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A representative of the Burbank Human Relations Council writes words of gratitude for participants in the recent event and to the VWF for hosting it.
The Frankensentence is a useful concept. The idea is that in English, which lets you use any number of connective tools to cobble together phrases and clauses, it’s possible to cobble together so many phrases and clauses that your reader gets lost — or at least turned off.
Two Burbank residents write on different projects; one the L.A. River bike path and the other construction on I-5.
Reader Janice has noticed a trend involving the word fraught. “Things used to be fraught with something (danger, enmity, etc.),” she wrote. “But now they are just fraught.”
The Wednesday, Jan. 8, edition of the Leader featured a full-page ad that encourages voters to not sign petitions that express opposition to the upcoming La Terra project located at 777 Front St.
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