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Does the Scent of Wax Warmers Last Longer Than Candles?

wax warmers to make your home smell good

When looking for ways to add a pleasant fragrance to their home, a lot of people get confused between wax warmers and candles. Some people like the traditional scent and feel of a candle, while others prefer the safety and convenience of wax warmers. There are several differences between wax warmers and scented candles, which we have discussed in detail below. The one you choose will depend on your personal preference and what exactly you are looking for.

Before we start discussing their differences, it is important to understand what a wax warmer is. It is essentially a device that spreads fragrance evenly throughout a room without using an open flame. Some candle warmers need to be plugged in to work while others can run on battery power. They hold wax melts, which are scented blocks of wax, and heat them in order to produce a fragrance.


The burn time of a traditional candle and a wax warmer differs largely. The wax melts used in wax warmers are slow to absorb heat because they prevent the scent from evaporating quickly. When using a candle, you need to light the wick and burn the wax in order for it to start releasing scent. This process is quicker than using a wax warmer, which takes its time and releases the fragrance steadily. Due to this, the burn time of wax warmers is longer than a candle, which means that their scent lasts longer than a candle as well.

Also, wax melts can hold much more fragrance than a regular scented candle, which means a longer burning time. The average burning time of a 16 ounce candle ranges between 60 and 80 hours, which means five hours for every ounce. This is significantly less compared to wax melts used in wax warmers, which can provide an average of about 28 hours per ounce.


Since wax warmers are flame-free, they tend to be a much safer option than candles, especially if you have children in your home. They run on electricity and reduce the chances of you burning yourself or hurting your pets or children. Also, some candles are known to release harmful chemicals into the air. This is specifically true for paraffin wax candles because they can release toxic substances like benzene, which can be damaging to the lungs and the brain. The wick used in many candles also contains toxic materials like lead, which can be pose a threat to your health. If you use a scented candle, make sure it comes with a cotton or paper wick. On the other hand, in wax warmers, the melted wax remains in the device, which means that even if the melt consists of toxic materials, they will not be released into the air. Usually, wax melts and bars are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde.

When it comes to convenience, wax warmers are definitely easier to use because all you have to do is turn the device on and let it do its magic. With a candle, you need a lighter or a match to light the wick and have to be careful enough to keep flammable items away from the burning candle.


Wax warmers tend to be cheaper when compared with traditional scented candles. This can be attributed to the different burning times of each, with wax warmers lasting five times longer than a candle. Despite this difference, the wax melts used in wax warmers are typically priced lower than candles, making them an obvious choice for many people.

A comparison of both shows that wax warmers are definitely a better choice, but at the end of the day, your choice depends entirely on your preference.

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