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Fix Even The Biggest Mistakes With The Best Correction Tapes

  1. BIC Wite-Out EZ Correction Tape
  2. Liquid Paper DryLine Grip Correction Tape
  3. Tombow MONO Hybrid Correction Tape
  4. Office Depot Side-Application Correction Tape
  5. Stationery Island Pack Of 24 Correction Tape
  6. Buyer's Guide

Do you find liquid correction fluid (bear with us, "whiteout" is a genericized version of Bic's Wite-Out trademark) a little too messy or you hate scratching or erasing your mistakes with your pen or pencil? Here’s an end to all your paper correction issues.

Correction tapes help you keep your textbooks and notes looking clean and tidy in an instant. They are every office and student’s staple tool, all thanks to the quick, easy, and dry application. You can get them in different colors and different kinds of applicators.

Since there are many options on the market, we saved you some time and effort by researching and putting together a list of the best correction tapes in 2022 for you.

What are the best correction tapes of 2022?

BIC Wite-Out EZ Correction Tape - Best Overall

BIC's "Wite-Out" is already a household name when it comes to document preparation, so it should come as no surprise that they lead the field when it comes to correction tape as well. As expected with BIC's products, this correction tape BIC allows for easy application thanks to its straightforward design and ergonomic handling characteristics. You can write over and correct mistakes without making a mess or waiting 5 minutes for it to dry. This is a film-based tape, which means it's stronger than a paper-based one and is more resistant to tearing or breaking. The film’s finish creates inconspicuous and very tidy correction lines that will last a long time.

  • Easily controlled dispensing system
  • Flat tip for smooth application
  • Translucent dispenser to tell you the amount of remaining tape
  • Complaints about crimping and drying

Liquid Paper DryLine Grip Correction Tape - Runner Up

The Liquid Paper DryLine from Paper Mate is almost 30 feet long and is known for its smooth application. It allows you to apply and instantly correct your mistake without having to wait for it to dry. It’s strong and resists tearing and breaking that usual correction tapes are prone to. It has a simple side-application design that improves visibility as you apply it on paper. It helps with precise and smooth application without any mess.

  • Transparent dispenser allows you to see how much is left
  • 27.8 foot long correction tape
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip
  • This correction tape cannot be refilled

Tombow MONO Hybrid Correction Tape - Honorable Mention

The MONO correction tape comes in a hybrid-style casing that combines single-line correction with a side action grip. The tape itself performs a 90-degree twist before it reaches the dispenser, so you can see more of the document you're correcting without the case obstructing your view. Our recommendation is to stick with the 10-piece value pack, which contains over 300 feet of correction tape. The retractable tip cover protects against inadvertent damage to the tape, and if the self-tightening mechanism gets loose, the tension can be adjusted by twisting the rewind knob.

  • Tape quickly and cleanly adheres to paper for immediate correction
  • Exceptional opacity after application, no scan or copy shadows
  • Self-tightening mechanism that saves it from pulling or looping
  • Not designed for left-handers

Office Depot Side-Application Correction Tape - Contender

This correction tape features a side-application design that lets you see how and where the applicator is going as you go. This helps in precise coverage of your mistake without do-overs and creating an unnecessary mess. It has been designed for a comfortable grip with cuts that compliment your hand’s shape. The tip is quite flexible to allow easy and smooth application. The tape doesn’t crease or get loose either. Moreover, the drying time is zero; just apply the tape and rewrite.

  • Each dispenser contains 32.8 feet of tape
  • Comes with a protective cap so the tape doesn’t dry out
  • Contoured grip for easy application
  • Not suitable for left-hand users

Stationery Island Pack Of 24 Correction Tape - Consider

If you're looking to supply an entire office with correction tape, the Stationery Island 24-pack is a great place to start. Each dispenser contains just over 16 feet of correction tape; while it's admittedly not the longest tape reel featured here, it's made up for by the fact that this kit ships with a whopping 24 units. The protective lid saves the tape from getting dirty or dry when not in use, and it's also certified to be non-toxic and completely safe for use by children. It is a film-base tape that won’t crease or break easily. It is also completely odorless and can be used on any kind of document. The design is compact, easy to carry in your pencil case, and is super convenient to apply.

