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The Best Green Tea Extracts Will Offer You Numerous Health Benefits

For ages, green tea has been widely recognized for its various health benefits for our bodies, including weight loss, improved brain function, reduced stress and depression, enhanced immune system, and much more. However, not all the people like the taste of it or have time to brew it! Throughout the years, scientists have managed to come up with a more convenient way of consuming this beverage - green tea extract. This is a concentrated form that contains the identical amount of ingredients as a standard cup of green tea, and it is usually sold in pills or capsules. In our guide, we will be pointing out some of the best green tea extracts in 2021. So, read on!

Compare The Best Green Tea Extracts Of 2021

Zhou Nutrition Energy and Healthy Heart Formula Green tea extract

Zhou Nutrition has created a great product with their Green Tea Extract in pill form. Each serving contains 500mg of green tea extract. It is lab verified and produced in the United States. Each pill is non-gmo and gluten free. Green tea extract is known to help boost metabolism and brain function and give you a jolt of caffeine to keep you enegized without jitters or crash. One thing to note is that each capsule also includes cellulose, rice flour, and vegetable magnesium stearate if you allergic to any of those ingredients.

  • It is one of the most popular manufacturers in the "herbal supplements" space
  • The Zhou green tea capsules includes a fair amount of caffeine
  • This extract isn't really suitable for people with a sensitive stomach

Nature's Nutrition 98% Standardized Green tea extract

Next up on the list, we have Nature's Nutrition Green Tea Extract, which is made from natural polyphenols and antioxidants that don't contain any fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Furthermore, this extract is strictly formulated and produced in the USA. You will be able to pick what size bottle you want including 60, 120, and 240 capsules. 1 serving is 2 green tea extract capsules and to take preferably in the morning after your first meal.

  • This green tea extract has been formulated and made in the USA
  • They will support your weight loss journey
  • The dosage recommendation from the manufacturer might be high

NOW Supplements Green tea extract

If you're looking for budget-friendly supplements that won't cause a big hole in your pocket, then you should undoubtedly check out the NOW Green Tea Extract Supplement. Drinking this extract is the best way to ensure that you and your family receive a high quality product. This green tea extract is only manufactured out of vegetarian and non-GMO ingredients - ensuring maximum safety. Furthermore, along with a natural 40% polyphenols & catechin and 32 mg of caffeine content, the NOW Green Tea Extract Supplement also contains a good amount of vitamin C. With all of these ingredients combined, a single capsule will provide you with great energy, decreased stress levels, and improved immunity.

  • The NOW Green Tea Extract also features an acceptable amount of vitamin C
  • It's manufactured from non-GMO ingredients
  • People that tried taking this on empty stomachs have experienced nausea

Zenwise Health EGCG & Vitamin C Green tea extract

Are you tired of brewing green tea all the time? Well, ditch the bags and get most of the health benefits of green tea with the help of the Zenwise Green Tea Antioxidant Extract. This green tea mixture is formed following an AVA-certified vegan formula, and it includes 725mg of Green Tea Extract and 60mg of Vitamin C. The Zenwise Green Tea Antioxidant Extract will help in supporting your heart health, provide an extra boost in performance, improve weight management, and offer mental focus. Zenwise advises their customers to take at least 1 or 2 capsules a day so that they can experience all of the benefits mentioned above.

  • It will provide your body with a number of health benefits
  • The capsules are pretty small and don't have any aftertaste
  • Some of the users that purchased this tea extract have complained about nausea side effects

Buyer's Guide

If this is the first time ever purchasing green tea extracts, then you might seem confused and don't know where to start, particularly with the number of options available online. In our buying guide, we will try to explain what are the key considerations that you should take into account when buying tea extracts, the cost you should anticipate paying, and briefly describe all of the benefits. Be sure to join in!

What Should You Consider When Buying Green Tea Extracts?


The first, and by far, the most important factor you should consider when buying green tea extracts are the ingredients. Always look for green tea extracts manufactured out of natural components and don't have any presence of fillers, artificial colors, or soy.

