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How To Create The Best Sim Gaming Experience

How To Create The Best Sim Gaming Experience

You've probably seen it all: reality TV, vlogs, fictional novels adapted into a TV series. Your insatiable thirst for an alternate reality remains, well, insatiable. The lockdown only made things worse. You're looking for something more than the ordinary - a better version of your reality, and you're in luck. The universe has brought you here. The stars have aligned for this purpose and this purpose only: creating the best sim gaming experience possible.

Now that we have your attention, we simply want to show you how to create the best sim gaming experience. Whether or not you already play sim games, there's a chance that you haven't tried some of our tips and tricks. 2021 just got sim gamier! (P.S. We couldn't find a better adjective.)

Create an atmosphere

The idea of sim gaming is to engage the player in as realistic of a world as possible, no matter what the setting is. If you really want to immerse yourself in these games, then you need the right atmosphere. Before purchasing any gadgets, clear out your space and try decorating with theme-relevant items. This is a great way to take your experience a bit further. You can use posters or build a set that looks similar to the games you'd be playing the most.

Let your lighting be in sync

Even though you are in a sim environment, you're still physically present in your room. This can easily detach you from the experience. Lights are an excellent way to help you focus more and calm your mood. You can use some colored lights to help you remain calm and happy. This can be very therapeutic. Lighting also goes along with creating an atmosphere.

Get a good PC

Sim gaming requires a lot of CPU power. Since these games are designed to be played for long hours, they can really push your computer's hardware to their limits. The games you intend to play will determine the type of PC you need. For example, iRacing requires a minimum of 4 cores (quad-core), and it specifically calls out the AMD FX-6300 and Intel Core i5-4430 as the minimum processors required. It also demands a GPU unit with at least 2GB of memory. The great thing about PCs is that you can build them from scratch, and you can also customize the components that don't fit the bill. So no what the requirements are, there's always a PC that works. Your budget is the only limiting factor, so build the best computer you can.

Go all out on gadgets

The numerous gadgets available for different games and the remarkable imitation of real-life experiences set sim gaming apart. Spend some money on a decent racing wheel if you're into racing games, or buy a PC joystick or a flight controller if you're a fan of flight sims. If you see a gaming chair or a racing simulator cockpit, add it to your cart. All these items will give you an authentic experience of the reality being emulated. Don't break the bank by going for gaming gadgets, though. Spend what you can afford, but bear in mind that the more you have, the more realistic it gets.

Sim racing

Sim racing has become remarkably popular in recent years. There are many products available on the market, so researching sim racing hardware takes time and patience. You have to be ready to commit to buying some of these items, and many sim racing products are expensive. Not only does this hardware take up a considerable amount of space in your room, but they also make a noticeable dent in your finances. A racing wheel, a base, and pedals might be a good place to start if you are new to the sport. However, if you want a fully immersive experience, and you're not expecting any more expenses this year, then you might as well go for the full rig.

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