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Best Scrapbooks to Store Your Memories in Style

  1. Bstorify Scrapbook
  2. Potricher Scrapbook
  3. Vienrose Scrapbook
  4. Zeeyaun Scrapbook
  5. Adkwse Scrapbook
  6. Buyer's Guide

Do you love collecting memories and revisiting them later on? If yes, then scrapbooking is a hobby that you must try out! Scrapbooking refers to the art of collecting, organizing, and presenting pictures, souvenirs, and cards in a scrapbook album. Scrapbooking can also be used for storytelling or as a personal journal. With countless different types of scrapbooks available in the market, choosing the right one for yourself can get confusing. To make the choice easier for you, we have reviewed the finest scrapbooks of 2022.

Best Scrapbooks Worth Considering in 2022

Bstorify Scrapbook - Best Overall

If you are looking for a scrapbook that is not only durable but also stylish, you should get your hands on the Bstorify Scrapbook. Made from high-quality materials, this scrapbook features a hard cover layout that is designed to provide support to your unlimited memories and photos. Regardless of how many embellishments you add to the scrapbook, the cover ensures that the paper remains flat. The durability of this 8x8 inch memory book makes it suitable for long-term storage, allowing you to store your memories for years to come. It consists of 60 pages of 200 GSM, premium quality thick paper. The ribbon closure and hard metal corners help add to the sturdiness of the scrapbook, keeping the edges neat and crisp. This product is the best because it offers excellent performance at a great price.

  • 200 GSM, premium quality paper
  • Ribbon tie to secure inner components
  • Minimal design, great blank space
  • No scrapbooking supplies included

Potricher Scrapbook - Best for Anniversaries

Next up, the Portricher Scrapbook is another great option that allows you to design your own unique album. The hardcover can be decorated with stickers and pictures of your choice to give it a personal, customized touch. It features thick acid-free papers that resist folding and are super durable. To make opening and closing the book easier, the spiral-bound rings offer 360-degree rotation. It consists of a total of 80 pages that measure 8 x 8 inches, so you'll find plenty of space to fit your pictures. The compact size of the book allows it to easily fit any bag or drawer. Thanks to its durable build, you can expect this scrapbook to last you for years. This scrapbook would serve as a great gift for yourself, your friends, or your family.

  • Available in many colors
  • Great for wedding and anniversary memories
  • The acid-free paper doesn’t fold easily
  • Doesn't have hard corners for protection

Vienrose Scrapbook - Best Design

Designed to give life to your memories, the Vienrose Scrapbook features 40 pages measuring 10.8 x 8.6 inches in size. The paper in this scrapbook is self-adhesive, acid-free, and PVC-free as well. The material of the album itself protects your photographs from yellowing, ensuring that your photos last for a lifetime. The cover of this scrapbook is made from linen, which acts as a protective layer for the pages inside and lends itself to the scrapbook's retro and exquisite style. Thanks to the powerful adhesive, the photos don’t move or come off easily once stuck to it. This scrapbook is sturdy, wear-resistant, and even comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Design is self-adhesive
  • After-sale protection available
  • Many sizes and colors to choose from
  • Heavier than other options

Zeeyaun Scrapbook - Best for Travelers

The Zeeyaun Scrapbook is the perfect memory book for the moments that hold a special place in your life. The cover is made out of PU leather with an embossed map of the world, and there's 80 pages to place all of your photos and flat souvenirs. The scrapbook also comes with metallic markers, cartoon stickers, photo corner stickers, and drawing templates. Adding to the world traveler theme, the scrapbook is held closed by a rope with antique pendants attached. The inner pages consist of acid-free papers to ensure that they last for years to come.

  • Has a self-adhesive design
  • Features a sturdy leather cover
  • Comes with fun accessories
  • Packaging could be improved

Adkwse Scrapbook - Most Value

Last but not least, the Adkwse Scrapbook offers a fun way to save your memorable photographs from weddings, graduation, parties, or any other memorable event. This trendy scrapbook features a total of 80 pages to which you can add your pictures, notes, and postcards to. To ensure durability and easy page turning, the pages are bound together with three metal rings just like a binder. This also makes it extremely easy to take the scrapbook apart and replace the pages. For maximum durability, the scrapbook features metal corners to provide additional protection against damage from drops or crushing. The thick craft paper used ensures longevity for both the scrapbook and your pictures.

