elixir Glassware Edge Wine Glass
  3. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Collection Cabernet Wine Glass
  4. Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass
  5. Schott Zwiesel Tritan White Wine Glass
  6. Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses
  7. Libbey Vina 12-Piece Stemless Red and White Wine Glasses
  8. Buyer's Guide

The right wine glass can make the difference between a decent wine and a great wine. That's because wine glasses are specially shaped to enhance the aromas and flavors of different types of wines, bringing out the subtleties you might miss if you try to enjoy wine from the wrong type of glass.

Sparkling, red, and white wines each have their own style of glassware. For sparkling wines, you'll want to use a deep, narrow glass that encourages tiny bubbles to rise to the top. If you're drinking red wine, a glass with a large bowl that has plenty of room at the top for the bouquet is desirable. White wines also benefit from extra room at the top of the glass, though you'll want your nose a little closer to the wine if you're hoping to pick up on the subtleties.

Within these three categories, there are a wide variety of specialized glasses designed to enhance particular varietals. If you tend to drink one type of one, it's a good idea to buy glassware that's ideal for that varietal. No matter what type of wine you enjoy, you'll want to look for glassware that's well-made, easy to clean, and perfectly clear. Take a look at our list for the best wine glasses in 2022.

Enjoy your wine from the best glass possible with the top wine glass in 2022

Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Wine Glass - Best Wine Glass Overall

One of the world's favorite wine glass manufacturers, Riedel makes high quality glassware in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Our favorite red wine glass is the Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Glass. Though it's been designed with young, tannic wines in mind, this glass is a good all-around red wine glass. The glass is quite large which makes it easy to swirl wines without spilling. The size and angle of the glass also allows the bouquet to fully develop so that you can pick up the intricacies in the wine's aroma. This shape glass is recommended for tannic wines because it helps to highlight fruity aromas and take the edge of the tannic elements. If you prefer softer or mature red wines, Riedel also makes red wine glasses that will help these wines shine.

Elixir Glassware Edge Wine Glass - Best Craftsmanship

Looking for a set of beautiful, elegant wine glasses for your next dinner party? Or perhaps you plan to gift some wine glasses to a friend or special someone in your life? If so, this set of fabulous edge wine glasses from Elixir Glassware might be right for you. Blending sleek modern line with stunning glass shapes, these wine glasses are instantly eye-catching and highly impressive.

Suitable for use with both red and white wines, these wine glasses can enhance the way you drink your wine simply through their exquisite aesthetics. They're wonderful to look at, pleasant to hold and a lot of fun to drink from, too. Plus, they're made to the highest standards of lead-free crystal for the absolute finest levels of purity and clarity.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Collection Cabernet Wine Glass - Runner Up

If you're looking for non-leaded glassware that has the strength and durability of glassware that's been treated with lead, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Cabernet Glass is a great choice. Since these glasses have been enhanced with titanium and zirconium oxide, they are able to resist chipping, scratching, breaking, and damage from heat like no others. This makes them safe to clean in the dishwasher and guarantees that they'll last for many years. These glasses are quite tall, giving them plenty of space to soften the aroma on tannic wines. Schott Zwiesel also makes glasses that are ideal for a variety of other types of wine.

Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass - Honorable Mention

The long stem of the Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass makes it easy to hold this glass without touching the bowl and warming up a chilled glass of wine. Reinforced with leaded crystal, these glasses are some of the strongest around, as well as some of the clearest, making it easy to see color variations in the wine. The bowl holds around 12 and a half ounces, making it easy to pick out the delicate aromas of subtle white wines. If you prefer other styles of white wine, Riedel makes a wide variety of glasses, each designed to focus aromas so that wine can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan White Wine Glass - Consider

Able to hold 13.6 ounces, Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Forte White Wine Glasses are a classic design that's perfect for light, subtle white wines. These glasses are incredibly strong and have been reinforced with titanium oxide and zirconium oxide instead of lead. They're safe to put in the dishwasher and won't crack or chip with normal daily use. This style of white wine glass is ideal for sauvignon blancs and pinot grigios. Schott Zwiesel makes glasses designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of other types of white wines as well.

Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses - Best Champagne Glasses

With long stems and tall thin bowls, Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses are some of the best there are. These glasses are made with high-quality crystal that's been treated with lead to add strength and clarity. Made in the classic flute shape, with straight sides that encourage bubbling and concentrate the bouquet without overwhelming, sparkling wines of all types shine in these glasses. In order to keep them like new for years to come, you'll want to wash these glasses by hand with soap and warm water.

