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Where to Buy Candle Making Kits: The Best Supplies for Homemade Candles

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You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Hey, I could sell my homemade scented candles for a lot of money!” Or you’ve ordered scented candles online, were disappointed with the purchase and from then on, vowed to make your candles yourself. You are not alone. The candle making business can be a profitable one. The start-up capital is one you can scrape together in no time, but if you are not one for entrepreneurship, you can have fun experimenting with fun candle scents for your own personal enjoyment. But, it all starts with finding the right candle making kit.

We can help with that.


When making your candle, a thermometer is the device you use to track the heating and cooling of the wax. If you are skilled at candle making, then you already know the wax goes from solid to liquid, then liquid + fragrance and the final stage which is the solid +fragrance. The thermometer helps you track this because each stage comes with its correct temperature and the wrong one at any stage can ruin the candle process.

The thermometer can either be glass or infrared.

Glass is old fashioned and involves you cleaning it after every batch of candle making. Glass thermometers are great if you are making a few candles. However, they are glass, and there is a higher potential for them to break.

If you are serious about making candles and you make them in large quantities or for commercial purposes, then get infrared. There is no cleaning required.


As you’ve already guessed, scales are for measuring, and a regular food scale should do the trick. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use your food scale for candle making. If you are serious about candle making, you should get a separate scale. However, if you buy a candle making kit, you will have no use for a food scale because your wax would come pre-measured.

Pouring Pot

This can be anything, and it depends on what your heat source will be. Whatever you choose though, your pot needs to be strong, preferably made of aluminum. Also, if you were to get a candle making kit, you could just work out of the available melting pot.

Most people have separate melting or pouring pots, one for melting the wax and another for mixing in the scent, while others use glass pots. Unless you are have become fluent in candle making and know how to regulate and manage the temperature, you should not use a glass pot. Rapid temperature changes can break it.

Source of Heat

Melting your wax can be tough if you don’t have the right equipment. However, there is no particular correct heat source for melting your wax. With a hot plate or a crockpot, you can melt your wax and have your candle going in no time.

Wick Holder

If you are a perfectionist, then a wicker-centering device should be at the top of your list. To be fair, wick centering has nothing to do with being a perfectionist. If your wick centering is sloppy, your candle won’t burn right. Most candle making kits come with a wick-centering device, but if you don’t buy that, you can always use a pencil or bow-tie clips.

If you don’t have any of these materials at home, your best and most efficient option is to use a candle making kit. Even the cheap candle making kits often come with natural fragrances, dye, and everything else you need to make your candle. They are also incredibly easy to use.

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