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Prepare for Flu Season with the Best Immune Support Supplements

When it comes to fighting against harmful infections and pathogens, our body's front-line of defense is our immune system. Thus, it is vital to boost the efficiency of your immune system through proper diet, exercise, and specific supplements. These supplements are essential to overcome vitamin and mineral deficiency. It can boost your health and aid your immune system in performing better. Some probiotics are specifically made to boost your immune system. And these days, it has become important to discuss the best immune support supplements in 2021.

Best Immune Support Supplement

Dakota (2 Pack) 7 in 1 Immune Support Supplement - Best Overall

The 7 in 1 immune booster by Dakota comes in a pack of 2 bottles. The supplement is packed with seven potent ingredients including Sambucus elderberry with ginger and turmeric, assiting in anti-oxidation. It also contains zinc citrate oxide that is a key nutrient for boosting immune function while vitamin C, vitamin D, and Echinacea are also added for further immune support. Users have appreciated the company for including the necessary vitamin C and D dosages as they are best for antioxidant support and are crucial vitamins that are not naturally produced by the body. The company claims that you will get double the benefits by taking a Dakota capsule versus other immunity boosters.

  • Combination of 7 nutrients in 1 bottle
  • Contains vitamins C and D
  • Some users felt nausea after taking the capsule

Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Powder Immune Support Supplement - Runner Up

Emergen-C immune support supplements are rich in vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D. The packet includes 30 tablets in Super Orange flavor. It is an enhanced formula that contains more vitamin C than 10 whole oranges! To make it easy for you to consume the tablets, the company has added natural sweeteners and fruit flavors to give the tablets a delicious taste of orange. All you need to do is dissolve them in a little water, and after it is done fizzing, you can consume it. If you are not comfortable drinking it, you can also buy it in chewable or gummy form. The product is caffeine-free and contains a proprietary complex.

  • Rich in vitamin C, D, and zinc
  • Natural sweeteners are used to add flavor to it
  • Available in gummy and chewable form as well
  • Rarely causes laxative effects for some users

Airborne Elderberry + Vitamins and Zinc Immune Support Supplement - Honorable Mention

Elderberry is the most popular medicinal plant that is used in many of the best immune support supplements. Rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber and with many other benefits, you may have seen Airborne in the news as it got in trouble for overpromising the benefits of its products. However, it is a rich source of immune-boosting supplements. These supplements contain an excellent combination of zinc, vitamins, and elderberries. Moreover, they come in gummy form, so you can easily chew them and they taste great. It is best to take these twice a day, and as the pack has a total of 60 gummies, one bottle can last a month.

  • Gluten and gelatin free product
  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners
  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Not listed as organic

Nature's Bounty 24 Hour + Immune Support Supplement - Contender

One of the common things in all of the best immune support supplements is that they all contain vitamin C. However, the quantity differs between supplements. Nature's Bounty's version claims that its immunity booster is one of a kind as it is rich in vitamin C that lasts a full 24 hours. Thus, it provides more extended immune support than other brands. It also provides other essential vitamins like vitamins A and D. Furthermore, it contains a considerable amount of zinc for extra immunity and antioxidant support. It has a non-GMO formula and does not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, lactose, milk, sugar, starch, and gluten. It is also free from sodium and yeast.

  • High quantity of vitamin C
  • Immunity lasts for 24 hours
  • Free from artificial flavors and sweeteners
  • In hot weather, the tablets may melt quickly

Healthycell AC-11 Supplement - Also Consider

The product contains essential ingredients for supporting cells to fight the effects of aging and help your body feel younger for longer. The product also helps in fighting against infectious diseases by producing antibodies. Thus, it enables you to stay healthy and fit. You can check the description box of the product to find the ingredients and required dosage. Overall, the brand has a well-known reputation for producing quality supplements, just be careful to meet the recommended dosage. Of course, consult your doctor before starting a new supplement routine.

  • Protects your skin and body cells
  • Results supported by 40+ peer-reviewed studies
  • Users should pay attention to the prescribed dosage

Zhou Resveratrol Immune Support Supplement - Consider

To enhance the natural advantages of resveratrol, Zhou Resveratrol is standardized to 50 percent trans-resveratrol. They've devised a recipe that has precisely selected appropriate quantity of each ingredient to get optimal effects. Resveratrol has become very popular in recent years for its anti-aging properties, being especially potent when in the form of trans-resveratrol.

  • Several substances in this unique mix boost immune function in a synergistic way
  • Aids in the maintenance of vitality and the appearance of younger-looking skin
  • Can give heart palpitations

Free radicals are thought to be the major cause of aging signs and many other health problems, and antioxidants like resveratrol can help prevent cell damage caused by them. It's a flavonoid antioxidant with a lot of punch.

SmartyPants Men’s Formula - Also Try

Loaded with multivitamins, beta carotene, omega-3, lycopene, and tons of other premium ingredients, SmartyPants delivers with this men’s formula! To name a few of the benefits, you get increased stamina, improved heart health thanks to CoQ10, stronger bones, excellent prostate health, and thriving immune support.

  • non-GMO, gluten-free, free of synthetic colors and flavors, and free most common allergens (see ingredient list)
  • Adult men can take up to 6 gummies daily (one bottle comes with 180 gummies)
  • They might be too sweet for some

While nutrients are the most important feature of this immune support supplement, they’re also super tasty, crammed with all-natural flavors from herbs, spices, fruits, and veggies. The common ground between you and Smarty Pants Men’s Supplements? You’re both expert multitaskers.

