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Freshen Up Your Entrance with the Best Door Mats

  1. Achim Home Furnishings Wrought Iron Rubber Door Mat
  2. Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat
  3. HOMWE Doormats
  4. Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat
  5. Ottomanson Ottohome 20" X 30", Beige Non-slip Welcome Door Mat
  6. Sierra Concepts Welcome Outdoor Door Mat
  7. Buyer's Guide

Doormats have existed for a very long time. The primary reason why people purchase them is to not only decorate their front door but also to keep what's outside from coming inside. To add to that, these days welcoming mats come in unique styles that freshen up your entrance. When guests enter your place, they won't be able to walk inside without complimenting your doormat. For you, we have gathered the best doormats in 2022 right here.

Best Door Mats of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Achim Home Furnishings Wrought Iron Rubber Door Mat - Best Overall

Available in both black and brown colors, our first pick is a classic welcoming mat that can improve the look of your entrance in seconds. It has a rectangular shape, and the material of the mat is rubber coir. The reason why rubber coir works like a charm for an entrance is that it can take quite a beating from the elements and your feet. Rubber coir also makes the mat durable. Furthermore, in case you feel that the welcoming mat is getting pretty dirty, don’t worry because it is easy to clean. Pick up a brush, vacuum, or broom and clean the mat from top to bottom. Make sure you shake it vigorously to allow all the dust to fall on the floor. In case you’re looking for a thorough clean, rinse the mat with a garden hose and air dry it to end up with a brand new welcoming mat. Be mindful of the size of the mat, it measures 18” x 30”.

  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Durable material made to last
  • It is an attractive welcoming mat
  • Design may not be for everyone

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat - Runner Up

Our next pick is by a brand called Sierra concepts, which provides high-quality indoor and outdoor welcoming mats. It works well near doorways, garages, back patio, or any other spot where you expect high foot traffic. The non-slip backing, backed by heavy-duty PVC, will successfully absorb any moisture. It will also help to keep the mat in its proper place, which is an excellent feature for a doormat.

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable rug, high-quality
  • Non-slip doormat
  • Very industrial looking

The size of the doormat is 30” x 17”, convenient for a typical entrance. The mat has a rugged ribbed polyester design that can trap dust, dirt, and all sorts of unhygienic particles that you wouldn’t want in your living quarters. With that being said, the mat is easy to clean. Just scrape the dirt and kinds of debris using a brush or a broom. The package includes two doormats, so you can cover both entry points in your house and keep your floor squeaky clean.

HOMWE Doormats - Best Slip Resistant

Doormats are supposed to be fashionable, versatile, and slip-resistant, and the HOMWE doormat meets all of these criteria and more. With this mat at your front door and in your garage, laundry room, or mudroom, your home's interior will be ten times cleaner than usual. This product is thicker and tougher than most door mats, which increases its longevity and ability to absorb water. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality propylene supported with slip-resistant rubber backing.

  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Simple, yet stylish design
  • The colors could be considered dull

Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat - Honorable Mention

Next up, we have a welcoming mat with a unique and attractive color, Midnight Maze. Along with a multitude of colors and sizes to choose from, there are also other designs. Made of high-quality natural rubber, with a proper border and backing supported with intricate weaves of polypropylene fabric, this mat is excellent when it comes to absorbing moisture and dirt. The rubber-beveled border creates a surface that traps unwanted debris from spoiling your floors. The raised polypropylene fabric has patterned grooves that not only trap dirt but also dry up quickly. And if you’re planning to clean the rug, you can easily use a vacuum or broom. Shake the dirt away and the mat will look good as new. Designed to bear through lots of wear and tear, the mat is heavy-duty. It’s soft, yet flexible at the same time. The stylish design will allow your entrance to look attractive, giving it a luxurious touch. The mat measures 29" x 17" and has a 0.25-inch thickness to it. Since the doormat offers a low-profile design, you won't have to worry about it getting caught when opening or closing doors.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Effective in trapping dirt
  • Made from high-quality natural rubber
  • The mat retains water

