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Best Mini Backpacks for Your Everyday Adventures

  1. Fjallraven Mini Backpack
  2. Carhartt Mini Backpack
  3. Herschel Mini Backpack
  4. Aotian Mini Backpack
  5. Aphison Mini Backpack
  6. Buyer's Guide

If there's one thing that a traveler must have, it's a backpack. Whether you need it to complete your airport look, or you're looking to use it as an everyday bag to carry your essentials, it's the most versatile option. These bags are available in many different variations and with a lot of interesting details. You can find a mini backpack in multiple eye-catching colors, two-tone designs, bold prints, and minimalist aesthetics. These are multifunctional bags with easy-to-reach pockets and the ability to turn into a crossbody bag, the latest fashion trend. From subtle designs to catchy pieces, read on to discover the finest mini backpacks of 2022, so you can wander around without a care in the world!

Reviewing the Top Mini Backpacks of 2022

Fjallraven Mini Backpack - Best Overall

This Mini Backpack from Fjallraven looks similar to the company's well-known Kanken backpack, but rendered in a smaller size. Its main zippered compartment has enough room to accommodate your everyday essentials like an iPad or a small-sized laptop. It also comes with a foam pad that protects your essentials against shocks and collisions. Plus, you will find a label to write your name, address, and contact, so you can increase your chances that your lost bag will find its way home. The backpack has an extra front pocket and two side pockets which you can use to put items that you need to keep accessible. Its long, adjustable shoulder straps and dual snap handles allow you to carry it on your shoulder as well as in your hand. Thanks to its durable two-way zippers and a rain flap for extra protection, this backpack is the top option on our list.

  • Resistant to dirt and water
  • Reflective logo patch enhance protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Side pockets are not stretchy

Carhartt Mini Backpack - Most Durable

Designed to withstand rain, snow, and other external elements, this durable backpack from Carhartt is manufactured using strong polyester. It comes with a rain barrier that doesn’t let the water seep in, keeping your belongings protected. Its main compartment is spacious enough to store your books and a tablet, while the fleece-lined front pocket can securely accommodate essentials like a mobile phone and shades. You will also find an inner zippered mesh pocket in the bag to store more items. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can customize the fit to carry it comfortably. Plus, the backpack is available in a wide range of solid colors so you have multiple options to choose from.

  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Made of water-repellent material
  • Doesn't have side pockets

Herschel Mini Backpack - Most Versatile

With a timeless design and clean silhouette, this versatile Mini Backpack from Herschel is ideal for daily commutes and outdoor adventures. It has sturdy zippers that glide smoothly, offering you easy access to your stored belongings. The padded shoulder straps provide you with utmost comfort while lugging around all your items. With a roomy compartment, this sleek mini backpack can easily keep your things organized. It also has a small front pocket where you can store items that you need frequently. What’s more, this bag is very lightweight, so carrying it around won’t be a hassle anymore.

  • Has a classic woven texture
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • The zippers are strong and durable
  • No side pockets

Aotian Mini Backpack - Most Fashionable

Available in six colors, this Mini Backpack from Aotian is the cutest and most stylish option on our list. Crafted with a 100% nylon and polyester lining, this strong, durable bag has everything that you might be looking for in a backpack. It comes equipped with one main compartment, one front pocket, and two side pockets, which allow for ample space for carrying a 10-inch tablet and other valuables like an umbrella or a water bottle. It also has a back zipper pocket that you can use to put your wallet or mobile phone. This women's mini bag makes a great pick for casual outings, hiking, camping, and traveling. It is also wear-resistant, affordable, and lightweight, making it a steal for the price.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Has durable zippers
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Hand wash only

Aphison Mini Backpack - Most Unique

This fashionable yet functional Mini Backpack from Aphison is designed to make a style statement everywhere. Made from premium synthetic leather, this cute option has a classic sunflower pattern in the front that adds to its elegance. It comes with three pockets to let you easily carry your daily essentials, including an iPad, mobile phone, water, perfume, shades, and cosmetics. The back pocket also has a hidden zippered pouch to accommodate items that you want to keep hidden and protected. The slim, adjustable straps won’t put pressure on your shoulders, so you can use the bag for light traveling, casual outings, shopping, or everyday use. This exquisite product also makes a great gift option for various occasions, such as a birthday and Valentine’s day.