MegaFood Elderberry Immune Support Gummies - Also Try

MegaFood Elderberry Immune Support Gummies are an excellent way to boost your immune defense. They contain 400 mg of organic elderberry and 6 mg of zinc, which support immune system function. The flavor is also delicious (thanks to blueberry, organic elderberry, and ginger root) without the need for high-fructose ingredients, gelatin, or artificial colors. Simply eat two gummies every day to see the benefits on your immune system.

  • Only 2 grams of sugar
  • Easy to chew
  • Bitter fruity flavor

This product is also Non-GMO Project Verified and tested for over 125 pesticides and herbicides. It is also completely gluten-free and vegan. You may also be happy to hear that the company only works with trusted farmers to source organic ingredients, so you know you’ll only be getting the best products for your body.

4Life Immune System Support - Also Try

The 4Life Transfer Factor Classic contains plenty of proteins and peptides derived from cow colostrum, which are beneficial to immune system health. As such, this supplement is not suitable for anybody who is vegan. That being said, it’s still a great option for others. This supplement aids natural immune cell activity. The team at 4Life have developed their Transfer Factor formula alongside doctors and scientists. If you are looking for a reliable supplement that boosts your immune system, you should try 4Life - one of the most trusted names in the supplement market.

  • Large, 90 pill bottle
  • Not vegan

LifeSeasons Immuni-T - Also Try

LifeSeasons Immuni-T offers natural immune support for adults who only want to use plant-based ingredients. As such, this product is perfect for vegans and those with specific allergies. This supplement works best if taken preventatively, and results will start to show within 48 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you take Immuni-T as soon as you notice you’re feeling run down.

  • Feel effects within 48 hours
  • Gluten-free
  • Expensive

The formula is made with natural ingredients like elderberry and echinacea, which help you build a resistance to potential threats to your immune system. This supplement gives you the best chance to maintain a healthy immune system with clinically tested ingredients.

Standard Process Immuplex - Also Try

Standard Process Immuplex is available in two different quantities - 90 capsules or 150 capsules. It can help you maintain healthy white blood cells to fight off illness. This supplement will also support your normal inflammatory response, helping your body deal with things such as high-fat goods or strenuous exercise. Standard Process is made with ingredients that provide antioxidant activity. Unfortunately, these capsules are not vegan as they contain numerous ingredients sourced from cows. However, if you are looking for a supplement that supports inflammatory responses, you should look no further than Standard Process Immuplex.

  • Family-owned U.S. company
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Must be taken daily

Buyer's Guide

When you are looking for the best immune support supplement, it is helpful to consider a few things before purchasing. If you've never consumed immunity supplements before, then it is advised that you should consult a doctor.

Important Things to Check before Buying

There are a few important things that you need to check before buying:

- Transparency: It is vital to buy supplements that list all the ingredients it includes. The user should be aware of all the minerals, vitamins, and flavors used for making the supplements so they can avoid a supplement that contains anything they're allergic to
- Lab testing: Lab testing ensures that the product that you are consuming is safe and pure. The supplement label contains information on whether the product is tested at their lab or a third-party lab
- Non-artificial ingredients: An immunity supplement should not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners as it would not optimally protect your immune system.

How important is it to read labels?

Whenever you buy medicines, the first thing to check is the label. The label contains all the crucial information like the ingredients, dosage, and number of servings. Make sure that you check the serving size because some supplements have a serving size larger than one capsule a day. Furthermore, some supplements also have information regarding the best time of the day to consume it. We've already discussed the importance of transparency above, so make sure that you read the ingredients closely and check if all the ingredients used are safe for you to consume. Labels also contain information about the number of vitamins and minerals provided in each dose. Thus, you can buy the one that provides the required quantity of nutrients for you.

Moreover, the label will contain the rest of the information regarding lab testing, which was discussed above as an essential thing to check before buying. You can also check if the product is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Lastly, some supplement labels will also inform you whether it is free from specific allergens or not.

Are there any side effects of immune support supplements?

Some users have experienced side effects of consuming immune support supplements, but overall, side effects tend to be very rare. Usually, consumers have side effects if they are allergic to one of the ingredients or just aren't used to consuming immune supplements. Once your body gets adjusted, any side effects will probably go away. Overall, the best immune support supplements are beneficial for your health but can sometimes have the following side effects:

- Constipation
- Cough
- Nausea
- Headache
- Abdominal pain

Some infrequent side effects also include:

- Vomiting
- Chest pain
- Backache
- Abdominal bloating
- Pain in legs or arms

Some vitamins shouldn't be consumed with food as they can cause stomach ache. Luckily, most labels will contain information about whether you should consume it with food or not. The most common reason for side effects is consuming a lot of vitamins at a time. Thus, never take an excessive amount of servings at once.

Immune Support Supplement FAQ

Q: Which vitamins are best to boost immunity for COVID-19?

A: The best vitamins to consume during COVID are vitamin B, D, C, and zinc. These nutrients are vital for fighting against flu and cold symptoms. As always, consult your doctor if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Q: Which are the three best immune-boosting vitamins?

A: The most essential and best vitamins for boosting immunity are vitamin C, E, and B. These can be consumed in your general diet, but you can also take supplements if you have a deficiency.

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