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Tasty and Healthy: Best Women’s Gummy Multivitamins

  1. SugarBearHair Women's Gummy MultiVitamin
  2. Embody Multivitamin Retinol Gummy
  3. Vitafusion Mixed Berries Women's Gummy Vitamins
  4. Centrum Women's Organic Multigummies
  5. OLLY Health and Immune Support Women's Multivitamin Gummy
  6. SmartyPants Women's Gummy Vitamins
  7. Pink Mixed Berry Flavor Women's Multivitamin Gummies
  8. Buyer's Guide

While we mainly get our nutrients through the food we eat throughout the day, sometimes we might need a little extra help to make sure our body is staying healthy. This is exactly why many experts recommend you start using multivitamins when you enter your 30s. Taking multivitamins ensures your body is absorbing all the necessary nutrients needed for good health and vitality. However, people tend to put up a fight when it comes to multivitamins. Why? Because they smell horrible and taste even worse! Enter: gummy bears. These women’s gummy multivitamins not only taste delicious, but they also smell amazing.

If you are still unsure, because, hey, gummies are for kids, you are mistaken. We have all the information you need about which kind of multivitamins are best for you and all the women in your circle. Read this article to find everything you need to know about the best women’s gummy multivitamins in 2022!

Detailing the Best Women's Gummy Multivitamins of 2022

SugarBearHair Women's Gummy MultiVitamin - Best Overall

If you are searching for vegan multivitamins, then SugarBearHair Women’s MultiVitamins are the best ones on the market. Made with Vitamins B-12, C, D-2, E, Folate, vegan omega-3s, glutathione, and a vegan collagen booster blend, these multivitamins contain about 16 micronutrients to target all your problem areas like skin, hair, and nails. One thing that sets SugarBear apart is that it is made with plant-based pectin, which gives it a natural chewiness. There is no artificial gelatin present that would affect your health or lifestyle choices. They come in a berry flavor, which not only tastes amazing but smells great too! The best part is that these gummies are flavored with natural and organic ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about excessive intake of artificial sweeteners.

  • Formula is gelatin free
  • Contains all essential nutrients
  • Boasts natural fruit flavoring
  • Some people might be allergic to it

Embody Multivitamin Retinol Gummy - Best Option

Embody Multivitamin Retinol Gummy is our next top pick because it contains vitamins and minerals in absorbable forms. One bottle of these gummies will last you 30 days—take two capsules each day. There are no artificial colors, hazardous ingredients, or gluten.

  • It aids collagen production in the body
  • Supports a complete and balanced diet
  • Tastes like strawberry
  • May cause breakouts for those with a biotin sensitivity, but otherwise should prevent breakouts altogether

The amazing thing is that these gummies are completely self-sufficient. These strawberry gummies are great for preventing wrinkles, blemishes, and a dull complexion with a healthy, dewy shine. Acne-prone, oily, dry, aging, or sensitive skin might also benefit from the vitamin C and B7 ingrediants. It strengthens hair and nails, while moisurizing the skin.

Vitafusion Mixed Berries Women's Gummy Vitamins - Runner Up

Vitafusion Women’s Gummy Vitamins are made with many vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, along with antioxidants. This combination helps to improve heart health and bone strength while also boosting your immune system. Clinically proven to be absorbent, there are no artificial additives like high-fructose corn syrup, gluten, sweetener, dairy, or synthetic dyes. In short, they are completely safe for women of all ages. These delicious gummies are a perfect way to up your multivitamin game. These gummies are made in the USA and are considered the number one gummy brand in the country. This is because they encourage overall health, holistic wellness, and a confident body. Be sure to take two gummy vitamins a day or as recommended by your health practitioner.

  • Formula is gluten free
  • Does not contain any artificial additives
  • Does not contain dairy
  • Added glucose may not be suitable for some people

Centrum Women's Organic Multigummies - Honorable Mention

Centrum's Organic Multigummies for Women are formulated with 11 important elements. These adult multivitamin candies boost the immune system and enhance the appearance of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

  • Supports regular immune system functions
  • Specifically designed to aid fat and glucose metabolism
  • Healthier appearance of skin and nails
  • Flavor is not our favorite

Vitamins C, E, and B are included in each gummy to help protect the body from the effects of physical stress and to promote metabolic function. These vegetarian multivitamins for hair, skin, and nails contain USDA-certified organic, non-GMO ingredients. Each container contains 90 organic vitamin gummies in delicious flavors.

OLLY Health and Immune Support Women's Multivitamin Gummy - Contender

Olly's The Perfect Women’s Multivitamin Gummies are the kind of delicious gummies that most women prefer to have to improve their biotin and folic levels. Made from a mixture of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as folic acid and biotin, these gummies are exactly what you have been searching for, as they will improve your skin, nail, hair, teeth, and immune system. The best part is these gummies do not need food or water for support. All you have to do is chew two gummies a day. These come in a berry flavor that contains zero artificial colors or flavorsm and they're gluten-free.