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • 80 pages with refillable binding
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • A bit small compared to other options

Buyer's Guide

It might seem like a scrapbook is a scrapbook, with very little differences between one brand and another. While it's true that they all consist of the same components, you'll want to pick one that's best suited to what you want to do with it. Regardless of the purpose you use it for, it is important to choose a durable and high-quality scrapbook. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're looking for a new scrapbook.

What Type of Material Is Scrapbook Paper Made Of?

There are several different types of scrapbook papers available in the market. Some of the most popular ones include:


This is acid-free, heavy-weight paper that comes in a variety of textures and colors. It is usually used in a plain color as background paper. For added interest, these can be matched with patterned paper.

Patterned paper

This type of paper is also acid-free and comes in a variety of themes, colors, and designs. It can either be used as background paper or as page accents to add detailing to the background. It is also often used to support the scrapbook layout theme.


Vellum is a translucent paper that is used for stamping, layering, dry embossing, and more. It comes in several different colors and textures and is often used to soften the look of bold colors or provide a distinctive look to the pages.

Picking the Right Scrapbook for Yourself

To pick the right scrapbook for yourself, you must pay attention to the following factors:

Acid-free vs lignin-free

Regardless of the type of paper you choose, make sure that it is lignin-free and acid-free in order to preserve your memories for years.

Contact with acidity over time can cause your photographs to fade, lose color, and deteriorate over time. Acid-free paper is made in such a way that its pH is 7.0 (neutral) or even slightly alkaline. It is usually used in situations where art needs to be preserved without breaking down or becoming yellow over time. This type of paper can last for more than 200 years under normal storage conditions.

Lignin reacts with heat and light which can cause the yellowing of paper. Lignin-free paper is a purified paper that does not break over time. Paper that is lignin-free remains acid-free for longer, ultimately increasing the lifespan of acid-free paper.


When looking for a scrapbook, consider how you'll place your photos. Some scrapbooks come with a self-adhesive protective film; these only require you to press the pictures to the paper for them to stay attached. Others require you to use glue to attach pictures.


The durability of a scrapbook is a crucial factor to consider if you want it to last for years. Look for a scrapbook that has a sturdy body and durable pages that won’t rip apart easily. Other than that, the cover of the scrapbook should also be durable since it is the main protective layer of the pages and photos within the album. If you plan to purchase a scrapbook online, you might want to read customer reviews of the product to get a better idea about its quality.


Check the capacity of the scrapbook to determine how many pictures you’ll be able to store in it. Depending on the size of the scrapbook and the photos, each page can easily hold five to ten pictures on both sides of a page.

What Are the Different Scrapbook Sizes?

Scrapbooks come in different sizes and are also available in customized sizes. The most common sizes include:

Standard medium size

If you want a scrapbook that looks and feels modern and sleek, then it's best to opt for a scrapbook with a square orientation. This layout works exceptionally well if you are planning to use it for an equal number of landscape and portrait photos. Scrapbooks in standard medium size usually measure 11x8.5 inches.

Standard landscape sizes

Scrapbooks in standard landscape sizes give off a professional feel and look, which makes them a great option for yearbooks, wedding albums, graduation photograph books, etc. Standard size scrapbooks measure anywhere between 11×8 inches, 16×12 inches, and 14×11 inches.

Traditional scrapbook sizes

Traditional scrapbook sizes consist of album sizes 6x8 inches, 5x7 inches and 6x6 inches. These are usually smaller than standard medium and landscape sizes scrapbooks and can be used to store everyday pictures, scenery photos, etc.

Scrapbook FAQ

Q: What are scrapbooks used for?

A: Scrapbooks are usually used for collecting and presenting memories and history in the form of photos and artwork.

Q: How many years does paper last?

A: Depending on their quality, some types of papers can last up to 100 years or more. Keep in mind that all papers tend to fade over time, however.

Q: What kind of artwork does a scrapbook usually include?

A: A scrapbook album usually includes photos, letters, stickers, clippings, ephemera, and other souvenirs.

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