Libbey Vina 12-Piece Stemless Red and White Wine Glasses - Best Stemless Wine Glasses

A large set of stemless wine glasses that are some of the most affordable around, Libbey Vina 12-Piece Stemless Red and White Wine Glasses are popular with casual wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts alike. These glasses come in two different styles, a 16.5 ounce red wine glass with a wide, almost spherical bowl, and a 17 ounce white wine glass that's tall and slim to capture the delicate aromas of white wines. Made of strong, durable glass, they are safe to put in the dishwasher and will hold up to daily use for years.

Buyer's Guide

Best Wine Glasses Buyer's Guide

A wine glass profoundly influences the taste of wine. Some drinks enhance the smell and taste of the wine while making you better appreciate the wine. Wine glasses have different materials and styles. Thus, you need to understand this and more before buying. This wine glass buying guide will show you what you need to select the perfect wine glass for your needs.

Where can I get the best wine glasses?

If you search for any of the best wine glasses out there, getting the right place to buy can be a bit challenging. There are several options out there, offline and online, but the ultimate choice depends on your needs. If you are looking for more than some wine glasses for your upcoming party, getting cheap drinks will be a good idea.

If you are looking to wow your guests using the best quality wine glasses, you will need to spend more and research more. The good news is that several glassmakers can advise which glass to buy and even take your order. You can also take a trip to the local store to feel what they have to offer.

There are three distinct parts to all stemmed wine glasses. They include the stem, base, and bowl.

Parts of a wine glass


This is the part of the glass which the user will hold. It connects the bowl and base.


This part is needed to keep the glass stable and standing


This is the component that holds the wine

Shapes of wine glasses

There are four distinct glass shapes out there. Knowing these shapes will help you streamline your search. Combining the form, cost, and comfort in drinking and holding will determine which wine glass is the best for you.

White wine glass

This type of glass has the shape of a tulip and goes straight up before it tapers at the top. The glass base allows the user to swirl the content without spilling it. The most remarkable thing about white wine glass is that it focuses on the aromas of the wine at the glass rim. It retains them so that the user can sniff the smell of the wine.

The white glass is smaller than the red because the white glasses do not need as much swirling.

Champagne flute

Flutes are fun, festive and keep the sparkle in the glass longer. These glasses have their issue; for instance, they are known to gather dust. Also, they do not have enough room for swirling.

There are different types of a red wine glass, including the Merlot red wine glass and Malbec red wine glasses. There are also pinot, noir red wine glasses.

Before you buy your next wine glass, note the following tips as a guide.

Factors to consider before buying your wine glass

Effect of the glass on the wine’s aroma

You must not neglect the effect of the glass on the aroma of the wine. Does the glass amplify or suppress the smell? It suffices to say that the choice of glassware matters concerning scent.

Weight and fragility

This factor is more important than you may realise. The weight of the wine glass will determine how easy it is to carry and move around. You should also beware of glass cups that are fragile and susceptible to breaking. A durable cup should be able to stand the test of time. You should note that delicate glasses make wine taste a lot better.


The rim of your glass is where your mouth touches the wine. You will have less interference between you and the wine with a thin edge. A narrower rim means you will focus less on the glass and more on the wine. But how does one get a thin rim? This can be done by using crystal which is sturdier than glass. Crystal can be light and yet not break while giving you the best drinking experience.

Ease of maintenance

If you drink a lot of wine, you will realise that cleaning the cup can be stressful. While you may want to devote your time and energy to clean your glass, you have other things you would instead do with your time. Thus, you need to be mindful of how much effort you need to clean the glass before buying it.

Note that not all wine glasses are dishwasher safe, which is why you need to be sure of this before buying.

Clarity and size

Before buying a wine glass, you should search for a transparent and thin one so that you can see the wine. Wine is better enjoyed when you can see what you are drinking. You also need to consider where you want to place your glass cup.

Wine type

Select your glass based on the type of wine you want to drink with it. If you do not want to have too many glasses lying around your house, you should buy universal wine glasses.

Materials used in making wine glass

When selecting the type of wine glass, you need to know the material it is made from, as this would determine how well it will serve you. Some of the materials used include crystal, handmade glass, machine-made glass, and acrylic.

Wine Glass FAQs

Q. How should I wash my wine glass?The best way to wash a wine glass is to hand wash them using some soap and warm water. While doing this, never hold the base and the bowl simultaneously.

Q. How best can I store my wine glass?Due to the glass’s rim’s delicate nature, you should store them in an upright position in a cabinet. Also, keep the drinks as far away from grease, dust, and odour as possible.

Q. How do I know the best glass for me?When choosing a wine glass, your intended use and taste will determine your choice. Before you buy, make sure you check out reviews and study the glass features.

Final thoughts

The best way to enjoy your bottle of wine is to use the right wine glass. Choosing the perfect drink isn’t exactly rocket science, but it requires some level of due diligence and awareness. We hope this guide’s content should direct you towards making the right choices.

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