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Review: Best Cedarwood Oil Recipes

There’s so much to what cedarwood has to offer - ranging from physical benefits to soul remedies - this recipe can help boost the immune system in a snap. It releases a unique aroma, mixed with natural compositions, that helps to calm the mind. When diffused, it works as a fast cure to several therapeutic factors. If you’ve heard about this oil, you should probably give it a try one way or the other.

Do you need an essential oil that goes straight to where it’s needed and provides relief without hassle? Check our list of the best cedarwood essential oils.

Best Cedarwood Oil Recipe

Gya Labs Cedarwood Essential Oil

Made for either diffuser or topical use, this applies to the skin and hair. Most efficiently, it works like a catalyst and hastens the rate of productivity. More so, it’s one of the best choices in the market.

  • Brings peace and calmness to the body and mind
  • Stimulates growth while improving scalp circulation
  • Comes with an overpowering smell

This oil comes with a fresh aroma like that of the cedarwood forest; hence, it’s a perfect fit for aromatherapy. The harvest is purely strict and processed with intense labor, completely undergone from steam distillation. If you want to keep your beauty rolling, this might just be what you need.

SVA Organics Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil

This excellent toner brightens the skin and improves complexion, leaving perfect glowing skin. Even better, it imposes rapid growth when used on the hair. Most of all, the ingredients are transparent, with no hidden content.

  • Releases a pleasant smell in the house
  • Undergoes a test for purity
  • Scents don’t last as long as expected

Obtained from Juniperus Mexicana wood, this is applicable for body and skin lotions, hair serums, cosmetics, etc. If you want to tackle a dark spot, this might just be what you need - a 100% pure, authentic essential oil. Thanks to the mood uplifting properties, you can also use this in a diffuser for stress relief. Lastly, it blends well with other combinations.

Fab Naturals Cedarwood Essential

Next on the list is the Fabs Natural elementary grade, an eco-friendly extraction from a cedar tree. More so: it undergoes a steam distilled process then tests for purity. Here’s something you can use to keep a lovely atmosphere.

  • Serves as a perfect recipe for soap and shampoo making
  • Mixes well with a custom blend to suit your taste
  • Too concentrated for direct application on the skin

This works for keeping a fresh aroma; however, it does more than that. Inhaling this oil helps to reduce the stress level, passing relief rapidly. This could just be the perfect remedy for a soothing and effective practice, and it relaxes the body while energizing the mind.

Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil

After long sitting hours in the office, your body may begin to ache. Here’s an essential oil for this exact purpose, as it releases a relaxing aroma to keep the mind at peace.

  • The fresh aroma uplifts the mood in a snap
  • Blends easily in various recipes
  • Might be too concentrated for direct application

This oil also gets to the root of scalp irritation. Safe to say, it’s something you can use in body and hair lotions.

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