  • Excellent supplement for bone health
  • Gluten free-formula
  • Does not contain any artificial sweetener
  • Can melt in high temperature

SmartyPants Women's Gummy Vitamins - Contender

From beta-carotene to Vitamin B6, Vitamin K2 to choline, SmartyPants Women’s Formula Gummy Vitamins are the perfect way to add to your nutritional deficiencies. They are non-GMO, free from allergens like eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten, as well as artificial sweeteners. There is also no synthetic colors or artificial flavors. These women’s gummy multivitamins are ideal for healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth, high energy levels, heart health, and bones. These also contain Vitamin E for antioxidant improvement. One thing to remember is to place the gummy bottle in your fridge or cool, dry place, otherwise, they might melt.

  • Vitamins for heart health, immunity and bone density
  • No artificial additives
  • Free from all allergens
  • Might melt during high temperatures

Pink Mixed Berry Flavor Women's Multivitamin Gummies - Consider

Are you looking for the right mix of nutrients? Then try Pink Multivitamin for Women! It will help fuel your body with the vitality and strength you have been seeking. The best thing is that these gummies have been created by women, which means that the manufacturers completely understand women’s health care requirements. Containing all the important vitamins, along with biotin and collagen, these gummies are made in the US with all the right ingredients. If you are wondering whether there is the presence of anything artificial, then rest assured - the gummies are free of gluten, artificial flavors, colors, and fragrances, as well as being non-GMO.

  • Non-GMO, gluten and artificial additive free
  • Right mix of vitamins and nutrients
  • Created by women
  • Formula is not plant based

Buyer's Guide

If you're not sure about how to choose the right women’s gummy multivitamins, we have all the information right here for you. Continue reading to learn the best option for you.

Who are Multi-Gummy Vitamins For?

Pretty much all women who are over the age of 25! Multivitamins have become extremely important because our diets typically do not fulfill all of our nutritional needs. Hence, the need for multivitamins. So if you feel that you lack energy, fall ill too easily, or generally feel unwell, then multivitamin gummies might be your go-to solution.

Other Factors to Consider

Consider Your Needs

What kind of deficiency are you looking to overcome? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself when buying gummy multivitamins. The best types of women's supplements are the ones that include biotin for hair and skin, calcium for bone health, and Vitamin D for improved immune health.

What’s the Daily Value?

When choosing women’s gummy multivitamins , you have to think of the daily nutritional needs of women. Look for one that has around 100 percent of the DV. This way, your multivitamins will give you the maximum health benefits instead of leaving your body asking for more.

Whole-Food Vitamins

Gummies that are organic are the most nutritious since they're free of artificial additives and chemicals that might be harmful to the body. This means that the gummies are made with real fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts, helping the body absorb the nutrients easily.

Some other things to look for when you are purchasing women’s gummy multivitamins include:

Look at the nutrition label. Does it contain all the important nutrients? Some of the must-haves include biotin, calcium, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. If the gummies do not feature these nutrients, they might not target the areas of health you want to improve.

The daily value of the gummies should be as close to 100 percent as possible.

Keep your age in mind. Women of different age groups have different nutritional needs. This is because some need more calcium, while others search for folic acid or biotin. So, ask your health expert which one would be the best for you.

It is even better if multivitamins also contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These help to improve your immune system, heart health, and bone density.

If you suffer from any pre-existing medical condition, you should talk to your health expert before investing in any women’s gummy multivitamins. This is because certain nutrients might work against the medication you're taking.

Women’s Multi Gummy Vitamin FAQ

If you're still confused, don’t worry! We have you covered with answers to all the frequently asked questions about women’s gummy multivitamins.

Q: Are vitamins good for the eyes? If yes, which ones?

A: Yes, they are! Vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E help to improve the health of your eyes. From reducing eye conditions like cataracts to macular degeneration, multivitamin gummies can help better your eye health.

Q: Should vitamin gummies be taken at night?

A: This depends on what kind of vitamin supplements you are taking. According to experts, Vitamin B supplements/gummies should be taken during the day, as they stimulate metabolism and brain activity. Other vitamins like A, D, E, and K are best taken immediately after food consumption when the body can absorb them best.

Q: Would a Vitamin D gummy affect my sleep?

A: Some studies show that the use of excess Vitamin D could lead to a sleep disorder. To avoid this, make sure you are sticking to the right dosage for yourself. Vitamin D is essential for good bone, muscle, and tooth health and a good night’s sleep. There is a need for Vitamin D supplements because most people are not exposed to enough sunlight to reach their daily requirements.

Q: Can Vitamin C and zinc be taken together?

A: There is absolutely no harm in taking the two together, as both work to improve your immune system. Vitamin C helps construct collagen, while zinc helps heal wounds and improve metabolic functions. If you are someone whose immune system is short or catches a lot of colds, then a gummy containing Vitamin C and zinc is ideal for you.

Q: Can pregnant women take multivitamins?

A: Pregnant women are highly encouraged to take multivitamins because their bodies start to lack many major nutrients. This happens because the fetus starts absorbing most nutrients, leaving the mother with very few for herself. There are specific multivitamins for pregnant women known as prenatal supplements that contain high amounts of Vitamins B, C, D, folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Q: Should I take multivitamins or different nutrients in different supplements?

A: The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn't go too far over your daily value needs. For most healthy adults, a single supplement is good enough. But if you have a severe deficiency, you should consult with your doctor before using any women’s multivitamin gummy.

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