  • Nine color options to choose from
  • Has a large capacity
  • Lightweight and cruelty-free
  • More like an oversized purse, not a mini backpack

Buyer's Guide

A mini backpack is a broad term in itself. Do you want an option with enough room to put all your essentials, or a tiny fashionable one just to accessorize your favorite outfit? There are different types of mini bags designed for your different needs. You can read our detailed buying guide to help you get your hands on an ideal mini backpack.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying a Mini Backpack


Comfort has to be the most important factor when buying a backpack. The entire build of a backpack should be designed keeping in mind the user's comfort. So, make sure to pick a product with adjustable shoulder straps, so that you can adjust them to get the perfect fit, preventing back and shoulder pain. They should be wide and have foam padding so that they provide enhanced comfort without digging into your shoulders. A padded back will also add to overall comfort because it adjusts to the natural shape of your lower back.


The second aspect you should consider while buying a backpack is the material it's made of. The most popular materials for manufacturing backpacks are rip-stop nylon, pack-cloth nylon, polyester, artificial leather, and cotton canvas. Nylon is widely used for providing extra protection, ensuring that all the essentials are safe inside the backpack. Cotton canvas and polyester backpacks are known for their affordable price and water-resistant capabilities. Meanwhile, bags made of artificial leather are the most stylish and lightweight. They are also cruelty-free, so you can make a guilt-free purchase.


Safety is another integral factor to keep in mind. The backpack you choose should be made from a water-resistant or waterproof material so that water doesn’t get through the fabric and damage your items. It should also have a padded compartment inside it to prevent your electronic devices like laptops and tablets from jostling around.


A quality backpack is always made using durable components. The main reasons why one has to throw their backpack away may be tears on the shoulder straps, undone stitching, and broken zippers. Look for an option that has double stitching so that it lasts for years. It should also come with zippers that glide smoothly and do not get stuck or break while unzipping.


Make sure to go for a backpack with enough room to accommodate and organize all your belongings. It should have at least one main compartment and one front pocket to let you store items like an iPad, wallet, phone, cosmetics, and books. If you want to use it for traveling, ensure it comes with stretchy side pouches to carry an umbrella and a water bottle. You can also find some products that come with several pockets, offering you ample space to carry your things.

What Does a Mini Backpack Cost?

The cost of a mini backpack varies depending on a lot of factors, including the material, capacity, design, and protection. For a high-quality, affordable product, you should expect to spend at least $20. But if you want a top-notch mini backpack, you may find prices as high as $100.

How to Style Your Mini Backpack

Though the transition from classic purses to backpacks seems quick, you have multiple ways to style your mini backpack. Depending on your outfit of the day, you can either style it as usual (on your back) or carry it confidently like a traditional handbag by grabbing it from the top. Not to mention that many bags can transition to a shoulder bag or cross-body, which is very trendy right now.

Mini Backpack FAQ

Q: Can I wash my backpack in a washing machine?

A: No, you should not wash your backpack in a washing machine, especially if you have a leather bag or a product with decorations or embroidery. Hand washing is considered the safest method for cleaning mini bags or backpacks.

Q: How can I deep clean my mini backpack?

A: It's better to deep clean a backpack with your hands. Fill a bucket or sink with warm, soapy water, then empty your backpack and swish it in the solution for a few minutes. Clean the straps and outer surface of the bag gently with a brush and rinse it with cold water. Let it air dry for a few hours. Of course, make sure you follow all manufacturer recommendations.

Q: What is the best material for my backpack?

A: It depends on your requirements. Polyester, synthetic leather, and nylon are widely used fabrics because they are lightweight and durable.

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