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How to Decorate a Candle Using Mica Powder

decorate a candle using mica powder

If you are want to add some shimmer and shine to your homemade candles, you can’t go wrong with mica powder. Mica powder is made from natural stone, and its main use is to add color or shine to materials like soap, cosmetics, fabric, arts and crafts projects and clay, and you can certainly add it to your candle.

Dyeing your candles with mica powder gives them a fun, festive and vibrant look, especially if you plan to gift them to friends and family. There are many ways to dye your candle or add colors to them, however, mica powder is a favourite because it comes in a variety of colors ad is very easy to use.

If you have been wondering how to decorate your candle, using mica powder, this post will provide a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Measure Out Your Candle Wax

Measuring out your wax lets you determine how much mica powder you’ll put in it. Make sure to measure properly, you can do that with a simple food measuring scale. After you measure it, pour the wax into a melting pot. Often, candle making kits come with pre-measured wax and a melting pot. But, if you are not working with a candle making it, any pot made of aluminium will do.

Step 2: Melt Your Wax

You can do this in your melting pot. To melt, fill up your pot (or pan) with some water, and heat it. You can heat it with a hot plate or a croc pot. Make sure to mix on low or medium heat. Never melt with high heat as that could burn the wax. As you melt, stir your wax. Wear gloves as you do that to protect your hand from the heat. You can also melt your wax in your oven or microwave, but don’t bring your wax out until it's melted all the way true.

Step 3: Add Some Color

Depending on the type of mica powder you buy, you may not need extra color. Even though the natural color of mica is off-white, other colors can be added to it using heat and dye. If you buy natural mica powder, you’ll need color. If you bought the one with color you can just skip this step and move on to the next.

Step 4: Add Your Fragrance Oil

Do this after the wax has cooled, so the fragrance doesn’t get lost in the hotness. Of course, you can use whatever fragrance you want. There is always a variety to choose from. When choosing a candle fragrance, you should consider where you plan to use the candle. For instance, if you will be using the candle in the bathtub, you need a fragrance that relaxes you.

If you’ll be using it to complement your décor and ambience at a dinner party, then you should use lighted scented candles like honey or biscotti. These scents are not heavy and will complement the mood.

Step 5: Add Your Mica Powder

Into your clamshell, mold or any other container, you are using and stir it into the liquified candle while it is still very hot. Also, with mica, a little goes a long way, so don’t feel the need to dump too much into your liquified wax because it can clog it. Also, if you like, you can pour the mica on top of your candle once it’s hardened. You can also paint your candle with a paintbrush or your finger, whichever feels comfortable. Many candle makers prefer to paint over the candle with mica powder to avoid a clog.

Step 6: Pour Your Candle

Into your clamshell or any other container, you are using and leave to settle. And voila! You have your mica decorated candle.

An important thing to note is that mica is 100% safe, especially earthly sourced mica. It’s safe for your skin and the odds of you having an allergic reaction to it is quite low. Although, you should wear a face mask when you work with it.

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