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Five Tips to Using Your Massage Gun

tips to using your massage gun

Massages have never been better with the help of massage guns. If you get yourself one, you’ll be sure to enjoy comfort. Massage guns are quick, powerful, and reliable.

They’re called massage guns because they look similar to a gun and provide all sorts of massage therapy. Some of the best massage guns alleviate stiffness by providing some rapid bursts of pressure into the muscle tissue. With the many different massage guns available today, it can be difficult to tell the high-quality and low-quality ones apart.

If you’ve got a massage gun and aren’t sure of some of the best ways to use it, this is perfect for you. You’ll find five pro tips to guide your use of the device. Keep scrolling!

Use Before Workouts

Using massage guns before workouts can increase blood flow to your muscles and subsequently warm you up. This will better prepare your muscles for your workout.

Massage guns can also boost your range of motion during warm-ups and improve your workout. If you intend to use massage guns before exercise, massage the muscles you wish to workout on for about one or two minutes. Then you can spend an additional 30 seconds massaging the surrounding muscles that provide support.

Use After Workouts

A massage gun can be used for your post-workout cool down. After exercising, you can use percussive therapy to bring your body back to rest.

Also, using a percussion massage gun after exercise stimulates circulation, providing your muscles with nutrients and much-needed oxygen. What’s more, percussive therapy reduces muscle inflammation and also relieves the soreness that comes with working out.

Adjust All Settings

Your muscles may feel really sore after a workout for a few days. It’s called delayed-onset muscle soreness, and massage guns can help with this sort of issue. Massage guns may not eliminate soreness completely, but they can provide relief.

You should adjust the depth and speed of your massage gun so it doesn’t cause pain for any sore muscles. Since sore muscles are often sensitive, it is safe you keep your device’s settings low. Choose a setting you find comfortable, and then place your massage gun on the sore spot for a few minutes.

Do not Exceed the Recommended Frequency of Use

Massage guns are safe to use every day if you follow appropriate techniques and don’t exceed the specific usage time recommended by the manufacturer (most guns are sold with guides and contain all you need to know about usage time).

An excessive amount of massage on a muscle might provoke pain or sensitivity. Also, not enough massage on an area may not yield any result. If you’re in doubt as to how long to use your massage gun, consult your manual.

Avoid Overstimulation

According to Art San, a massager for NFL players and MMA fighters, a little might be just enough with massage guns. Just a minute or two on your weak muscles and you’re fine.

“You shouldn’t overstimulate your muscles,” San explains. When the gun is overused, fluid is driven into the muscle without being able to drain out again.

It’s a strong tool, so stick to the lower settings. High settings are meant for truly massive people, such as NFL linemen.

Physical therapist and performance coach Dr. John Rusin asserts that novelty plays a part in the device’s effectiveness, and its effects may be reduced with repeated use. So rather than using a massage gun daily, you should consider rotating your approach: foam roll the first day, contrast bathe next, and then your massage gun.

Using massage guns as part of an exercise routine or for recovery can be extremely healthy and beneficial. However, you should be cautious when applying pressure--too much pressure for any part of your body may not be a good idea. Refrain from using massage guns on sensitive areas, and if you have complications, speak to a doctor.

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