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Best Yoga Blocks for Exercise and Relaxation

  1. URBNFit Gym Yoga Block
  2. JBM Yoga Blocks
  3. IUGA Pilates and Meditation Yoga Block
  4. Lotuscrafts Natural Cork Yoga Block
  5. Buyer's Guide

Yoga blocks are primarily used in, you guessed it, yoga, but they are so much more than that. Yoga blocks can be used for stretching and strength exercises such as lunges and push ups. It's a vesatile tool to have in your garage gym or bring to your next yoga session. Here are the best yoga blocks in 2022 you can buy right now.

What are the best yoga blocks of 2022?

URBNFit Gym Yoga Block - Top Pick

These URBNFit Yoga Blocks are great for beginners if this is your first foray into the yoga world. They are constructed of foam which make them very light and easy to take with you. The drawback with a beginner set is that the foam is typically not as stable as cork or wood so you'll have more difficulty with poses that require a significant amount of weight on these blocks. Each set includes two blocks and a 6ft stretch strap to help you increase your flexiblity.

JBM Yoga Blocks - Honorable Mention

The JBM yoga blocks come in many colors and two different materials. They offer the typical foam construction, which as mentioned before, is great for beginners or for using as an extension of your limbs. JBM also offers a cork yoga block as an alternative to foam. Cork blocks are made to provide more stability during challenging poses becuase they are heavier and do not indent. Just like foam, cork doesn't slip but they only come in one color, natural cork.

IUGA Pilates and Meditation Yoga Block - Contender

Similar to JBM, the IUGA yoga blocks include two blocks and a stretch strap. You have a choice between EVA foam or the cork option. Only the foam come in multiple color options. The differentiating factor is that the stretch strap is 7ft long rather than the typical 6ft you get from most manufacturers. Most would prefer a longer strap. IUGA makes a great product and even the foam block didn't indent when doing raised lunges on them. Both the cork and foam options are great.

Lotuscrafts Natural Cork Yoga Block - Consider

Lotuscrafts makes a great cork yoga block. They are made in Portugal from natural cork and feel sturdy when doing all your poses- from beginner to advanced. They are able to keep you stable and are easy to grip thanks to their rounded edges. We didn't notice a strong smell emanating from them at all either. Unfortunately, they don't include a stretch strap at all.

Buyer's Guide

Yoga blocks come in SO many different makes, shapes, and designs that it can be daunting to decide upon one. So, to ease this entire process, we would like to take you through this comprehensive buyer's guide and tell you all there is to know about these handy props.

Are Yoga Blocks Worth Buying? The Benefits Of Yoga Blocks

Let's kick things off with these three benefits that yoga blocks provide that make them a must-have for all students of the craft:

Adding Length

The term "adding length" may sound very yoga-ey. In simple terms, it means to make your body more flexible. By using a yoga block in various positions, you can reduce the overall stress in your body and make it more open towards different poses.

Helping With Support & Alignment

A yoga block can be used to provide you with support when trying out new yoga positions. This helps you build confidence. Talking about confidence, yoga block exercises will also help you breathe better when in a yoga position.

Helps Prevent Injury

Trust us when we say that you're not the only one who thinks that some yoga positions are rather scary. All of that bending and stretching do seem dangerous. However, a yoga block can be used to support your thigh and hips and prevent injury. Quite neat, no?

What Are the Different Materials That Yoga Blocks Are Made From?

Now that we agree upon the importance of using yoga blocks, let's look at the different materials that are used when making them:

  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Cork

Now, let's look at how each type of material does things a bit differently, shall we?


Yoga blocks made out of wood are extremely uncommon, particularly because of their high price tag. Nevertheless, wooden yoga blocks are EXTREMELY durable and sturdy and are great for providing support for your body weight in various positions.


Extremely cheap and lightweight, foam yoga blocks are very popular. If you've ever been to a yoga studio, chances are that you've seen this bad boy. Due to their soft, yet sturdy, nature, foam blocks are great for supporting restorative yoga positions. On the flip side, foam isn't that durable, but it's fine given its low price point.


Cork yoga blocks fall somewhere in the middle. They aren't that expensive but not exactly cheap either. It's easy to grip these blocks and stack them up. Long-lasting and non-slip, yoga blocks made from cork don't really have any downside except that they are a bit difficult to clean and maintain.

Things To Consider When Buying Yoga Blocks

We recommend that you take into consideration these two factors when in the market for a new yoga block:

The Number of Blocks

While the number of blocks that you buy entirely depends on your preferences, we recommend getting at least two to start things off. This will allow you to place both your hands on the blocks while practicing different poses. You can opt for even more if you'd like to stack the blocks up for chest opening and relaxing positions.


While the most common shape that yoga blocks come in is the traditional brick-shaped design, we recommend that you keep your options open. A wedge-shaped one is great if your wrists are a bit sore and you need some extra support. We also came across some egg-shaped and semi-circle ones that are great for reclining and arm-balancing positions, respectively.

What Sizes Do Yoga Blocks Come In? Which One To Go For?

The standard yoga block sizes are:

  • 9x6x2
  • 9x6x3
  • 9x6x4

As you can see, it is only in the width that a yoga block's size varies. Let's now look at how that changes its use:

9x6x2 Yoga Blocks

Thin yoga blocks with 2 inches of width are great for providing support in seated yoga positions. Also, 9x6x2 blocks are a good option if you have small hands and have a hard time trying to grip thicker ones.

9x6x3 Yoga Blocks

These blocks fall in the middle and are versatile when it comes to usage and support provision.

9x6x4 Yoga Blocks

Thicker yoga blocks should be the way to go if you have large hands or you're not that flexible. 9x6x4 blocks are also great for adding a bit of height to your positions and for chest opening postures.

Best Yoga Blocks FAQs

Now that you know all about yoga blocks and how they are an integral part of this craft, let's end things off with this succinct faq section that will answer any remaining queries that you still might have:

What does a yoga block do?

A yoga block can be utilized as an extension for your arms when going into various positions. It can also be used to support your back, thighs, hips, and head when trying out a new position.

Why are cork yoga blocks better?

Cork yoga blocks aren't necessarily better. In fact, all types of yoga blocks are necessary and serve different needs. Wooden blocks are extremely durable and would support the heaviest of weights. Cork ones are easily stackable, easy to grip, and very sturdy. Foam yoga blocks are lightweight, cheap, and perfect for restorative stances.

How many yoga blocks should you have?

We recommend buying at least two yoga blocks. This will allow you to place both your hands on them when leaning into a position. You can opt for more if you'd like to stack them and get more distance between you and the ground.

How big should a yoga block be?

There is no one suitable yoga block size. Rather, it varies from individual to individual. If you have big hands or are not that flexible, we recommend you opt for thicker yoga blocks. Yoga blocks with less width should be the way to go if you have small hands or if your body is naturally flexible.

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