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Is Matcha Good For You? The Health Benefits Explained

Is Matcha Good For You? The Health Benefits Explained

Matcha is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, just like green tea. It is, however, cultivated differently and has a distinct nutritional profile. Matcha is grown by covering tea plants a month before harvest to protect them from straight sunshine. This enhances amino acid content, promotes chlorophyll synthesis, and gives the plant a deeper green color.

Matcha includes nutrients from the full tea leaf, resulting in a higher concentration of caffeine and antioxidants than other types of green tea. Matcha has been shown to offer a range of health advantages. Below is a list of seven scientifically proven health advantages of matcha tea.

Enhances mental performance

Many of the ingredients in matcha have been found to help enhance mental function in tests. The results of research involving 23 participants looked at how they fared on a series of activities designed to assess brain performance. As per the study, matcha enhanced concentration, responsiveness, and memory when compared to the placebo.

High in antioxidants

Matcha is high in catechins, a sort of plant component present in tea that acts as a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants help to keep harmful free radicals in check, which can harm cells and promote chronic sickness.

When you make tea with matcha powder in a frother and steamer, the tea retains all of the benefits found in the matcha leaf. It will contain more catechins and antioxidants than simply soaking green tea leaves in water.

Skin health is improved

Matcha can help slow down the outward signs of skin aging. This is due to matcha's high catechin content, which helps to prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on your skin. Simply consuming a cup of matcha tea can give your skin a beautiful shine. Matcha is so good for your skin that it's even used in facial masks. Those who don't want to slather on the green goo can make do with boiling a pot or adding matcha to a smoothie instead.

Protects the liver

Because it is involved in removing toxins, metabolizing medications, and ingesting nutrients, the liver is vital to optimal health. In some studies, matcha is said to help protect the liver's health. Matcha was given to diabetic rats for 16 weeks and was shown to help reduce damage to the kidneys and liver. Green tea extract substantially decreases liver enzyme levels. Elevated levels of these enzymes indicate that the liver has been damaged.

Heart health is improved

Another advantage of drinking matcha tea every day is that it helps to keep your heart healthy. It is never too early to commit to better cardiovascular health, even if you are young and fighting fit.

Because of its anti-hypertension, anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombogenic properties, catechins - one of the primary antioxidants in matcha tea - have been proven to help reduce heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks. Catechins also have a lipid-lowering impact, adding to their reputation as heart-healthy catechin.

Blood pressure is reduced

While a single cup of tea does not significantly affect blood pressure, studies suggest that long-term tea consumption does. The participants in this research had considerably reduced blood pressure after 12 weeks of sipping tea every day.

Which tea received the highest scores and performed the best in this study? Green tea, you guessed it! This is where the mystical matcha is obtained. Turning on the kettle requires relatively little effort for individuals who want to decrease their risk of high blood pressure.

Aids in weight loss

How can matcha help you lose weight? Catechins have thermogenic properties, which relate to the pace at which people metabolize calories. Matcha can raise your pulse rate while you are sleeping as well as when you are working out. If you include matcha in your workout routine, you may expect a 25 percent boost in fat burning. That is getting more value for money when it comes to working out!

Wrapping up!

Whether you want to lose weight or deal with blood pressure or some other health issues, matcha can come in handy. We have tried to explain the health benefits of using matcha on a regular basis.

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