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Bell-Jeff girls' basketball finally finds rhythm, opens playoffs with big win against Thacher

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Theater Preview: 'Bye Bye Birdie' director is no stranger to the production


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  • Mailbag: PSA screening could save a life

    Prostate cancer has been called the most common way men over the age of 40 develop potentially life-threatening tumors and, as I discovered just in time last October, early detection makes all the difference. Having been strong, athletic and healthy all my life I gave little thought to being statistically...

  • Op-Ed: Collaboration is key to transportation projects

    Op-Ed: Collaboration is key to transportation projects

    Since the publishing of my last article, I have had the great fortune of meeting more of my talented colleagues in the Assembly, more of the passionate organizations who fight daily for the causes they believe in, and more of you — the dedicated, caring and well-informed individuals who make up...

  • Mailbag: In accord with Ray Richmond

    Mailbag: In accord with Ray Richmond

    I enjoy reading Ray Richmond columns. His latest, "On Fear and the Future," was the best. He hit it on the nose word for word, and we do have a lot to fear for four years — and then some — for this so-called president is making our country worse again, taking us back to more than 50 years ago....

  • Mailbag: Richmond fuels the fire

    Mailbag: Richmond fuels the fire

    For more than 30 years I have looked forward to reading the Forum page of the Burbank Leader and avidly followed columnists with delight. To quote Ray Richmond, "I never thought I'd have to write that." I don't even want to open that page since he is writing for the Leader. He fuels the fires of...


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