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5 Party Games Anyone Can Learn to Play

5 Party Games Anyone Can Learn to Play

Everyone's been to a dull party. Friends are waiting idly, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve got anything fun to do or say.

You stare and keep staring, and now your guests are either peeping at the time or scrolling through their favorite tweets on their phones.

‘What could be the way out?’ you think. At this point it appears none of your friends seem to be feeling the party any longer.

Whether it's your party or one you were invited to, hang in there!

Check out these 5 party games that anyone can learn to play!

1. Table Tennis

Here’s one party game you can learn within a matter of minutes.

To get started, you only need to be willing to play and have the right equipment. From the paddles, ball, and the best table tennis table, all those items are necessary. Games work very much like tiebreaks in tennis, but still, a person must be ahead of the other by two solid points at least. Serve alternates immediately after every point, and the player who leads by two points eventually wins the game. You can play table tennis in either singles or doubles, but if you’re interested in having real fun, you might need to get a partner.

As you progress in your play, you may find yourself wanting to play or take part in a competition - in that case, we would recommend joining a club in your area.

2. Air Hockey

At the start of an air hockey game, the puck is positioned right in the middle of the halfway circle. This is usually referred to as a 'face-off'. A neutral and non-playing friend can serve as your referee since you’re playing at a party. But if it’s just the both of you, you can still work with a face-off. Simply place the puck in the circle and agree to start playing at some particular point (counting to three for example). Pucks in play are rallied back-and-forth and the goal is to get the puck through the opponent's goal. And each time this is achieved, a point is scored.

Keep in mind that the best air hockey table to use measures around 90 by 50 inches so you'll need adequate space.

3. Darts

It's easiest to play darts if you aren't concerned with scoring or even the rules. Simply throw your dart straight at the board and try to hit the target. The game of darts contains many more secrets than you might ever think. Hitting a target is part of it, but that’s definitely not all.

Regardless, it is fun to play.

Depending on your skill level, you can play different dart games. And there are also other important factors you need to take into consideration, such as the distance to the board, the length of the darts, and scoring. Overall, using the best dartboard will help you enjoy the game.

4. Foosball

The game of foosball is very easy and straightforward to learn, but you'll first need to purchase a foosball table. Foosball tables have eight rods for pushing, pulling, and turning. This is basically how the ball is kicked into the opponent’s goal. But hey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more! You can learn more about the game and even play right on the spot if willing to and have at least 2 players.

5. DIY Shuffleboard

You can keep guests entertained by playing simple games in a large house or long hallway, such as shuffleboard. Besides being easy to make and learn, shuffleboard is yet another perfect way to keep the party going.

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