Furthermore, don't forget to check the amount of caffeine in the drink. For example, some of the green tea extracts have little to no caffeine presence, while others contain a higher caffeine content that can lift your mood and make you feel energized if that's what you want.


Another really crucial thing to do is to review the suggested dosage from the manufacturer. Most of them will have this information written on the product's labeling or the instructions inside. Please, don't try to exceed the suggested dosage because there might be unwanted side effects.


Most of the time, you will be able to see green tea extracts offered in the form of powder and capsules. And, the number of capsules or amount of powder included in the packaging can widely vary from one brand to another.

How Much Do Green Tea Extracts Cost?

If you're thinking about getting green tea extracts, then you should expect to pay from as low as $15 and up to $90 for others. The cost will vary depending on the amount of green tea extract in the packaging, the company that manufactures them, and the quality of the ingredients.

How Did We Pick The Best Green Tea Extracts?

We have checked out several green tea extracts before composing the ultimate list. And each product on our list has successfully passed the RMI test (Reviews, Manufacturer, and Ingredients).


Customers from all around the globe have given their unbiased opinions about specific products online, and these reviews have assisted us in our entire review process.


While making the list, we've also acknowledged the company behind the product. And, we were capable of only picking authorized and verified manufacturers.


We also paid careful attention to the quality of ingredients in the green tea extracts. Most of them are tested by a third-party firm.

What Are The Most Fundamental Benefits Of Consuming Green Tea Extract?

Overall Health

Green tea extracts contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and caffeine that help with a wide range of illnesses from cancer, decreased brain function, and high cholesterol.

Weight Loss

Obesity is a notable problem in the USA. The big news is that you can actually improve your weight loss management with the help of green tea extract. Researchers have revealed that green tea extract increases the metabolic rate. As a result, this makes your bodies burn more energy and hence burn off fat. Furthermore, caffeine, an element of the green tea extract, is known to mobilize fatty acids and get them prepared as a source of energy.

Reduces Stress

One green tea capsule can tremendously help you to calm your nerves! Green tea extract also includes a property known as L-theanine, which is a unique ingredient that can assist in reducing tension and stress while promoting relaxation and comfort.

Improved Oral Health

Since it's rich in flavonoids, the green tea extract is excellent for your teeth and your overall oral health. It can exceptionally decrease inflammation, support healthy gums, and reduce bacteria growth in your mouth.

Boosts Energy

While green tea extract generally contains less caffeine content than coffee, it can still provide you with enough power throughout the entire day. Moreover, the caffeine content will also significantly enhance your brain memory and your overall focus.

Green Tea Extract FAQ

Q: What is the prescribed dosage for green tea extract?

A: The recommended dosage of green tea extract can range from 500 to 1000 mg per day. Generally speaking, one capsule contains around 500 mg of green tea, so taking 1 to 2 capsules per day is completely safe. Nonetheless, we strongly advise that you stick with the manufacturer's prescribed dosage or your doctor's recommendations.

Q: Will green tea extract help you in reducing belly fat?

A: While you can't expect a single pill of green tea to completely decrease your belly fat, multiple studies have proven that consuming green tea on a daily basis will massively help with your weight loss journey. Also, please note that drinking more tea extract won't make the process faster.

Q: Is green tea extract the same thing as green tea?

A: Yes! The green tea extract is a concentrated form that has the same amount of ingredients as green tea (antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and flavonoids). Typically, green tea extract can appear in the market as capsules, tablets, and powder.

Q: Does green tea extract have caffeine content?

A: Generally speaking, green tea extract has a specific amount of caffeine content inside. However, some of them have a pretty low amount that won't even affect you, while others can provide you with the same energy as drinking a cup of coffee.

Q: What are the most common side effects of green tea extract?

A: While green tea can provide you with a ton of benefits, there are still a couple of side effects that you need to keep in mind. Some of the worst ones so far are the following: headache, nausea, sleep problems, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and diarrhea.

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