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A Burbank man writes to say he believes there’s been a steep decline of starfish, seashells and sand dollars on Southland beaches and is concerned global warming is to blame.
When we learn about grammar and writing in school, we’re told “X is right and Y is wrong.” Seldom does the teacher add “for now.”
None of us doubts that “Mayor Carlson is here” takes a different verb form than “Mayor Carlson and his deputies are here.” The “and,” a coordinating conjunction, coordinates the subject, making it plural.
Commas are used in pairs to set off supplemental information like a state after a city, “Bradenton, Fla., is near Sarasota,” or an added thought, like “to say the least,” or even added adjectives, as in “The roses, fragrant and beautiful, grew in the yard.”
“Rep. Schiff recently hosted a discussion with me and other constituents of the 28th Congressional District to discuss Alzheimer’s as a public health crisis,” writes Matt Katawicz.
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