Ottomanson Ottohome 20" X 30", Beige Non-slip Welcome Door Mat - Contender

Featuring a contrast of beige and black, our next doormat has a standard rectangular shape. Crafted from premium quality nylon, the mat is convenient when it comes to cleaning. One thing that grinds the gears of homeowners when it comes to mats is that they’re a hassle to clean. But this one’s different. With a low-profile design, the rug has reinforced over-locked edges that sit upon entrances and doorways like they were built for it. The mat has rubber backs that also help in cleaning and improve its durability. Able to survive through rain and snow, the mat is also ideal to place in outdoor bathrooms, hallways, or below your sink to catch unwanted debris and moisture from staining your floors. The most unique factor about this welcoming mat is its elegant look. The design is simple yet graceful. It can easily grab the attention that you’re looking for from your guests.

  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Strong rubber backing
  • Offers an attractive look
  • One size option

Sierra Concepts Welcome Outdoor Door Mat - Consider

This product is two mats in one. The first welcome mat is a buffalo plaid outdoor farmhouse rug. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, the hard-woven buffalo checkered rug has fabric cotton which increases the durability and allows the mat to last for longer periods. It can survive wear and tear thanks to the heavy-duty design, making it ideal for places with high foot traffic. With a plaid black and white color scheme, the mat will look attractive at your doorstep. The second mat is made from 100% Coco Coir, which features a heavy-duty 0.60” thick pile supported by strong PVC backing. The overall dimensions are 30” x 17.5”. Coco coir is known to take a beating or two, so you can place it outside your doorstep without an ounce of worry. The best thing is you're practically getting two mats. You can stack them on each other or use them in separate areas of your home.

  • Heavy-duty outdoor/indoor mats
  • The package contains two mats
  • The mats are durable
  • Checkered design isn't for everyone

Buyer's Guide

While we were discussing doormats, did you ever think about what goes into the best doormat? Which factors create the best welcoming mat for your house? If you haven’t thought about it now, it’s alright. Because we’ll fill you in on the details.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Doormats In 2021

When it comes to doormats, it is easy to assume that most people think there isn’t much to them. Right? Wrong. Rugs, especially those that you place at entry points, should never be bought without knowing how they will react after, let’s say rain or a wash, or perhaps snow. That’s why we want you to go through our list of factors that you should look at when buying a doormat for your house.


What you’re looking for is a welcoming mat that requires little to no effort to clean. At best, a broom or a brush should do the job. Followed by vigorous shaking. However, if the rug asks for an intensive clean every other day that’s where you should consider another. Of course, you can clean the rug intensively once a month or after a party at your house but that’s it.


These days you can find welcoming mats that are made from different types of fabric. The real question is, which fabric suits you the best? It is important to add here that if you have a pet in your house, like a dog, then that can impact which doormat you should purchase.

Pets are known to chew and damage doormats. But even if you don’t have a pet, it is unwise to go for doormats with weak structures. They look attractive, yes, but they don’t serve the purpose (at least for outdoor use). It is recommended to go for a fabric that is known to take a beating or two. For example, coco coir, polypropylene, or rubber. These materials perform well.


Have you ever entered a house, only to be greeted by a smelly doormat? That’s what you want to avoid at all costs. After a wash or rain, doormats can absorb moisture in them. And if this is left untreated then the odor will smell pretty bad, to say the least.

That’s why you should go for doormats that do not trap moisture for a long time. Ideally, they should dry after a while but even if they require air drying, that is fine as well. As long as the odor does not attach itself permanently to the rug.

Door Mat FAQ

Q: How often should I replace my doormat?

A: Replacing a doormat all depends on the amount of traffic and use it gets. Weather is also a factor. It's really depends on the aethetics of it that determines when you would or need to replace it.

Q: Can I machine wash my coir doormat?

A: No, doormats made from coco coir are not supposed to be machine washed. Using a blower and a brush can make coco coir look new again. Also feel free to give it a good shake out.

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