  • 24 dispensers included, each with 16.4 feet of 5mm-wide tape
  • Ergonomic grip designed for both kids and adults
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Other options contain longer tape reels

Buyer's Guide

Here’s a short guide to help you get the best correction pen tape for your office or school.

Things to Consider Before Buying Correction Tape

A few things to look for in a correction tape are:


Make sure you get the appropriate width of your correction tape as you don’t want to be covering any extra text as you correct a mistake. You should also be able to correct with one stroke of the tape.

Most correction tapes are 1/6th of an inch wide which is perfect for all regular font documents. For extra-large fonts or handwritten documents, carefully check the width before you buy.

Drying Time

When you cover a mistake, you want to correct it immediately by writing over the same spot. Some correction tapes take time to dry and you have to wait till it does before writing over it. Get a correction tape with little to no drying time. Dry-application correction tapes are aimed at solving this very problem.

Rewind Feature

Oftentimes, correction tapes go to waste if they get stuck in the dispenser or fail to roll out properly. Look for a dispenser with a rewind function so that you can pull the tape back in the other direction when it gets stuck.


Paper base correction tape tends to break or tear easily. It often breaks even before you complete a stroke. You should invest in a correction tape with polyester or film base. They are flexible and much smoother.

How Does Correction Tape Work?

Correction tapes come in small rolls of different lengths, enclosed inside a dispenser. The dispenser holds this tear-resistant tape that is wound onto a spool.

When the user moves the tip of the dispenser across the paper while applying a certain amount of pressure, the coating on the tape detaches from it and adheres to the paper.

The tape continues to move out and roll up on a second spool. And when all of the tape has been used up, it will have completely shifted to the other spool. This is how you get a seamless supply of tape.

Correction Fluid VS Correction Tapes, What’s Better?

Here’s some detail to help you understand both:

Liquid Correction Fluids and Pens

With correction liquids, you have no size restrictions. Just disperse the liquid on large or small mistakes and you’re done. Unless you're skilled at handling the brush/applicator, this method is quite messy and you may actually end up wasting or spilling most of it.

Liquid pens are upright, compact, lightweight, and let you write, draw, or cover very small spots.

The issue with both these methods of correction is that you’ll have to wait for the liquid to dry after application before you can write on it.

Correction Tape

Correction tapes address liquid correction issues. Correction tapes dry (nearly) as soon as you apply them on paper. They are also more precise and look much neater. All you have to do is consider the width of the tape according to the text you’ll typically be using it for.

Benefits of Correction Tapes

Here are some advantages of correcting tapes:

- Correction tape dispensers don’t let the tape get twisted due to their anti-rollback function.
- They provide a smooth and clear surface to write on.
- You can adjust the screw on the dispenser if you feel it is loose.
- Tape is opaque and gives exceptional coverage.
- Tape can also be rolled back.
- Comfortable to use with no mess at all.


Every office and school goer is familiar with how easy correction tape makes things in their everyday lives. You can correct any kind of document in the tidiest manner with them.

To help you pick the best one according to your needs and routine, we put together some tips and considerations to always go by along with our recommendations for the best correction tapes in 2021.

Correction Tape FAQ

Some frequently asked questions are:

Q: How can you remove correction tape?

A: You can simply peel the white strip off the paper, though this gets increasingly difficult as it "sets" on the document.

Q: How long does correction tape last?

A: Typically, correction tape has a shelf life of around 2 years.

Q: Do you need a clean surface for correction tape to work?

A: Yes. It won’t stick if there’s oil, moisture, or dust on the surface.

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