Hollywood Burbank Airport to move forward with more rebranding efforts

Marketing efforts will move into their final stage at Hollywood Burbank Airport as the airfield strives to attract more travelers from east of the Colorado Rockies.

On Monday, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority voted 8-0 to award South Pasadena-based branding firm Anyone Collective a $350,000 agreement to implement the third phase of the rebranding process for Hollywood Burbank Airport. Burbank Commissioner Bill Wiggins was absent.


Half of the agreement are fees for Anyone Collective's services, while the remaining $175,000 will go toward media buys, in which the branding firm will purchase digital, print and social-media advertisements and organize a media event, said Michael Fiore, a co-founder of Anyone Collective.

Of the $175,000 for media buys, $28,000 will go toward digital ads; $87,400 for print ads, which Fiore said will appear mainly in in-flight magazines; $54,400 for social-media ads and campaigns; and $5,200 for the media event.


The first phase focused on giving the airport a new name and logo. Anyone Collective did a light marketing campaign — purchasing digital ads and print ads in the L.A. Weekly and S.F. Weekly newspapers, as well as collecting data about potential travelers — to start bringing awareness to the public about the rebranding.

Fiore said the marketing during the third phase will start hypertargeting specific consumer groups, which will include casual travelers, business travelers and travelers who do a mix of both casual and business flying.

"We'll now start to localize the messaging to the regions that we've identified," Fiore said.

Pasadena Commissioner Steve Madison suggested that some of the ads should focus on the long-term construction at Los Angeles International Airport.


"It just seems to me that they're doing everything that they possibly can to make it worse [for passengers]," Madison said. "We need to get that message out."

Terry Tornek, authority president, said he is concerned about how the airport and branding firm are going to identify whether the marketing campaigns are resulting in an increase in passengers.

Tornek, who is the mayor of Pasadena, added that he understands the airport cannot attribute every additional passenger that uses Hollywood Burbank to the marketing campaigns, but he would like to know if there is a threshold that will determine if the advertising is working.

John Hatanaka, the airport's senior deputy executive director, said airport officials have yet to establish a target they would like to reach.

"I want to be assured by staff that you will have established in advance [a target figure]," Tornek said. "If we're going to spend $350,000, I want to be confident at the end of the expenditure and the end of the campaign that we've done well or not."

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