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Keep Your Child Entertained With the Best Magnetic Tiles Kit

  1. Magna-Tiles 32-Pieces Magnetic Tiles
  2. PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnetic Tiles
  3. Playmags 3D Magnetic Tiles
  4. Jasonwell 108pcs Magnetic Tiles
  5. Buyer's Guide

Are you tired of constantly dodging colorful blocks every time you try to walk around your house? Worry no more because these magnetic tiles have come to save the day (and your feet!). Not only can you say goodbye to sore feet and endless clutter, but you’ll also be able to encourage your child’s creative skills while keeping them entertained. At a sensitive age when your child is developing so many new skills like problem-solving and hand-eye coordination, it’s crucial that you provide them with the correct tools to facilitate their growth and learning. Most magnetic tiles come in multiple sizes and geometric shapes, including triangles and squares, to name a few. These can be joined to form an assortment of 3D structures such as cubes, diamonds, and even complex constructions like castles and hexagons. If you’re looking to buy a brand-new set, then keep on reading as we list some magnetic tile sets in 2022, where to find them, and our top tips for obtaining the perfect collection.

Best Magnetic Tiles of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Magna-Tiles 32-Pieces Magnetic Tiles - Best Overall

Magna-Tiles is not only one of the original magnetic tile brands, but it is also one of the best. The Magna-Tiles kit includes 100 pieces of premium-quality, translucent building tiles. Besides 50 squares, this set also includes 46 triangles that have a base measurement of around 3-inches each. The collection is divided into an array of four different shapes including right-angled, isosceles, and equilateral triangles along with a pack of basic squares. The phthalate-free and food-grade ABS plastic ensure optimal material protection, while their 100% non-toxic nature eliminates safety concerns in case your child is an avid gnawer. The magnets are completely engulfed through ultrasonic welding, whereas, the spoke-like design presents smooth edges and corner rivets for a secure building experience.

  • Food-grade ABS plastic
  • 100% non-toxic material
  • Higher-cost magnetic tiles set

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnetic Tiles - Runner Up

The PicassoTiles Magnetic building kit is a remarkable option at a reasonable price point. This set includes a wide variety of shapes and colors, for just under $50. These plastic building blocks are excellent for playboards and creating clear architectural designs. This particular set is ideal for children above the age of three and can be enjoyed with friends in group activities to encourage creative growth. PicassoTiles’ recreational kit includes high transparency tiles that are available in a diverse range of 8 vibrant colors. The tiles also contain a heavy-duty lattice that is coupled with strong, reinforced magnets for optimum adherence.

  • 100-piece tiles kit
  • An Affordable and inexpensive option
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Magnets aren't as strong as others

Playmags 3D Magnetic Tiles - Honorable Mention

This 100 pieces magnetic playset includes multiple sturdy building tiles that are reinforced with extra-strong magnets for maximum support and durability. With this set, your child will be able to create incredibly tall 3D structures, and have the time of their lives exploring their imagination. Not only does this kit include vibrant magnetic tiles, but it also contains different letters, click-ins, and windows to encourage learning and improve versatility. The supremely durable nature of these tiles allows the user to enjoy endless building without risking the tile quality or fearing any breakage. Playmags tiles also have stabilizers built into each piece that not only make the tiles stronger, but also more resistant to frequent falls and plunges. To add to the bargain, Playmag tiles are compatible with other magnetic tile sets.

  • Heavy-duty magnets provide optimal bonding
  • Contains a variety of accessory pieces
  • Durable and long-lasting double-sealed tiles
  • Only 82 tiles out of 100 contain magnets

Jasonwell 108pcs Magnetic Tiles - Contender

Jasonwells’ magnetic block set comprises of 108 pieces of high-quality building tiles for a fun, educational experience. This 3-D block set includes high transparency tiles in 8 different bright colors. The magnets not only have a stronger and wider build but are also encapsulated in reinforced plastic shells that are both non-toxic and BPA-free for an all-around safe time. Besides undergoing ultrasonic welding for better structure and tile stability, these pieces also offer rounded edges to ensure your child’s safety during playtime.

  • Contains an extensive collection of 108 tiles - more than others
  • BPA-free plastic tiles
  • Magnets aren't as powerful

Buyer's Guide

Why do you Need Magnetic Tiles?

Not only are magnetic tiles an awesome source of creative growth in the early years, but they are also a great alternative to the traditional Lego and mega blocks. The unique magnetic design of these tiles makes them super convenient for small-aged children, and especially toddlers, to play with. Moreover, this imaginative game not only encourages your child's creativity but also enhances their cognitive abilities through building open-ended 3D structures and exploring their artistic limits.

Things to Consider Before Buying Magnetic Tiles


Most magnetic tiles available on the market are considerably durable and sturdy. However, you should always aim for the most stout set out of the lot, to ensure it lasts you a good amount of time. When shopping for magnetic tiles, opt for a set with metal rivets and sonically sealed edges for additional security. Something else to look out for is the exterior finish of the tiles and how susceptible it is to cosmetic scratching. If overlooked, this may become a cause for severe surface deterioration over time.


Some tile kits only include a bunch of magnetic tiles whereas, others will offer you a wide range of add-ons to spice up the package. These may include pieces like colorful windows and wheelbases for a more exciting building experience. Similarly, some sets also offer separate storage pouches for optimal stowage and depository.


It's super handy to have sets that are compatible with each other. This not only allows for a larger and more varied set, but it also means you can purchase different batches to obtain their respective accessories. And let's be honest, what child doesn’t want to play with their friends and create an extra-tall tile building?

How to Use Magnetic Tiles?

This unrestricted game lets you explore a range of different playing options and modes. For example, you could combine the magnetic tiles with other toys such as cars, to procure a more imaginative experience. Another fun way of playing with magnetic tiles is to create 2D images on any flat surface. A similar method can be followed on windows and lightboxes to produce gorgeous multicolored glows.

How to Clean Magnetic Tiles?

Simply create a mixture of soap and water along with a little bit of white vinegar (for disinfection purposes) and submerge a small rag into the liquid. To clean the tiles, thoroughly ring out the cloth and gently wipe down each individual piece, one at a time. Make sure to never dump the tiles into the liquid itself, as this may cause water to enter the space between the magnets, resulting in mold and potential rust formation.

Magnetic Tiles FAQ

Q: What should do if I accidentally get water inside the tiles?

A: Immediately bury the magnetic tiles in rice and leave them to dry for 24 hours. The rice may draw the moisture out from the inside of the tiles, preventing them from being discarded.

Q: How many magnetic tiles do I need?

A: In simple words: the more, the merrier. Your kids will definitely appreciate having more tiles to play with as opposed to less. For starters, a set of 100 magnetic tiles is more than enough to open up possibilities for higher and larger constructions.

Q: Is it possible to attach the magnetic tiles to a refrigerator?

A: The magnets inside the magnetic tiles enable them to adhere to any magnetic surface including refrigerators, garage doors, and even whiteboards.

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