Circus Vargas raises tent for upcoming performances

It has been a goal for the members of Circus Vargas to bring generations of families together and use the big top to convey that message.

For this season's production, called "SteamCirque," the cast tries to show people that two different worlds can coexist.


Circus Vargas' residency in Burbank will start on Thursday and wrap up on May 8. Tickets are available at

Half of the cast will be dressed in steampunk attire, while the other half will be suited up in traditional circus clothing, said Katya Quiroga, co-owner of Circus Vargas.

Regardless of what they will be wearing, the performers are still looking to wow the crowds with their technical and oftentimes death-defying stunts.

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that tries to merge 19th-century industrial themes with futuristic components.

"It's kind of like the past and the future in one," Quiroga said. "It's really today, really now. Kids are into steampunk now."

In addition to the new theme, the circus has a new archery act in which the final stunt involves about 30 bows being fired in succession to ultimately shoot an apple off a performer's head.

Nelson Quiroga, the other co-owner of the circus and Katya's husband, said they wanted a theme where they can continue to try bringing families together through their performances, especially during the recent political climate.

"We wanted to figure out how we could put different communities together and have them coexist," Nelson Quiroga said. "I think we did that. It is important for people to see your message but still have fun. That is the best part."

Katya Quiroga said it is also important to develop new and creative themes for their productions each year to keep not only the audience entertained, but their performers as well.

"We have to take some risks," she said. "I think in order to have success, you have to take some risks. You cannot do the same old, same old all the time."

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